Chapter 20


After waking up early in the morning and washing up, I opened the book, 

[The History of Esteria – A]. 


Originally, I was supposed to read first the [Psychology of Human Relations] that I borrowed last time, but I had to postpone it for a while because I didn’t want to read it as it was written by Master Vanitas. 


[The History of Esteria], which I borrowed to study the history of the Empire for the upcoming national festival, consisted of three books, each as thick as a finger’s length. 


I was about halfway through it. 


knock, knock 


As soon as I said to come in when I heard the polite knock, it was Leav who opened the door and went in. 


“How are you feeling, sister?” 


After suffering with an illness, Leav’s morning greetings began to consist of questioning my health. 


I closed the book and put it on the table then led Leav to the sofa. 


“Thanks to you, I feel better. Are you alright with red tea?” 




Leav nodded briefly. The maid brewed the red tea. 


I looked at the teapot wrapped in the tea cosy blankly and asked. 


“What brings you here?” 


“I’m here to show you how to use the Spirit Summoning Scroll.” 


Leav sipped the deeply brewed tea gracefully. Come to think of it, you were supposed to tell me the day after my birthday, but couldn’t because I was sick. 


“Yes, how should I do it?” 


“Should we bring it out first?” 


At Leav’s words, I brought out the Spirit Summoning Scroll that I had kept in the side table drawer. Leav accepted the scroll with a ribbon still tied to it. 


When the ribbon was untied and the ivory scroll was opened, a magic circle engraved in gold was revealed. Can you really summon a spirit with this? 


Leav, who smiled softly at my curious look, extended the scroll out to me. 


“You simply tear it as it is.” 




“If you tear it as it is, a magic circle will be engraved on your wrist.” 


“It’s that simple?” 


“Yes, in the Chehetten Mado Empire, scrolls like this are common for the people who have no magic or have weak magic.” 


The Chehetten Mado Empire. In the original, there was no major interaction, so I don’t know the detailed information, but it seemed certain that it was a very developed country in terms of magic. 


After reading all the books I borrowed, I decided to borrow something about the Chehetten Mado Empire, then I glanced at the beautiful scroll in my hand. 


I doubted that it was really that simple, but I took his word for it and tore the scroll vertically. 


Then, the golden magic circle flashed and glowed, then it became a small group of lights that stayed in the air for a while before finally landing on my wrist. 


In an instant, the magic circle on the scroll was engraved on my wrist. When I swiped it with my finger, it stayed still as if it had been a tattoo. 


“But how can I summon a spirit with this?” 


I asked, raising my arms and looking at him. 


“It will be triggered automatically in an emergency situation.” 


It was such a fascinating phenomenon. I wanted to see what the spirit looked like, but on the other hand, I also didn’t want it to be triggered. 


Because the only time when I can see a spirit is when I’m in danger. 


“Do you like it?” 


“Yes, thank you very much, Leav.” 


When I replied with a gentle smile, he also smiled around his mouth, staring at me. 


After smiling at me for a while, Leav coughed a few times and naturally turned the subject around. 


“Sister, how are your preparations for the national festival?” 


“Not very well…..” 


“If sister is having a hard time, I will tell His Majesty. It’s not a very important event, and sister’s body is in a weak state.” 


I know it’s for me, but Leav will be the only one who can call Esteria’s national festival an unimportant event. 


“It’s okay. I want to do it together.” 


Leav stared at me with an impressed face, and a teacup in his hand. There was a wave of emotion in his eyes. 


“If you have time, can you tell me about the national festival? For example, like what should I do?” 


I will find out anyway when I take classes related to the national festival, but I wanted to know the details in advance. 


“Of course it’s fine. Well, actually, you can just sit and not do anything.” 


Somehow, he laughed awkwardly and as he was laughing, Bernique appeared with a knock. 


Even if I didn’t tell them to come in, they would come in, so I slightly doubted about why these people were knocking. 


He paused for a moment when he saw Leav having tea time with me, then walked naturally and sat next to me. 


After lightly saying hello to me, he turned his gaze to Leav. 


“But why is Leav here? Don’t you have a commerce class today?” 


“It’s been cancelled. Then what about brother, why are you here?” 


“I’m here to see Rosiane.” 


A brief silence passed by. If it hadn’t been for the maid who prepared Bernique’s teacup just in time, the atmosphere would have been really strange, so I thanked her in my heart. 


“What were you talking about?” 


“Anyway, sister, the national festival of Esteria is held every year for a week in the first week of June.” 


Leav quickly intervened as me and Bernique exchanged smiles. Bernique guessed our conversation topic from Leav’s words and slightly nodded his head. 


“Oh, so you were talking about that.” 


“Yes, sister asked me personally for help.” 


“Really? Do you mind if I help you too, Rosiane?” 


“Then, I’d be grateful.” 


When I nodded, Leav’s strange gaze stayed on the smiling Bernique for a moment, then returned to me. The seemingly doubtful expression on his face, cleanly disappeared. 


“Envoys from each country visit to celebrate the national festival and to strengthen diplomatic relations, and people from all over the empire come to the capital to watch the colorful festivals.” 


