Chapter 66. The Mouth is a source of evil


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~Eclipse Breakdra~


Dressed like a man, 

Eating like a beast

Sharpening claws like the devil

Mocking beings like a god


That’s why I am

Neither man, nor beast, nor  devil, nor  god.


–A resounding crash!

Suddenly, a rake came down from the ceiling, making a high-pitched sound.


“I …… you …… Dr. Shizuru……? Now……what did you just say……?”


After a short pause, a trembling voice was heard in the quiet room.


The source is a woman who wore silver and white breast armour over her red clothing.

She was taller than Shizuru himself and was nearly 180cm tall, with crimson eyes that were the most striking feature of her neutral, homosexual appearance.


Her name is Rosa Cranberrie.

The four knights of the Royal Guard are the most elite members of the Kingdom of Si Levant, a huge nation that is said to control half the world.


They are the trump cards of the kingdom, and each one of them, even if they come from a commoner background, is valued so highly that they are given the status of nobility.


Despite her young age, she was the current leader of the Second Guard Knights of the Kingdom of Si Levin-commonly known as the East Blood Knights.


“It’s a lie…..Oh, please tell me it’s a lie, my dear doctor……!”


She is a knight who stands at the top of the knighthood and is one of the four heads of the armed forces of the kingdom.


She was now experiencing one of the greatest shocks of her twenty-eight years of life.




Shizuru, a well-known town doctor in the eastern section of the kingdom, was seated in a chair facing a trembling Rosa.


He stroked Mary’s head as she sipped her cocoa on his lap, his smile twitching somewhat as he looked up at the ceiling.


……Now where the hell did that rake fall from?


This clinic was run by Shizuru. Of course, he had no memory of setting up anything like that.

On top of that, there were no others  lying anywhere in the room.


A strange experience. He nodded his head with a question mark above his head.


Then, regaining his composure, he repeated the words he had just said to Rosa in a light-hearted way.

“Well, so…..I’m going to be away from the capital for a while.”


With a thud.

Once again, a rake, and a larger one at that, struck Rosa in the head.


In addition, it disappeared faster than it hit the floor, without a trace.


‘It’s like a hallucination”,Shizuru thought to himself, ‘I must be tired’.


“Oh no …… oh no– haha!”



She hadn’t misheard it. She wanted it to be a lie.

Rosa stood up and, without a moment’s hesitation, held her head and dropped to the floor.

It was a psychotic attack of vertigo caused by the shock.


“I never thought that such……an abrupt parting would come……Oh, why! Why does the heavens want to tear us apart so mercilessly!”


At the same time as Rosa shouted this, it suddenly became dark, even though it was daytime, and a spotlight shone over her head.

And then, from somewhere, a mournful violin melody began to echo softly.

Shizuru smiled dryly, ‘I guess I’m tired after all.’


“Oh, cruel fate! But rest assured, Doctor Shizuru, I will not give in to hardship! I will cut through the fences that hold us back, and I will come back to you!”


“Oh, haha……no, um, Rosa?”


“My blood is filled with the passion of love! No ruler of the eight pillars of the world can cool this fever, nor any demon demon can lead me astray!”


“…… Um, really, listen.”

As theatrical as she is, Rosa is a very emotional person.

The number of spotlights increases to three and even rose petals begin to fall.

Shizuru sighed lightly as she stared at the ceiling with a determined look in her eyes.


“This weirdness is annoying you? Is this weird person bothering you, Mommy?”


“I won’t exactly say I’m in trouble. …… Oh, but don’t hurt Rosa, okay? Even if there are a million of you, you can’t beat her.”


“Why did I take up the sword? If anyone asks me why I took up a sword, I will answer without hesitation: For love!”


She is one of the most talented people in the kingdom, and in the world.


With an eye honed as an assassin, one needs only to look a little deeper to see.

–She was an absolute powerhouse, far beyond the reach of even Casca and Lady, who cannot be described with expressions such as fear and awe.

For the first time in his life, Shizuru had seen a human being who was probably close to Richelieu. If he had tried to make an enemy out of her, he would have been killed already.


It was death itself.


“And she’s not a bad person, Mary. In fact, she’s a very nice person.”


“’Well, I can see why you might want to turn your head and look twice.”


Shizuru smiled at her look of confusion.

And then he looked down and saw that Mary’s cup was empty before he realized it.


“Do you want some more?”




She nodded her head, shaking her white hair, and Shizuru stood up, smiling.


Mary got off his lap, walked behind him and grabbed the hem of his white coat.

This was her regular routine.


“Excuse me, Ms. Rosa. Would you mind waiting a moment while I go and make her a fresh drink?”


“-Of course. I’ll wait for you even for  hundreds of years!”


He didn’t want to make her wait for years. In the first place, they both would be dead at that time.

The two of them were meeting after a long time and the news about him leaving the capital seemed to have increased the tension between them both.


“Haha, excuse me while I go and make the drink…”


With a wry smile on his face, Shizuru headed for the kitchen.


As he did so, he suddenly recalled a memory that was still very fresh in his mind.


The incident that made him leave the royal city of Rosario, where he had spent most of the seven years of his life in this world.


He remembered the night of the Red Day, when all the members of Black Maria were summoned.


“The 7th Corps has been wiped out.”


In the basement of the abandoned building, where all the members of the organisation had been assembled for the meeting.


