Chapter 2. Tiger Cub Eating Meat




Zhao Xixi flushed red, and there were still two strings of tears hanging in her eyes. What she saw in her eyes was the enlarged version of the tiger’s face. She stifled her tears and said with a sob: “I…I don’t cry…”


She looked so pitiful, completely different from the human cubs outside.


The human cubs that the tiger cub met before also loved to cry, but their crying was domineering, and were their weapons. They were summoning adults to beat him, unlike this soft human cub, who was crying out of fear.


The tiger cub’s little head couldn’t react a bit, and he did not understand why some human cubs cry so…pitifully?


The tiger cub began to wander soon after he was born. However, when he was a child, whenever he bumped into a human cub while looking for food, the human cub would cry relentlessly, and then he would be beaten by humans, so he had never encountered such a situation where they would hold back tears without crying.


The tiger cub let go of the human cub, but when he saw other cubs looking at him, he remembered that he had just determined the status of a boss, so the tiger cub followed the example of his idol and surrounded the human cub. Just like how the king of beasts once faced its prey.


“What is your purpose for coming here?” He said aggressively, his little round ears moved.


If not for the little milky voice, this would really be a forced confession scene.


Zhao Xixi shivered and whispered, “I’m here to study.”


“To study what?”


To study what?


“I… I don’t know…” Little Xixi said with tears in her eyes, “My mother said that if I don’t go to kindergarten, I will be eaten by monsters.”


The tiger cub was about to continue to press the little human spy, when just at that moment, a voice rang out from outside.


Before little Xixi could see what exactly was going on, she was picked up by a paw, and then was placed on a chair, while the table moved by itself, blocking her in front of her.


Sitting next to the tiger cub, Zhao Xixi heard the monster next to her say: “If you dare to tell people what happened just now, I will really eat you.”


Zhao Xixi hurriedly covered her mouth.


At this time, the teacher also came in.


The teacher walked to the podium, looked at the cubs, and then at Zhao Xixi, feeling very happy.


He said: “Cubs, today is your first day in the cub garden. There must be many things you don’t understand. I am your teacher. In the future, you can ask me anything you don’t understand.”


Then, he took out his book and said, “Today we’ll start by learning about etiquette.”


Zhao Xixi has already studied nursery, and she has learned all these.


“Let’s start by learning polite words today, hello, goodbye, thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, it’s okay.”


The teacher on the stage was giving a serious lecture, Zhao Xixi’s attention was still on the tiger cub who’s sitting next to her, with a little tail wagging…


Zhao Xixi was especially popular with the teacher in the nursery class because Zhao Xixi was a really good girl, very obedient, and remembered what the teacher said clearly. She never talked to people in class and used to sit upright and straight, not moving.


Zhao Xixi wanted to tell the tiger cub that he should listen carefully in class and not always wag his tail.


Although the former teachers didn’t mention anything about the tail, because no one in their class had a tail, the former teachers always said they couldn’t wave their hands in class, and wagging their tails should be similar to waving their hands.


But Zhao Xixi did not dare to say, and at this time, the teacher said on the stage——


“Let’s practice the polite words we’ve learned with our deskmates. Hello, thank you, you’re welcome, it’s okay, I’m sorry, that’s all you have to use it.”


Zhao Xixi turned to look at her deskmate, the tiger cub’s big bulging eyes were full of unwillingness.


Although afraid, Zhao Xixi still wanted to be a good child, so that the teacher would praise her when the parent meeting would be held, and her parents would be very happy.


So Zhao Xixi whispered: “Hello…”


Tiger cub: “It’s okay.”


Zhao Xixi: “…No, I said hello, you should also say hello.” The power of knowledge defeated fear.


Tiger cub looked at the human cub, couldn’t help but yawn, opened his mouth wide, and revealed a “big mouth” with two milk teeth missing. 


Zhao Xixi was frightened, and said tremblingly, “I’m sorry.”


The tiger cub snorted: “It’s okay.”


At this time, the teacher started talking about family etiquette again.


“Respect the elders.”


Although Zhao Xixi had already listened to these lessons, she began to listen carefully when the teacher talked about it.


“Tiger cub!”


The teacher suddenly cried out, startling Zhao Xixi. She turned her head and found that the tiger cub the teacher called was sleeping.


Zhao Xixi: “…” He’s really a bad kid. When the parent meeting will be held, the teacher will definitely criticize his parents.


“Why don’t you take the class seriously?” The teacher asked.


The tiger cub stood up lazily, glanced at the other cubs who were still attending the class seriously, and said plausibly: “I don’t have a family, so I don’t need family etiquette.”


The other cubs were shocked, their furry heads gathered together. It was unknown what they were talking about.


The teacher was stunned for a moment and said, “Sit down.”


Zhao Xixi was also stunned for a moment. She had never met a child without a family, everyone has a family.  


After the tiger cub sat down, his fluffy body curled up and continued to sleep.


Soon, the teacher finished all kinds of etiquette lessons and it was finally lunchtime. In her previous kindergarten, Zhao Xixi also ate her lunch at school, so she sat obediently in her seat and waited for the teacher to hand out her lunch.


Soon, two apples were placed in front of her.


 The other students in the classroom either had apples or raw meat in front of them, and they had already started eating.


 In front of the tiger cub was a huge pile of red and bloody raw meat.


