Chapter 57 Part 2. Princess Natasha




“Stupid …… w-why, why are you still alive ……?”


Garland shivered as if he had met  a ghost.


Ludmila, on the other hand, kept her smile and took the initiative to aim her crossbow at his shoulder.


Without any hesitation, she squeezed the trigger and fired the arrow.




A piercing scream.


A scream of anguish echoed through the closed bedroom.


But it was only for a few seconds.


The screams suddenly stopped and Garland lied limp on his bed like a puppet with broken strings.


He wasn’t unconscious but he couldn’t move his body. While looking down at Garland, who was in agony, she pulled out a vial from her pocket.


“As expected….”


She chuckled as she marveled at the effectiveness of the same poison that Eliza was using.


It’s the kind of laugh that reminded her of a cat in front of a dying mouse.


Three more arrows were shot into his remaining limbs.




“Oh, dear. I’m not used to using a crossbow, so I missed the target.”


“Oh, my…”


She bowed with a condescending gesture and shot two more arrows.


Garland was pierced by a total of six arrows, his face contorted in pain  he had never felt before in his life, and his face was quickly stained with tears and drool.


It was pathetic and comical. At last, Ludmila couldn’t hold back the excitement she was experiencing and laughed out loud.


Ha Ha Ha Ha…hah…oh, my God…what’s with that funny face…!”


In the depths of her narrowed purple eyes, a lightless fire flickered. The corner of her mouth lifted up like a crescent moon, and she loaded another arrow.


The arrows were not poisoned, except for the first one to prevent it from being lethal.


The arrowheads themselves were small in diameter, and were not powerful enough to cause a fatal wound, unless they were aimed at a vital point. 


“Hey… can I show you more?”


Therefore, Ludmila continued to dare to miss the vital point.


As a sniper, she knew all the vital points of the human body in order to get the target in one shot.


If it was possible to kill a man with one shot, it was even easier to do the opposite.


“Does it hurt?”


A shot in the palm. His paralyzed throat lets out a short, distorted scream.


“Is it painful?”


She shot him in the knee and his numb body jumped and shook.


“Do you want my help?” Ludmila asked sarcastically.


Then she shot both sides of his arms. The tears in his eyes flowed down as he  pleaded for mercy.


YES! YES! YES! I’m in pain, I’m in agony. It hurts. I need your help! Please save me!.”


“–But, no.”


 Two more arrows pierced his thighs.


“My father felt more pain than you .”


 Another one through the side.


“My mother was hurt more than you.”


 And another one through the cheek.


“I wanted to save my father and mother too!”


It became troublesome to load them in one by one, and so Ludmila picked up all the arrows directly into her hand.


She straddled the belly of the fat Earl of Garland as she screamed. 


“I won’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you! Suffer, repent, and die in vain!”


The corner of her eye was lifted, her teeth were bared, her blue hair was shaken, and she raised the arrows she held in her hand.
















Squelch, squelch, squelch, – the sound of flesh being pierced. She didn’t care about the blood splattering all around. She stabbed him over and over until his face lost its original form and became a mess.


The arrow that pierced his forehead broke, and Ludmila stopped at last.


She breathed heavily and wiped the blood from her face with her sleeve, and she looked down at Garland.


 –He was already dead.




Even after she was able to breathe again, Ludmila stared at the half-minced face of the ruined Count with wet eyes for a while.


Her eyes were somewhat euphoric. They seemed to have a mysterious look to them.




 A small, audible gasp escaped her mouth. Ludmila felt a tremendous surge of joy rising from the pit of her stomach.




A lightning bolt of euphoria and a sense of achievement rushed down her spine.


 Tears ran hotly from the corners of her eyes. Her fingertips were trembling, and her legs were weak.



She flicked her tongue half-unconsciously across her upper lip.


She felt speechless.




The sound of laughter echoed through the bedroom as her emotions were dampened. Ludmila laughed with tears in her eyes, knowing that she had finally fulfilled one of her long-cherished dreams.


“Oh, ……Mother, father, …… I’ve finally done it, …… I’ve finally done it with my own hands!”


Her tone mixed with intoxication.


While looking up at the ceiling, she smiled decadently and prayed to her dead parents.


“Hey, you would praise me, wouldn’t you ……? Natasha, you’ve done a great job…….”


She muttered words to her parents in a delirium and spun out a sweet voice.


She felt like she was drunk. Licking the blood from her mouth with her tongue, Ludmila continued to laugh as if she was exasperated.


 Until the moment when the sound of a door being opened behind her struck her ears.




Looking back with the speed of a bullet, Ludmila stepped on Garland’s corpse and quickly got out of the bed.


She picked up her crossbow and quickly loaded the remaining arrows.




She muttered, aiming the bow and arrow at the door and wishing it to be her.


But she didn’t make any plans to meet up with Oboro here. So whether it was Oboro or not, it was still an unforeseen event.


It made her nerves tense up. She was prepared to shoot at any moment.


The door slowly opened and she saw a person enter the bedroom.




A young boy, no more than a handful of years old, appeared on the scene.


In the blink of an eye, his body dispersed.