Chapter 67. I don't hate it, It’s just that I don’t like it


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“..So, what was your intention when you said that?”


Ludmila asked Shizuru, leaning against the wall of the hall and rubbing her eyes absently.


Today was a red day. A day filled with fire magic. This is why Ludmila’s magic purple eye, which contains ice magic, ws  not only ineffective, but also greatly reduced her eyesight.

Even though it happened once a week, it was still inconvenient for her to have bad eyesight. Her eyes were narrower than usual and her brow was furrowed somewhat.


“Hmm, there wasn’t much of a reason or anything.”


Next to Ludmila, Shizuru, who, like her, had his back against the wall, smiled wryly.


He stroked Mary’s head as she snuggled close to him and looked up at the dusty ceiling.


“I’ve hardly ever been outside the capital, actually.”


Rosario was huge. It was an enormous city, several times the size of any other city in the world.

Therefore, most people would not leave the capital for the entirety of their lives.


Seven years ago, Shizuru lost his memory and found himself standing in the slums of the royal capital.

He was picked up by Richelieu, and has been living in the city ever since.


It’s not that there was anything wrong with living in the capital.

However, he also wanted to walk outside once in a while, of course.


“So I thought it would be a good opportunity to go and explore.”




Ludmila replied languidly, playing with her long, knee-length hair.


For some reason, she rested her head on Shizuru’s shoulder, who was beside her.


She was roughly pushed away by Mary, who had noticed her action.


“Don’t touch my mother.”


“All right, just don’t point the knife at me…”


In a fluid gesture, Mary pulled out the knife she carried on her back and threatened her.


Even though she has such a young appearance, her true identity is that of a serial killer who had caused a stir in the eastern section of the royal capital. She was a dangerous killer and her actions made Ludmilla take a few steps back unconsciously.


Really, how did Beth manage to get hold of such a wildcat like child?

Mary hated Ludmilla and even considered her an enemy.


“Be a good girl and put the knife away. …… Anyways”


As he stroked Mary’s head, Shizuru’s gaze drifted forward.

Then his smile faltered and he let out a deep, quiet sigh.


“Haa…… I never thought this would happen.”



“You’re dead!”


The sound of a terrible beating echoed dully, and soon after someone was launched into the air.

It was Casca’s iron fist that knocked her away.


“A direct hit to the jaw. …… That looks painful.”

“…… Well, I think she survived the impact. Her bones don’t look broken”


“Ha ha ha ha! The Lord has said it! Do you guys like flambé?”


Elsewhere, a pillar of fire rose up accompanied by a loud laugh. 

Jeanne, standing in the centre of the swirling hot air, manipulated the flames as if they were her limbs.


“I hate fire.”


“She’s taking it easy. If she really wanted to burn us to death, this place would have been reduced to ashes by now.”


A flame is a thing that gains momentum and range as it increases in power.

The fact that it was still restricted to a pillar of fire meant that it had been kept under control so as not to kill.


The reason for this, though, was to avoid any harm coming to Shizuru.

She was once praised as a saint, but now she is a crazy witch. She doesn’t care how many people are burned to death.


–And it wasn’t just Casca and Jeanne who were on the rampage.

There were fights everywhere, and the hall had become a battleground.


The only exception was Richelieu, who remained motionless in her chair, and almost everyone else was rampaging or got caught in the middle.


“……Hey Ludmilla, is this all my fault?”

“I suppose that’s how it all started.That’s what happens when you smile at everyone.”


“……Are you mad at me, by any chance?”


“I’m not angry. I’m just surprised.”


The reason for this brawl was, of course, Shizuru’s wish to join the Provisional Unit.

It was an unprofitable job that would only bring trouble, but Shizuru had requested to join the unit.

At that moment, almost everyone gathered around like ants in front of sugar, and this was the result.


There was no civility.

There was no such thing.


“I think it’s time to put an end to this, it’s getting a bit out of hand.”


The brawl had already been going on for a few minutes.

The situation was becoming increasingly chaotic, and Shizuru muttered to himself with a wry smile.


“Look. Ms.Richelieu’s mood is becoming much worse.”




Ludmila looked at Richelieu as he pointed out.


It was hard to see because of her distorted vision, but she wasn’t too far away, so she was able to get a good look at her.

“ She looks the same as she usually does.”


“Well, it’s going to get pretty ugly. She might draw her sword at any moment.”


The sight of Richelieu sitting cross legged in her chair seemed normal to Ludmila.

However, either because of the amount of time they have spent together, or because of the depth of their relationship, Shizuru was able to see things differently.


And when Richelieu draws her sword, it means that someone will die.

Even Casca and Vlad would not be able to avoid her blade at all.