Zhao Xixi got down from her seat, went to the side to wash her hands, and then came back to eat apples.


When Zhao Xixi came back, she found that there were no little monsters sitting next to her. Zhao Xixi looked around in the classroom and saw that the tiger cub sitting next to her had dragged the meat to the corner and tore it one by one. He was eating the meat in a particularly urgent manner, as if someone would snatch from him the next moment.


Zhao Xixi heard the two crows chattering in the back row—


“Does that tiger cub really have no parents?”


“I think so. Look at how messy his hair is, it’s all tangled, and doesn’t look good at all.”


“He must be disobedient, that’s why his mom and dad don’t want him. He is a bad cub, let’s not play with him.”


Zhao Xixi suddenly remembered some particular sad words.


“Fatty pig Zhao actually wears a skirt!”


“We don’t want to play with a fat pig, we will become a fat pig if we play with her!”


Because the former kindergarten teachers taught them before; they can’t speak ill of their classmates.


During the afternoon class, Zhao Xixi secretly peeked at the tiger cub and found that his fur was really a tangled, tuft of hair…


Zhao Xixi took a peek at the tiger cub again. He was still sleeping, with his big head buried under the paws and his furry ears visible, he seemed to be sleeping very soundly.


Zhao Xixi looked at the teacher, then stretched out her chubby hand secretly…secretly tried to solve the big lump of fur.


The tiger cub, who was sleeping, suddenly felt a sharp pain and cried out.


The whole class suddenly fell silent.


 Zhao Xixi blushed and quickly hid aside.


The teacher asked: “What’s the matter?”


Tiger cub looked at the classroom and then at the trembling human cub at the same table. He was attacked just now, but he didn’t know who it was…


So the tiger cub was taught by the teacher.


And Zhao Xixi didn’t dare to speak until the end of school. When the tiger cub was called, Zhao Xixi found that everyone was looking at the hair on the tiger cub’s belly, and they all were laughing at him. There were a lot of knots on it…


Although the students here stopped laughing at her, Zhao Xixi was still very unhappy: “…”


Why should they laugh at others?


When the school was over, Zhao Xixi walked to the school gate with other students, only to find that her parents didn’t come here.


There were several adults at the school gate, hugging the monster students one by one.


Zhao Xixi stood at the school gate, and soon there was only her and the tiger cub left at the school gate. The teacher next to Zhao Xixi said to her: “Our kindergarten is one hour earlier than the human kindergarten. Remember to tell your parents when you go back.”


Zhao Xixi gave a hum. She secretly glanced at the tiger cub next to her. On his back was an old school bag with…Snow White on it.


Zhao Xixi quickly remembered that the tiger cub had no parents, so there must be no one to buy him a school bag.


The tiger cub did not look at the human cub and walked away by himself. He, a little monster, walked alone through the road in front of the school, and then rushed into the bushes next to it.


Zhao Xixi suddenly felt that the tiger cub was not so scary.


She waited for a long time, but her father had not come yet, so she walked back on her own.


Zhao Xixi walked, only to find a lot of fish flailing, eh…


This was her former kindergarten, and there was a long queue next to her.


At this time, the school bell rang and many children came out.


Mother Zhao saw Zhao Xixi carrying a small school bag at a glance. She hurried over and picked her up. Mother Zhao didn’t realize that Zhao Xixi didn’t come out of the school.


Mother Zhao hugged Zhao Xixi and asked with a smile: “What did the baby learn at school today?”


When she picked her up, she found that her daughter’s sleeves were covered with mud, and she must’ve been rolling everywhere again.


Mother Zhao scared her daughter again, “Why did you get dirty again? Monsters love to eat dirty children!”


Mother Zhao used monsters to scare her daughter, and it worked every time.


And this time, little Xixi drooped her head and asked in a buzzing voice: “Mom won’t let the monster eat me…”


Mother Zhao didn’t know what happened to Zhao Xixi, and was amused by these words. She deliberately said: “Mom is only a human, and she can’t beat monsters, so you have to be clean yourself.”


Zhao Xixi was a little anxious: “What about dad? Can dad beat monsters?”


Mother Zhao held back her laughter and teased Zhao Xixi, continuing, “Daddy can’t beat monsters either, what should we do? If the monsters come, it will definitely eat both mom and dad, and then you will no longer have a mom and dad.”


Zhao Xixi’s little head drooped, she sighed like an adult, and said in a compromising manner, “Okay then.”


Zhao Xixi originally wanted to tell her mother what happened during the day, but her parents couldn’t beat the monsters. Alas, it’s useless to say it. Let her protect them.


Then Zhao Xixi remembered one more thing. The tiger cub has no parents. She asked curiously: “What would happen if there were no parents?”


Mother Zhao originally thought that her daughter should be educated about hardship, so she told the truth: “Without mom and dad, you wouldn’t have nice clothes to wear, no food to eat, and no place to live. You see those stray cats downstairs. If there is no mom and dad, it will be like that.”


Zhao Xixi thought of the stray cats, they could only rummage the trash can for food..


Would the tiger cubs be the same?


Zhao Xixi thought of her deskmate going through the trash can too, shivering in the cold wind…


It was really pitiful.


Seeing that her daughter was scared, Mother Zhao comforted: “So you have to behave yourself, okay? Mom and Dad work hard every day just to enable you to live a good life…”


Zhao Xixi nodded seriously. 




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