Chapter 6



Theodore fiddled with the sleeping Yvonne’s hand.


The faint scar left on the inside of her wrist bothered him.


It was a scar caused by a strong sword. At the same time, it was her weakness.


The wound created by the sword could only be removed with divine power.


Theodore wanted to heal her wound with his own power, but it didn’t work. He had never used this d*mn power inherited from his mother’s family to heal anyone.


His maternal family, Leobrante, was one of the three great families that supported the Albrecht empire with a strong power called the blessing of the god Brihim.


However, after the death of the head of the family, no one showed any more power, so the family gradually lost its power and began to decline.


Theodore did not like his mother’s family, who persecuted his mother, Empress Hermelinda, to the point of death. So, he did not reveal the fact that he could use his power.


If he properly trained his power with the help of his mother’s family, he would be able to get rid of Yvonne’s wound more easily…


“I’m sorry, Yvonne. I will practice more and heal you.”


Theodore muttered, rubbing the inside of her wrist.


“Because there will be plenty of time…”


Still, he wanted to keep his power a thorough secret.


Occasionally, there were moments when he had inevitably used his power. For example, when he had to deal with the assassins sent by Empress Margaret…


Fortunately, none of those who recognized his power survived.


Theodore could not heal Yvonne’s  wound, but instead put all of his  energy into her wound. So wherever she was, he could find her  right away.


Of course, he never intended to tell Yvonne. Because it was an insidious act.


Theodore knew that his personality was a little different from the others. He also knew very well what people talked bad about him.


Until now, he never cared about that. However, when he met Yvonne, his thoughts changed.


It was strange.


From the moment he first saw Yvonne, he fell in love with her as if led by a strong destiny.


Was it because of her pretty appearance? Of course, Yvone was pretty. There was no one in the world prettier than her.


But it wasn’t just for that reason.


[Your hair color is as pretty as the night sky.]


The words she had whispered while stroking his hair a while ago had been tickling his chest.


Theodore slowly opened and closed his eyes, feeling indescribable.


Then a small smile appeared on his lips when he looked at the pretty face of Yvonne, who was still asleep.


“Yvonne! Yvonne!”


At this time, Ernst’s voice was heard from below looking for Yvonne.


Since Theodore had put Yvonne to sleep with his magic, she could not be woken up by the sound. However, Ernst shouting Yvonne’s name as if it was his was a little annoying.


Theodore landed gently under the tree. Then Ernst, who found Theodore, stepped back in surprise.


“Hello, Ernst.”


“The, The, Theodore… ”


Seeing Ernst stuttering when their eyes met, Theodore snorted.


‘How could Empress Margarate think such a thing would become the next emperor?’


“Ha, have you seen Yvonne?”


But the next moment when Ernst spoke Yvonne’s name.


Theodore felt a sense of killing rush in. If he used his power, he would easily subdue Ernst. 


But Theodore didn’t.


He didn’t want to reveal the fact that he had power. However, since Ernst was timid, he could get rid of Ernst easily without using his power.


“Get lost.”


“No, I don’t want to.”


Ernst clenched his fists to hold on to the fierce threat.


One of Theodore’s eyebrows rose at the sight.


“If you don’t leave right away, I’ll take you to my palace.”


Gulp, Ernst swallowed his saliva.


“Have you ever seen a corpse?”




“Didn’t you hear the rumor that bodies were taken out from the first Prince’s Imperial Palace every night?”


Ernst began to cry at the increasingly frightening words.


“Huh? Are you crying?”


“Oh no!”


“What do you mean no? You look scared.”


“Hey, don’t say anything strange and tell me where Yvonne is!”


Theodore didn’t like the way Ernst was holding out and trying to find Yvonne.


But instead of getting angry, Theodore smiled and whispered.


“You want to know where Yvone is?”


When Theodore asked in a soft voice, Ernst nodded.


“Yvonne hid because she didn’t want to see someone like you.”


“No way…”


“She’s annoyed because you bother her everyday. She said she doesn’t like you because you’re stupid and cry all the time.”


Ernst’s face grew more and more pale.


“She’d rather be friends with a cockroach than with a coward like you.”


“Hey, that’s a lie!”


Eventually, Ernst burst into tears, turned around, and ran away.


Theodore, who was looking at it indifferently, moved his power towards Ernst’s ankle as he was running.




Theodore’s two eyes narrowed as he looked at Ernst who fell miserably.




The month passed quickly, and the day came when I had to go back to Chernicia. Unlike the first time I visited the Imperial Palace, I felt very sad the moment I left. It was probably because of this good, sweet new friend of mine. 


“Hey, Theodore, do you want to come to Chernicia next time?”


I really wanted to let my siblings know how good Theodore was.


“Okay. Make sure to send me an invitation, Yvonne.”


Theodore smiled and wrapped his pinky finger on mine.


But the promise was not kept.


Before the end of that winter, Chernicia was caught up in a sudden attack.


My beloved brother Richard, second sister Helga, the third sister Julia, the youngest brother Brian, Grandpa Gunther, and Grandma Gransy.


All were never to be seen again.


That cold winter.


The only one who escaped and survived was I, Yvonne Chernicia.




It was none other than Ernst who saved me from the fire that engulfed Chernicia. Brother Richard was dead.


Seeing that scene, I cried out miserably.


Strangers grabbed my arms as I grabbed the sword and jumped into the center of the riot.


“No, Miss Yvonne.”


“Let go of me!”


“I’m sorry. This is the order of the Empress.”


“Let go! Let go! Let go……!”


The strangers, whom Empress Margaret had sent, forcibly grabbed me and dragged me away.


After they let me go in a secluded forest, I realized belatedly.


Cowardly, I survived alone.


“Yvonne… .”




When I didn’t even have the strength to use the jaws anymore, I collapsed on the dirt floor.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, Yvonne. My mother…hic hic, my mother promised me…..” 


When I woke up, I saw Ernst in a purple hoodie crying in front of me.


He must have been the owner of the whimpering sound from before.


There was no time to think about why he was here.


I must return to Chernicia.


It was all I could think about and try to get up again.






Ernst quickly grabbed my body, which was about to fall due to lack of strength.


My legs were shaking and my hands and feet were weak.


“My body is strange…”


It was then that I realized what the strangers who had brought me here had done to my body.


Empress Margaret was the daughter of Ferdinand, known for magic for generations. The wizards she called had cast a restraint magic on me.


“Release this. I have to go back. Brother Richard… ”


“I’m sorry…..I’m sorry, Yvonne.”


Ernst sniffled and grabbed my hand tightly.


“But mother promised me. She’ll save you.”


“Then I can’t go back?”


“Look, so, so….hic hic waaaaaa.… .” 




Ernst, who was soothing me while sniffing, ended up crying out loud.



On the other hand, even my tears dried up and I no longer cry.


I couldn’t go back to Chernicia.


Cowardly surviving alone, Yvonne Chernicia could no longer return there.


I immersed myself in only that terrible fact. The men sent by Empress Margaret cut my hair short. I was sad that my hair was cut.


Ernst wrapped the hooded cloak he was wearing around me.


In the midst of the chaos, I barely escaped and was moved to somewhere under the guise of a shabby young boy.


They took me to Ferdinand, Ernst’s maternal family home.