“Ms.Richelieu, please don’t kill anyone outside of work due to impatience.”


“…… How are you going to stop it? Are you just going to walk in there?”


“Move out of our way” “We won’t kill you” “But we will poison you” “To the brink of death”


All of a sudden, countless snakes and centipedes started sewing the feet of several people to the floor, and poisonous bees were flying around them.

Ludmila wouldn’t even dare go near them even if someone were to hand her a sackful of gold coins.


“My dear. If you want, I’ll break all their limbs to stop them.”


“I would be more sad if you got hurt, Lady. It’s all right, stay back.”


Shizuru smiled softly and stepped forward.

He then held out his hand in the air.


“Actually, I’ve only recently mastered one high-level magic. It’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time.”


Shizuru said it as if it were a simple matter.

But to anyone who knew anything about magic, it was an astonishing statement.


[O White Goddess]


High level magic is something that only the most gifted can touch after a decade of practice.

With a few exceptions, such as Jeanne, who mastered the entire Red Magic System at the age of fifteen, it was impossible for someone of Shizuru’s age to have mastered it.


[El Noel Quotari Tuo Orba Gesupe Iste]


That means Shizuru too.

This proved that he is an exceptionally talented man.


[Widespread Relaxation]


Soft particles of light, like powdered snow, fall in the hall.

Those who are bathed in the light feel like their anger dissipates, as if nothing had happened from the start.


–Healing system high level magic, [Widespread Relaxation].


A higher level version of Calm and Relaxation, a medium magic in the healing system which also stabilises the mental state and relieves pain.


Shizuru clapped his hands loudly to reach everyone who had been forced to calm down.

Puzzled eyes turned to him at once.


“I’m sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to put a damper on things. But I’d really appreciate it if everyone would stop fighting.”


Shizuru’s voice is different from Richelieu’s in a way that it is clear and pleasant to the ear.

It is the product of a self-modification process that combines special medicines and healing magic to create such a tone.


It’s not just his voice, it’s every single gesture, every single detail, that has been refined to make people feel at ease with him and to defuse any hostility.


A dazzling smile that is completely devoid of aggression, both from within and outside. When heard in a quiet, colourless state of mind, it is almost suggestive.


“Yes? Will you do me a favor?”


Not a single person raised any objection or complained.


In the end, with a few words, Shizuru was able to subdue dozens of psychopaths.


And Ludmila, who was watching the scene closely from behind.

She murmured, with a mixture of fear and admiration.


“It’s almost like he’s the devil or something.”




A few days ago, they had a lot of trouble, but looking back on it, it was a rather ordinary problem.

After a few moments of reminiscing, Shizuru let out a deep, quiet sigh.


“ *sigh* Why can’t we all get along?”


The majority of the members were cut off from the umbilical cord of any kind of cooperation.


On top of that, Shizuru’s presence also contributed to their disagreement.


This is the downside of friendship and amicable relations with others. In other words, the competition for Shizuru.


It’s a dud that is usually dangerously balanced but can explode at the slightest provocation.


This is what it means to stand on one side and not on the other.


–In the end, all the members of the temporary unit were decided by Richelieu, except for Shizuru, who was the first candidate.


If they had done that in the first place, at least nothing would have gone wrong at least superficially, but there’s no point in saying that now.


And although there were many injured, and for the first time in a long while, the situation was so severe that it drained the magic power of some to their limit, but there were no deaths.


Sisel nodded in resignation, believing that this was a good thing.


“Let’s see, the opened can ran out a while ago…..New tea is……..”


Anyway, he was in the middle of making a fresh pot of tea for Rosa, who was waiting for him in the examination room and parlour.


Shizuru rummaged through the kitchen cupboard and pulled out an unopened tin of tea leaves.


Shizuru usually prefers coffee, but he changes his drink according to the person he is talking to.


It’s easier to make a good impression. It’s not a conscious decision, but rather a habit.


“Mary, would you like some cocoa? How many cubes?”




Sisel added two sugar cubes into a cup of dark cocoa.


He then puts two in Rosa’s tea, arranges the cups on a small tray and walks back to the examination room.


When he opened the door, the room became dark again.


“Oh, my love! You are a true angel, without a speck of stain! I hate myself for not being able to follow you as you flutter and fade into the sky! Oh, my lord! Why didst thou not give me wings with which I could fly!”


In the darkness, illuminated by a spotlight, Rosa was crumpled on the floor, weeping.


For a moment, Shizuru thought about closing the door behind him, but there was nothing to be gained by postponing the problem. With a smile on his face and some hesitation, he stepped into the changing atmosphere of the examination room.


