Chapter 24



[Ferdinand’s marriage, I accept it.]


That day, Theodore’s face as he spoke to Benjamin was more unfamiliar than anything I had ever seen.


And soon, rumors spread throughout the palace that Ferdinand’s daughter would become Empress.


Everyone who heard the rumors did not believe it at first.


Empress Margaret, the mother of Prince Ernst, who was Emperor Theodore’s rival, was of the Ferdinand family.


Because it was publicly known that the relationship between Emperor Theodore and Ferdinand wasn’t good.


Therefore, people thought that even if Emperor Theodore got married, he would choose a daughter from a family other than Ferdinand and Leobrante, the second generation, as Empress.


However, those who did not believe the rumors at first had no choice but to believe it. It was because the love between the emperor and Katarina that unfolded in front of them was too revealing. 


“Tell me anything you want. For you, I will give you the whole Albrecht.”


“I feel like I have the whole world just being by His Majesty like this.”


Katarina visited the Imperial Palace without missing a day. She then clung to Theodore’s arm and whispered her love to him.


When there were people or without people.


“It’s so sad to be away from Your Majesty.”


“Me too. I want to bring you to the Imperial Palace as soon as possible.”


 “Can you give me the palace? Then I can be with Your Majesty every day.”


“Oh, I can’t let you stay in any palace. Hang in there. I’ll dedicate the most beautiful palace in the world to you.”


“No, then it costs a lot of time and money. I’m……”


“It’s okay. You are my only woman, so it’s worth it.”


Theodore whispered love to her, overturning the palace used by Empress Margaret for Katarina.


“I think I know what love at first sight is. It feels like my time is split in two. The time before I got to know Katarina and the time after I got to know her.”


“Oh my, Your Majesty.”


Katarina, who smiled and dug into his arms, looked very happy.


Like a teenage boy who had just fallen in love, Theodore showed off his love to the whole world.


His love couldn’t be compared to anything he’s ever had tea time with the other women.


It was so blatant that I couldn’t stand it.


And since I could no longer tell him that I was Yvonne, I had to sit still and watch the tumultuous love affair.


At a distance closer than anyone else.




“Your Majesty, are you really going to marry Ferdinand’s daughter?”


Armin asked with a look that he did not understand.


I sympathized with Armin inwardly and looked at Theodore.


“Even if I can’t marry.”


Theodore replied nonchalantly and just glanced at his watch.


A smile appeared on his lips as he checked the time.


“Miss Katarina is about to arrive. Get ready.”


His steps towards the parlor to meet Katarina were very light.


“Oh, Your Majesty!”


“Hey, when did you come? I was going to wait for you first.”


He greeted Katarina in a very friendly voice.


I now know that his kindness was very special. That it was not for everyone. And now that his speciality was no longer mine.


“I came a little early because I wanted to see Your Majesty.”


I was shocked to see the two laughing together.


‘Among many and many women, it must be Katarina. What a filthy personality he has.’


It just made me cry just looking at it, so I pouted my lips and lowered my head.


 “I’ll have to leave for a while. I’ll be back soon, so wait, my fiancée.” (Theo spoke to Katarina)


Theodore left, kissing the back of Katarina’s hand.


Meanwhile, Katarina spoke to me.


“Hello, Yves. Are you really a woman?”


I wondered how she knew it, but didn’t want to talk to her, so I just looked down at my toes with my lips closed.


“Your Majesty said so, you look like a very ugly man dressed up and poking around.”


 But Katarina seemed to have wanted to quarrel with me somehow.


Then she approached and whispered.


“You know, Yves. Let me warn you. Leave His Majesty as soon as possible. You’re getting on his nerves.”




“Did you see it too? His Majesty is obsessed with me.”


I flinched. I tried not to react, but my body withdrew.


“Don’t look at what you can’t see…… ”


It was Theodore who stopped Katarina’s one sided quarrel.


“What are you two doing?”


Me and Katarina both turned our heads at the same time.


Theodore looked at the two of us alternately with a very stern look on his face.


He was angry.


