Chapter 71. Cats Don't Creep

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As an assassin, which isn’t a very respectable profession, it was preferred that everything you do for your job is done in secret.

If, as in this case, the target shows signs of an invitation to attack on their side, they need to be even more careful.


In the meantime, it is not clear how much information the other side has about them.

It is a playing field where it is unclear what will lead them to their graves, and where carelessness should be avoided at all costs.

They must blend in with the crowd, merge into the cityscape, never make anyone feel uncomfortable, never leave even the slightest trace of their presence when they leave.

Careful adherence to the basics of such covert action was a prerequisite for the job.


That’s why the temporary unit was made up of members who were essentially suitable for working silently in the dark.


Covert action. In other words, to put it simply, don’t stand out.

For example, if you’re walking around and someone approaches you in a friendly manner, take them into a back alley, beat them half to death and then demand all their money. You don’t even need to think about it, because it’s a classic example of bad publicity.


“Why don’t you just give us all the money you’ve got? Or is that it? Do you want to get some more pain?”



It was too late.


“Are you listening to me, huh? You tried to pick up a girl and now you’re ignoring her, you’ve got a lot of guts.”


For the record, he was not ignoring them, he was simply not in a good state to talk to them.

Several of the young men lying in the alleyway, including the one currently being held up by Casca by the collar, had been beaten until their faces were half disfigured and they were unconscious.

The man’s foaming, mournful body was shaken roughly, but there was no response or even a proper reaction, only a few moans.


“If you’re trying to pick up a girl, you should look at her and then look in the mirror. =Be thankful my tolerance is at least as high as Shizu’s, you idiot!”


She released her grip on his collar and spat on the ground in an irritated manner.

She reaches into the pockets of those closest to her, perhaps hoping to pick up a wallet or two.


“Please stop”


But just as she was about to do so, Shizuru rushed to her side and gently stopped her.




With a deep sigh, Shizuru shook his head.

The tone of his voice had a hint of fatigue in it.


“Hey, what’s with the sigh?”


Casca, walking next to him with her hands in her pockets, glared lightly at him.

She felt slightly offended by the gesture.


–But it was a situation that made Shizuru sigh.

After all, she had only been out of sight for five minutes or so. If she had been left alone, she would have been in trouble with the guards who were patrolling the area.

She is a troublemaker of the highest order, almost to the point of being a genius.


“Hey Cassy. If I’m not mistaken, I said yesterday that we should avoid standing out.”


“….. I don’t know. I guess I forgot it, didn’t I?”


She crossed her arms thoughtfully and  hefted her breasts, which were so large that she couldn’t see her feet. It’s not a joke, she seriously doesn’t seem to remember.

He wondered if he should have repeated it fifty times. However, he was not sure if she would still remember, or if she would have refrained from doing so if she had remembered.


“Well, it’s their fault, isn’t it? At first I kindly told them to f*ck off. But then they kept pestering me. See, it’s not my fault, is it?”


It was not a matter of who was at fault and who was not. Shizuru felt the urge to sigh again at Casca’s proud appearance and smile, but decided not to.

He must not offend her in any way. She has an extremely short temper, and if anyone really offends her, she will show no mercy.


If anything, Shizuru feels somewhat responsible for taking his eyes off Casca.

Casca has one of the worst personalities in the world, but she was one of the most beautiful women on the continent.

Muscular but supple, with a physical appearance reminiscent of a large feline. On closer inspection, you can see that she has a surprisingly petite and well-shaped face, with stunning blonde hair and red eyes.

To top it all off, she has huge breasts that look like they’re about to rip the tank top she’s wearing under her tailored jacket.

Even now, some of the men they passed were looking back and following her with their eyes.


In addition, her navel piercing and nails painted in red nail polish give her the air of someone who wants to have fun.

If she were to walk out alone, there would be no end to the number of people who would call out to her with malicious intent.


In the Royal Capital, her notoriety has not brought her such trouble, but in Labyrinthos, no one knows Casca’s notoriety.

In other words, they do not attract attention, but they also cannot avoid people.

The bad publicity was also something to think about and deal with.


“Hey Shizu, it’s not my fault, right?”


Casca pounced on Shizuru with a giggle.

He nodded his head with a chuckle as he was pressed against her soft, massive chest.


“Haha……yeah, you’re right…..I was wrong to take my eyes off of you Cassy…..”


Casca laughs in a good mood. When she smiles, she looks as pretty as she is well-dressed.

And although Shizuru’s reply is a bit of a rhetorical one, all that matters to Casca is the fact that she has made her point.

She was a simple person, and he envied her for it.


“You just have to know, that’s all. So, Shizu, where’s the little brat? She’s always all over you, but today she’s not here.”


“Mary is on an errand. She’s very good at collecting information.”


Oboro and Ilse were also working separately to gather information.

With the exception of Casca, this is a temporary unit made up of people who excel at working behind the scenes. In a week’s time, they will be able to grasp the general situation.


What Shizuru needs to do now is to handle Casca, who doesn’t listen to anyone but himself and Richelieu.

She has no information-gathering skills, but she will show her true potential sooner or later.

Until then, it was Shizuru’s role to keep a close eye on her to ensure that she did not cause any problems.

If it were anyone else, it would be a difficult task, but for Shizuru, it was relatively easy.


If he walked around with Casca in this way – in other words, if they went on a date, that would be enough for the time being.


“Come on, Cassy. I’d appreciate it if you’d behave yourself this time. It’s not a slum, and if anything goes wrong, it won’t be the usual. It’ll become a mess soon enough.”


“Hee hee …… Oh, Shizu! What’s that! Let’s go there!”



Without so much as a replyr, Casca spotted a food stall, something one  won’t see in the capital, and ran straight to it.

A new town, an unfamiliar landscape. Whenever she sees something unusual, something she wouldn’t see in capital Casca wanders off on her own.

She is exactly like a cat. Extremely restless.


“Shizu, look at this! This roasted cocatrice looks good! Let’s buy it!!”


“Yes, yes. …… Um, excuse me. Could you wrap some of these up for me?”


“…… Oh? There’s something interesting over there too, let’s go there!”


“What? Oh, wait, Cassy, wait a minute……”


The city is full of people who look like adventurers, wearing weapons and armour.

The two of them, both in well-cut suits, stood out a bit.


Considering the reason and purpose of Shizuru and his companions’ visit to Labyrinthos, it was not advisable to attract public attention.

However, it would be difficult for them to go out if they were too nervous about such things.


It is best to avoid being seen if at all possible, but it is inevitable that one’s appearance will attract attention.

Disguises, for example, carry a certain amount of risk. It is best not to make any unnecessary changes unless they are necessary.


“Shizu! Come on!”


“Wait for me..”


More importantly, there is no way that Casca, who doesn’t even like to wear a hat, would tolerate such a complicated and cramped situation.

There’s nothing to be concerned about when they’re just walking around like this, and it’s not a good idea to be too  cautious of everything.


“…… Phew. It’s not easy dealing with a Cat like person.”


Shizuru smiles slightly and runs up to Casca, who calls him with a loud voice.


It’s not easy being a cat watcher.


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