“Well, Rosa, ……? Um, I’ve got some tea……”


“Mmm. Thank you, my angel, for this drop of heavenly goodness which I shall drink.”

Shizuru’s eyes widened as the room suddenly reverted to its normal state.


Rosa, who had collapsed on the floor, stood up with a fluid movement and gracefully sat back down in the chair she had just been sitting in.


What really is this mysterious phenomenon?


And the words were too exaggerated.


One could argue that it’s a regular thing, but today it’s a little too much. It’s been a while since they have seen each other, and the tension between the two may be out of whack.


Rosa was an oddity in a completely different way compared to the eccentric people of Black Maria. Shizuru didn’t dislike her, but she was still a very tiring person to deal with.


In the first place, he believed that there was a big gap between their perception of each other.


This is why Shizuru carefully explained the situation to Rosa from the beginning.


“What……? Will you be leaving the capital for a month or two at most?”


“Yes. I don’t want to be away for too long.”


This time, Shizuru was part of a temporary unit set up to investigate and avenge the destruction of Black Maria’s 7th Unit, but his livelihood was firmly rooted in the capital.


What started out as a clinic to keep an eye on things and make contacts was now an important place to be.


“It’s…. and I’m making such a fuss about it. What a mess!”


“Haha…no, I didn’t tell you properly, I was confused too…”


Besides, she’s always exaggerating,isn’t she?

Shizuru was not so cruel as to go after Rosa, who covered her blushing face with her hands.


“It’s……,but it’s only a month, it’s only a month ……! I won’t be able to make it that long, and I won’t be able to see Shizur for more than thirty-two days……!”


‘The pain is unbearable,’ said Rosa, clutching her chest in anguish.


Whatever the case, Shizuru was also pained that he has caused her so much pain.


So he thought he’d do something to apologise.


A thought occurred to him and he suggested it in a casual tone.


“Well, …… as soon as I get back to the capital, I’ll let you know,and then we’ll have dinner together when it suits you.”


“————– huh?”


The expression on Rosa’s face hardened when she heard these words.


“And …… Shizuru? Now, what ……?”


“What? If it’s okay with you, Rosa, we can have dinner together after I return to the capital.”




A loud voice stopped Shizuru’s words from being spoken in a gentle tone.


Leaning forward, Rosa grabbed him by the shoulders, looked into his red eyes and said.


“You do not know how charming you are, you who speak so carelessly! Your hair is as black as the night itself, your eyes are as bright as flames in the dark, and you look as if you were made by the gods! Oh, those soft lips are like a…forbidden fruit…….”


Rosa’s face, with its feminine lines and fearlessness, melted into a look of debauchery.


“May I kiss you?”


“Sorry, but no”


Shizuru reflexively refuses Roza’s outlandish proposal.’


It’s not that he doesn’t like her, in fact he even liked her, but considering the way  things were, he could not accept her.


“Oh, I see……Anyway, you shouldn’t say things like that, Dr. Shizuru.”


Then, abruptly, Rosa went back to the topic at hand.


“Woman is the name of a beast that can’t help but crave sweet nectar. But asking her out for dinner…..on an all-night date is like asking her to eat you!”




That’s a leap of faith, no matter how far-fetched.


However, if it is the opinion of Shizuru, who is the one who made the invitation, it cannot be helped.


“Let’s see….we’ll skip dinner and have lunch instead–”


“No, by all means, let’s go for dinner, please.”


She offered him a rose, and he wondered where she got it from.

What has been the point of all this?


“……Oh, I can’t be like this.”


She slurps down the tea, which has dropped to a drinkable temperature, in one gulp, but gracefully, and stands up.

She flips her red cloak and turns her back to Shizuru.


“I don’t know how ready I’ ll be in just a month or so.”


She turns her head and strokes her sideburns in a sexy gesture.

Despite her neutral, often masculine behaviour, Rosa was a woman.


“Au revoir, Dr Shizuru. I will give you the best night of your life.”


The words were straightforward and determined. She left with a wink and went away in high spirits.

It must have been his imagination that a star or a heart seemed to fly from her eyelids.


“Hmm …… mnyu?”


Mary, who had fallen asleep in the middle of his conversation with Rosa, probably because she was in a happy mood after drinking sweet cocoa, woke up to the sound of the door closing.


Then she looked up at Shizuru’s face and tilted her head.


“…… Mummy? Your face is red. Are you okay?”


“’Oh……yes. It’s nothing, Mary.”


He gently stroked Mary’s head as she looked at him anxiously.

She rubs against him, her eyes narrowed in comfort.

–In a voice so low that even Mary couldn’t hear it.

A few words, said half unconsciously.


“I’m in trouble.”



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