Why was he mad? Did his memories come back? So, was he mad at Katarina for tormenting me?


My heart suddenly raced.


At this time, Katarina fell into his arms.


“Your Majesty……”


Theodore held her and looked at me.


“Yves Llewellyn, did you touch the woman who will be my fiancée?”


He was angry with me, not her.


My heart, which had been fluttering for a while, dropped, and I felt very miserable.


I had to say no, but my mouth didn’t fall off.


“If you ever behave rudely to Miss Katarina again, I will not forgive you. Get out now.” 


He kicked me out in anger.


My heart was aching, and strangely, I felt like I was getting used to it and becoming dull.


At that moment, I really wanted to run away.


The man who said he loved me didn’t remember me, and now he said he loved another woman. And now he said he was going to marry her..… .


‘Yeah, eat well and live well with the broken personality.’


I returned to my room, bursting with anger in my heart, and suddenly I noticed the hairpin that he had given me as a gift.


It was also a keepsake of his mother.


[I love you, Yves]


Theo gave it to me and confessed his love.




I thought, clutching the hairpin he had given me in my hand.


“Let’s wait.”


Theo had looked for the dead me for 10 years. So let’s wait a little bit longer.




The next morning, I wore the hairpin he had given me and went to work in his office. Looking at this hairpin, I wondered if he would remember me.


But, seeing a disgusting face with him from early morning, I stopped.


‘From the morning… .’


Katarina was sitting on the sofa in his office, eating a cookie. Originally, it was my job to sit there and watch him work while eating sweets.


But now I had to stand at the door far away to watch him and his woman.


Katarina happily fed him a cookie. And Theodore did not refuse and took the cookie she gave her.


It was a very eye-opening sight.


“Hey, Sir Yves, please clean this.”


Katarina dropped a cookie on the floor and ordered me openly. I cursed inwardly and approached them to clear what had fallen on the floor.


At this time, Theodore noticed a hairpin on my head and reacted.


“You, that hairpin… … .”


“Your Majesty gave it to me.”


I spoke quietly and looked straight into his eyes.


Then he looked at me with an unknown expression.


“Oh my gosh, that’s a pretty hairpin.”


It was Katarina who could not stand it for a moment and intervened.


“Really, Theo? Did Theo give this hairpin to Sir Yves?”




In an instant, strength entered my clenched fist.


That name was a nickname only allowed to me, when did Katarina start calling him Theo?


Even I could only call him that where it was just the two of us. Didn’t he say he didn’t want to be making fun off in public?


“Beautiful, I want it. Can I, Theo?”


“No.” (Yves)


Suddenly, angry at the nickname ‘Theo’, I hardened my face and said ferociously.


Then Katarina looked at me with a shriveled expression.


Then she turned her head and whined at Theodore.


“Theo, I want that hairpin. Give it to me, okay?”




Theodore, who was silent, ordered me.


“Give the hairpin to Miss Katarina.”


“I cannot give it. Your Majesty gave me this.”


This hairpin was a keepsake left by his mother. At the same time, it was a token of the love he gave me.


It was never something that could be passed on to someone else.


“Are you disobeying me now?”


As soon as I stood firm, Theo stood up. Then he came closer to me.


His gaze turned to the hairpin that adorned my hair.


When I was about to take a step back with an attitude that I could never give it up.




He suddenly leaned his upper body toward me and pulled out the sword that was hanging from my waist like a decoration. Then….




My hair was cut haphazardly and fell to the floor.



*Let me give you some spoilers here. I gave pretty detailed spoilers on NU about this novel, but apparently some people still don’t understand it. I have no idea why. Anyway, Theo is under a memory lost spell, and what he’s doing with Katarina is just an act. The truth is he despised Katarina. As you know they had a contract, Theo will give her Ferdinand, and she will find Yvonne for him. Also because he wanted to push Yves away. He hated the feelings he had for her, because he felt like he betrayed Yvonne by having feelings for someone who looked like Yvonne. Theo had only loved Yvonne from the beginning to the end. There was no one else. Take a look at NU spoilers if you need more details.