“The purpose of most people is the parade. The beauty of the festival is the parade held in the Great Fountain Square, which leads to the center of the fork in the road, in honor of Arke, the god of the beginning and his seven children.” 


“The beauty of the festival?” 


If it’s the Great Fountain Square, I think it’s the place I went with Eryte last time. 


For a moment, I remembered the black cat I met. I wonder if it’s doing well. 


“Yes. On the 3rd day of June, on the day of the national festival of the country, there is a long parade through the Great Fountain Square of the capital, because during this time the imperial family will participate and show their faces.” 


It’s something that I have to participate in. There would be countless crowds, so I was a little worried if I could do well. 


Seeing how these people are, I think they’ll laugh even if I stand on my hands and clap with my feet. 


“I also have to go, right?” 


“Yes, because sister is also an Esteria. But if you’re not feeling well, you don’t have to overdo it.” 


I put a spoonful of custard pudding prepared with the tea, in my mouth. The sweet, soft pudding melted in my mouth. 


When I looked at Leav, he was looking at me, and at some point, he was looking at my share of custard pudding. 




He called in a serious tone and stopped eating for a moment. 


“Would you like my pudding?” 


The pudding, which showed off its bouncy figure, seemed to be pierced by his intense eyes. 


“Why aren’t you eating?” 


It was really good. yum-yum. 


“I don’t like sweets that much.” 


You’re not lying just to give it to me, but because you don’t really like it? 


Seeing my suspicious eyes, he sternly said. 


“I mean it.” 


Then he gently pushed the bowl of pudding in front of me. The pudding shook a lot before regaining its shape. 


“Thank you, then I’ll enjoy it.” 


I ate the rest of my pudding in one bite and moved the spoon to the pudding Leav gave me. I can’t believe you don’t like such delicious food. 


When I finished eating pudding and put down my spoon, Bernique, who was staring at me, quickly said. 


“Rosiane, will you come to my palace for afternoon tea time? I called a new patissier and they’re very good. I’m sure you’ll like them, too.” 


It was fantastic to have bitter tea with a sweet dessert. I nodded my head. 


“Alright then.” 


“I’ll go, too. Brother.” 


“Leav, you don’t like sweets, do you?” 


“Please prepare five grain cookies for me to eat. And I like tea.” 


Bernique smiled softly at Leav, who boldly insisted on letting himself come along. 


“…Alright then.” 


The silence before was a little suspicious, but I forgot about it because other questions arose. 


“But how exactly does the parade proceed?” 


“First of all, the military band who will create the atmosphere of the parade and the cavalry carrying the flags of Esteria will take the lead.” 


“And the knights of the Imperial Order will follow suit.” 


I think it would be quite cool to imagine a military band playing magnificently and a cavalry raising the flag of the empire. 


“Then what about us?” 


“We’re at the end of the parade.” 


“At one time, I rode a carriage decorated with chrysanthemums, and I’m sure it’ll be very beautiful if Rosiane does it.” 


Rosiane in a carriage decorated with rosiane flowers. Somehow, I think it’s funny. 


“The parade that started at the Imperial Palace will stop at the Great Fountain Square. Then His Majesty–.” 


“Then father will make a speech, and then we will start the parade again and return to the palace where the ceremony will take place.” 


Leav cut his words off and gave a stinging look at Bernique. When he lowered his eyes after a while, Leav tapped the teacup with his fingers and continued the conversation. 


“And, a priest will be with us.” 




Esteria was a country founded by Regision, who was revived by God’s power. Because not only was he revived, but he also received power, naturally, Esteria’s religion was solidified. 


In the original work, just by seeing that the coronation ceremony of the crown prince, the coming-of-age ceremony of the imperial family, etc. is held in the temple, it was possible to see the position of the temple. 


[—how important the temple is.] 


“Truthfully, the people come up to the capital to see the Imperial family, but they also intend to see the priests.” 


I’ve never believed in a god in my life, so I don’t know why it’s nice to see a priest who worships a god. Of course, this place has it’s own way. 


“The only festival in which the Pope and the High Priests participate externally is the national festival.” 


The Pope and the High Priests. They were characters from the original book, but they weren’t dealt with that much, so there’s nothing that comes to mind. 


“Well, it’s not really important. The carriages are different anyway, and they’re in the middle of the parade, and we’re at the end, so we don’t have to run into each other.” 


Bernique nodded his head at Leav’s words. 


“Then what am I supposed to do?” 


“You can sit comfortably in the carriage and wave. His Majesty will take care of the rest.” 


“There’s nothing to worry about the banquet at night. I’ll be by your side.” 


I like their words because it’s simple. Noticing my concern, Bernique patted me on the back, looking at me with endlessly warm eyes. 


I turned my gaze slightly and looked at Leav across from me. His eyes were the opposite of Bernique’s, but was warm enough like Bernique’s. 


“Thank you, you two.” 


“Don’t mention it.” 


“Any question from Rosiane is always welcome.” 


Suddenly, the gentle smile disappeared from Bernique’s face. 


“Oh, come to think of it, there will be a parade to celebrate the arrival of a country. I heard that the Principality of Karkun had sent a message saying that they would arrive early due to the nice breeze.” 


At those words, Leav narrowed his brows as if he was displeased.