Chapter 57 Part 1. Princess Natasha




 Natasha Si Levan.


 She was the only daughter of the late Grand Duke Drysen, brother of the current King of Si Levan.


 A beautiful princess with rare lavender hair.


 Her mother, the wife of the late Grand Duke, was an unknown commoner.


 Grand Duke Drysen, against all odds, took a commoner as his wife.


 It was love at first sight, they said.


  Natasha, who was born between two different people with two different social status, was a royal, but also a commoner.


 She never made any public appearances, and the nobility and the current king’s own children called her vulgar blood.


 Her unusual hair colour and magic eyes, which were rarely seen in the royal family, also contributed to their displeasure.


 But that was why Natasha did not grow up to be an electorate like most of the nobility.


 She adored her parents, who loved her with all their hearts and cared nothing for the way she was treated.


 She was a bright, polite girl with a lovely smile.


However, Natasha’s smile was lost at one point.


 Her parents died. They were killed with poison, and died in front of her.


 And Natasha herself would have died like her parents, too, if she had taken a step wrong.


 It was only by chance that she was not poisoned and survived.


But the tragedy didn’t stop there.


 Her house was set on fire to make sure that there was no chance of survival.


   In the midst of the raging fire, which spread quickly due to the oil that had been sprayed, Natasha tried desperately to save her parents, but was unable to do so. She couldn’t do anything in front of her parents, who were dying of poison and burned  by fire.


 She was too helpless.


   It was almost a miracle that Natasha survived the blaze without being seriously injured.


 She doused herself with water and fled to a hidden room in the basement, where she cowered in fear and waited for the fire to die down.


   The fire continued until dawn.


 The house burned down and was almost completely destroyed.


 Natasha, who was shivering, was about to leave the hidden room, but heard some footsteps approaching.


   For a moment she thought they were her parents, but that dreamlike thought soon vanished.


 She saw them swallowed by the fire in front of her. There was no way they could be alive.


 So who were those footsteps belonging to?


 Normally, you would think that help was on the way.


 But for some reason, Natasha felt an unusual sense of dread at the sound of footsteps, and without leaving the room, she held her breath and looked outside.


 Fortunately, the hidden room was cleverly designed so that if they didn’t know it existed, they wouldn’t notice it.


At the approaching footsteps, she heard the voices of some men. She was astonished at what she heard. She couldn’t believe her ears.


 –What a fool to mix such lowly weeds in the blood of the honoured royal house of Si Levan!


 –I wonder what the king was thinking when he allowed such an outrage to take place.


 –At any rate, the unholy abomination is gone.


 –The Earls will be very pleased.


   The conversation was only fragmented, but the intelligent Natasha understood everything.


 She knew that the whole affair had been orchestrated by the nobility, who did not like her.


    Her parents were murdered by a bunch of trash who were imbued with a vile electorate.


 There was a mention of several names of people who seemed to be at the centre of this.


 One of them was the Earl of Garland.


    Natasha came out of the hidden room at least an hour after the footsteps had gone away.


 The fire had been so strong that there was not much debris left. 


 Natasha, who had barely managed to find the buttons of her parents’s clothes in the ashes, wept bitterly.


 When even her tears had dried up, she vowed to take revenge.


     She lost her parents for no reason, and her love for them turned into hatred for those who took them from her.


     For the first time in her life, she hated someone with all her heart, so much that she wanted to kill them with her own hands. To the point where the beautiful and transparent magical eyes become dull and cloudy.


      She didn’t even have a slightest intention of going to the palace to complain about the incident.


      The aristocrats were very good at defending themselves. Even if they had weakened their position by taking a commoner as their family, they would have had to prepare carefully and cover up the fact that they were killing royalty.


  If she confronted them, they would think she was delirious.


   In the first place, if they knew that she was alive, they would make sure to get rid of her for good this time.


 If anything, she had to make them pay for their sins with her own hands, or else she would never feel better.


  Therefore, Natasha disappeared, using the money from selling the jewelry in the hidden room. 


 Understanding her weakness, she chose a crossbow as a weapon for revenge.


    “You have very good arms.”


    It had been ten months since the death of her parents when she met the silver-haired blind woman, Richelieu.


   Self-taught, self-trained, and with a talent for handling firearms, or perhaps driven by an honest desire for revenge, Natasha quickly mastered her skills.


  But it was at a time when she was acutely aware of the reality that it would be difficult for her to achieve revenge on her own.


   “Very well, you have passed. I welcome you to Black Maria.”


   Black Maria.The name she heard several times while gathering information about the underworld.


 A group of crazy killers who would kill anyone depending on their pay.


 It was indeed the perfect place for revenge.


 Natasha nodded unhesitatingly to Richelieu’s welcoming.


    “Then tell me your name.”


  Natasha gave up everything for revenge.


 She dyed her beautiful lavender hair, which her parents had praised as beautiful, blue to make it stand out.


 She abandoned her princessly demeanour and chose to use stinging words to avoid showing her weakness to anyone.


 She left her big smile behind in the flames.


 And – even changed her name.


…… Ludmila. That’s what she called herself now.


 This was how Natasha, the lost Princess, became the assassin of Black Maria.







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