In the vast hall, Richelieu’s voice echoed.


“According to our investigation, they were killed by some mercenaries.”


The hall buzzed for a few moments at the news, which came in an indifferent tone.


He supposed it was only natural.


At any rate, some of the troops were killed.


It has been ten years since Black Maria was established, and three years since the current management system of dividing into seven units was adopted. It was true that this was a ridiculous organization where the percentage of people killed in the line of duty exceeded 70%, but this was truly the first time that an entire unit had been wiped out.


It made sense that a letter of communication was sent to all members to gather.




Then, in the midst of the noise, a hand was raised high in the air.


It belonged to Jeanne, the captain of the 6th Division.


“Jeanne, is it? Fine, I’ll allow you to speak.”


Richelieu was blind, but despite her blindness, her other senses were well developed.


It was easy for her to distinguish the voice of a person who was speaking to her in the midst of the noise.


“I thank you for your kindness. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have one question.”


The voices that had been coming from everywhere quieted down, and all eyes turned to Jeanne, who had taken a few steps forward.


Lightly stroking the magic circle that was visible through her open bosom, she asked Richelieu.


“The Lord says, ‘The Seventh Corps – well, who were the members in it?”




It was no joke.

Jeanne had asked it with a tone of utmost seriousness.


“Pfft……ku, pfft……nyahahahahahaha!”


After a pause from Jeanne’s question, Casca bursts into a hearty laugh.


Apparently, she had hit the nail on the head.


“Hee, hee …… kkk, kkk, kkk ……!”


“Cassy, you’re hurting me. And you laugh too much.”

Casca was hyperventilating, laughing a lot and eventually slapping Shizuru on the back.

As usual, he was not sure what she was on about.


“Oh, That was so funny…… You’re an idiot, aren’t you, Jeanne? I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that.”


“How – How sinful! The Lord says that you are a fool and you slander me. Casca, you’re so annoying.”


“You idiot! You’re an Idiot. The biggest one there is!”


“You…How dare you insult me……!!”


Jeanne shook her silvery blue hair, her eyes widened, and she glared at Casca.


She felt very humiliated that she had been called an idiot.


“…… hmm?”


Then Ludmila suddenly noticed something and tilted her head suspiciously.


“Wait a minute. …… Come to think of it, Casca, you didn’t even remember the number of your own squad members.”

“Oh! Why do you have to remind me about my mistake? Don’t go poking around with that crap, I’ll kill you!”


She was an unreasonable woman.


And what’s more, here and there, people began to ask the same question as Jeanne.


–Diana, who was really there?

–I don’t know, I’m not interested. I mean, don’t talk to me, they’ll think we’re close.

-What? Do you want to be killed?


–Oh, no, the seventh. It would have been better if the third had been wiped out, leaving only Shizuru-kun.

–Seriously. Then I could have moved to the Third.

–I don’t know what to do.

–I don’t know about Elisabeth, but I don’t think I can handle Casca. She’s a monster.


–Wickerman …… How pathetic …… to die and get this treatment.

–Well. Look at that, Claire, Roselinde. The virgin litter–the captain is crying, it’s disgusting.

-Ouch. If you’re going to cry, you should go somewhere else, you fucking virgin.

–What? Who’s this Wickerman, by the way?

–Oh, my God. ……!


“I knew …… you wouldn’t be sad …… about the death of one of your organization’s people, …… I knew it.”


“Haha ……Amen. Wicker Man, rest in peace…”


It would be wrong to expect any kind of sentimentality from a group of madmen.


For Ludmila, the actions of Shizuru, who closed his eyes and made a cross, was a relief, because she understood that he was expressing his condolences, although she did not understand the meaning of it.




Before long, Richelieu’s voice echoed through the hall, cutting through the noise.


The members of the organisation quieted down as a conditioned reflex.


“To be honest, I don’t care that the Wickerman was killed. I have no words for the shame of being a killer and getting killed.”


Richelieu ruthlessly set fire to some papers she had taken from her pocket, the list of the 7th Corps.

The ashes, which had burned up so easily, flew quietly and stained the floor.


“But we can’t just let these insolent  people who have attacked Black Maria go unchecked.”


Her voice was not rough, but it had a definite hint of annoyance.


In the first place, it’s all about preserving one’s reputation.This must be particularly upsetting for Richelieu, who looked down on everyone else.


A few of them clicked their tongues, wondering which idiots had poked the snakes.


“The ringleaders are the Mercenary Guild. We’ll make sure they get what they deserve, but before we do that, we have to remind them of what they’ve done to us.”


It seems that the truth of the matter has already been investigated to some extent.


However, she dared to start from the tip of the thread and carefully cut it into pieces.

It was the way of Richelieu, who was concerned with style and beauty in a strange way.


“Therefore, we are sending an extra force to the labyrinth city to investigate and take revenge. If anyone wishes to join them, raise your hand.”


As soon as they heard these words, an atmosphere of overt annoyance began to prevail among them.


Who would want to get involved in something so tedious?

That’s the general consensus of those gathered.


–Yes. Until one stone was thrown in the way.


“Oh. I’d like to go then.”


A calm, cool voice, breaking the dullness of the air.


A clean hand raised in a neat gesture.


Shizuru’s candidacy.

It was, as they say, a huge stone that quickly turned the hall into a war zone.