Chapter 75. Situation Acceleration

“Did Marin make contact with one of our targets?”


The time and place have changed, and it was midnight at their hideout.

As she sipped her strawberry smoothie through a straw, Ilse tilted her head adorably to the side.


Incidentally, “Marin” is a nickname for Mary that Ilse gave her for fun.

Naturally, Mary didn’t approve of it.


“Nyahahahahahaha! You’re a feisty little thing, aren’t you, stupid brat~!”


I know the drink is good and you’re having fun Cassy, but let’s stop the pointless name-calling.”


“Stupid stupid stupid!”


Having drunk half a barrel of strong wine, a drunk Casca laughed with a red face.

Meanwhile, she was guzzling more and more, looking extremely happy.


“……Well, it seems that Mary ran into her by accident. And it was only after they separated that she realized that the woman was a member of the Fafnir mercenaries.”


After the encounter with Izuru, Mary ran away and cried in Shizuru’s embrace.

He gently stroked her head, as she was still slightly whimpering in his lap.


“Hmmmm… so? Then why is the little brat being a crybaby? Did you fall down and hurt yourself? Suck it up, you f*ucking idiot!”


“Cassy, please stop cursing at every opportunity while drunk………..”


“Idiot! Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!”


As if Shizuru’s pleas had not reached her, Casca laughs merrily and continues to curse in a rather dubious and monotonous tone.


Her vocabulary was pitifully poor, even if you disregard the fact that she was drunk.

She has calmed down a bit now, but until a while ago she wasn’t even in a position to speak properly.


–Anyways, Shizuru still hasn’t asked Mary what made her so upset to the point of crying.

She has calmed down a bit now, but until a while ago she wasn’t even in a position to speak properly.



“Okay. Now Mary, if it’s alright with you, would you mind telling me what’s going on?”


The question was asked in an extremely gentle voice that was comforting to the listener. 

Mary’s quiet sobs slowly subsided.




Mary nodded and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Then she began to tell them, in bits and pieces, what had happened during the day.


“So……there’s a woman who looks like me.”


That’s surprising.

Shizuru, after he had listened to Mary’s story to the end, muttered to himself, not knowing how to react.


“That woman was carrying the emblem of the Fafnir Mercenaries, wasn’t she?”

“Hm…. a necklace with a snake shaped ring. It was around her neck.”

If that is the case, there is no doubt that she is involved.

It is difficult to imagine a woman using such a design as a mere accessory.


“Eh- His lookalike. I wanna see her~ I wanna meet her~ Where can I find her~ How much will it cost?”


“No, Il, it’s not a show, okay?”


“And people say there are always three people in the world who look like you, so I don’t think it’s surprising that this is happening, right?”


“Oh… That means that Boss might have three look-alikes too~! That’s scary~ I’m scared!”


“It’s definitely scary, that’s for sure”


Shizuru smiled and replied to Ilse’s words, who was holding her head and shaking.

Even Oboro, who had been sitting quietly, turned pale, as if she had imagined it too.


By the way, Casca had gotten completely drunk during the conversation and was now deep asleep.

No one tried to wake her up, as she would have only disturbed the discussion anyway.


“I am sorry Mother….I am really sorry, I confused you with her… I am sorry…!!”


“There’s nothing to apologise for, Mary. It was just that she looked a lot like me, wasn’t it?”


“You look nothing like her!!”


Pressing her face against Shizuru’s chest, Mary shouted.

The rest of the group tilted their heads, unsure of what to make of this reversal of her earlier explanation.


“Well, what do you mean? We look alike, but we’re not?”


“……You both look alike. She looks so much like you that I thought it was you. But everything else was different.”


The longer she thought about it, the more it seemed to Mary that this was the case.

For her, Izuru was just a half-baked imitation. She began to list the differences between her and Shizuru, holding back the rage that rose at the mere reminder of her existence.


“Mother is much more beautiful.”




Beautiful is a term usually used for women.

Shizuru’s mouth twitched at the subtle compliment.


“And you smell much better.”


“…., although I’ve certainly tampered with that part deliberately.”


Through a combination of healing magic and medical science, Shizuru’s body has been transformed in every way possible to make him more likeable to others.

But when someone says about it to his face, he still gets mixed feelings about it.


“And Mother is hotter than her”

“Wait Mary! That’s a bit too much.”


This is hardly the kind of assessment you would expect from a young child.

Mary looked up at him with a pensive look in her eyes, and Shizuru raised his voice in protest.







“Um, hey? Il? Oboro? Why are you nodding in agreement? It makes me sad, you know?”


The reaction of the people around him was rather confusing.

He let out a sigh and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, wondering if that was how they saw him.

The gesture was so sexy that it made one of them gulp.


“ Oh well, forget it. I don’t want to talk about it.”


To tell the truth, he would have liked to question them in detail, but priorities have their place.

What is important now is that the woman with whom Mary came into contact with was a member of the Fafnir mercenaries.

He was told that a woman with an appearance very similar to his own was among the targets.


“Yes, that’s right.”


He murmured quietly.

At the same time, Shizuru’s gaze narrowed slightly.


“Il, Oboro. How did it go on your side?”


“Hoinya~ pupuchu~* Ilse got the perfect information from my informant~. I’ ve found out where the Fafnir Mercenaries are currently staying in this city.~”




Ilse said happily as she twirled around.

Next, Oboro leaned her face to Shizuru’s ear and whispered.


“Shi-dono.Apparently, the Mercenary Guild prefers not to make a big fuss about it. .The clash between the Fafnir mercenaries and the 7th Corps is barely known about in the city, despite the fact that a number of high-profile figures, notably Wickerman, were involved. I suppose it’s only natural, since this whole thing started when a major figure on the other side was targeted and killed by Black Maria.”


Black Maria is one of the most mysterious assassination organization in the world.

They are well known in the underground, but hardly known in the public eye.


It would be a disgrace if people found out that a major figure in the mercenary guild, a major organisation, had been killed by a group of practically unknown people.


If the fact that he was the target of an assassin was brought to light, it will bring shame to his family.


The Mercenaries’ Guild therefore only sent a small but skilled group like the Fafnir mercenaries to wipe out Black Maria, whose name is still not large enough to be widely known.

Since they were not doing anything major, they had no support.

And no matter how good they are, there is not much that a mere group of six people can do.

And finally, they knew nothing much about Black Maria.


In other words, the current situation is that they have the upper hand.

Shizuru closed his eyes for a moment and collected his thoughts in his head.


He nodded and opened his eyes again.


“We’ll skip some of the preparations. We were going to spend a week or two gathering information, but this changes that.”


There are two goals for this temporary unit to achieve.

One was revenge against Fafnir mercenaries who had destroyed the 7th Corps.

The second is the recovery of the stolen documents and an investigation into the extent of what was discovered about Black Maria.


“It’s a lot more simple than I thought it would be.”

In order to achieve the second goal, Shizuru had to find a way to approach them.

The information Mary had brought back was an unexpected opportunity to do so.


“Tomorrow I’ll take Mary and we’ll get in touch with Fafnir. I’ll be back with a plan.”


Shizuru smiled softly and said in a relaxed tone.

A look that over three hundred people have seen before they died.


It was a soft, beautiful smile that left everyone in awe.


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