Chapter 1

-Snow’s pov-

‘It can’t be what have I done to you why!? Truck-sama!!!!!!’ I panicked.

“*Sigh* Well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it now,”

‘I guess all I can do is keep myself alive then,’

“I’m so sleepy, I think I’m about 6 years old right now?” I said looking again in the mirror.

~~~~Time skip to morning~~~~

I woke up and saw a maid there just staring at me with blank eyes.

“Gahhh!!!” I shout in surprise “Who are you?!” I asked with the WTF face “This servants’ name is Sierra. I am the lady’s personal maid.” She said with a blank expression

“Oh…I-I see why were you staring at me while I was sleeping?” I shook.

“Our lady does not like to be woken up in the mornings so usually I would just stand here waiting for, milady.”

‘But that doesn’t give you a reason to scare me to death if this keeps up I might die of shock and not of the capture targets.’ I thought to myself.

“That’s ok you can wake me up in the mornings just please never scare me like that ever again,” I said with a smile.

“Yes, lady. Now please follow me and I shall prepare you for the day.”

I followed her and she helped me put on a short but poofy pink princess dress with frills at the bottom of the skirt and it looked like a maid costume with two bows one at my neck and one in the middle of the skirt and top of the skirt near the waist.

After dressing up I was escorted to the dining room. It was so frickin huge I tried so hard to contain myself and not say that out loud I sat next to Mother and she said “Honey? Do you feel alright now?”

“If not you can sleep more and the servants will deliver your food there,” Said my father in a worried tone

‘Hmm, they really do love their daughter but one of the reasons why Snow became so possessive with the prince is because her parents broke up and she felt like she had been abandoned by her mother.’

“Yes, mother, yes, father, I feel fine now I remember everything so there’s no need to worry!” I said technically not lying. 

“You remember? Really?” My father asked as I nodded my head.

Just then I was tackled by my father and my mother was crying with joy

“My little snowflake, you had us so worried!”

“Um… Dear I think you’re suffocating her,” Said my mother who pointed out the obvious

“Oh, I’m sorry, snowflake,” My father apologized

“It’s ok, papa, you’re just excited,” I said, patting his head.

“Now come on you two let’s eat before the food gets cold,” My mother said lovingly it’s really hard to Imagine these two separating but this would only cause a bigger blow if I didn’t already know what’s going to happen.

But maybe I can change it.

~~~~Time skip after eating~~~~

“Oh, by the way, sweetie, we have a surprise for you!” My mom said after eating.

“Oh? Really what is it?” I asked in curiosity.

“You’re getting engaged to the crown prince of Fantasia!” My mother announced excitedly.

While I nearly spit out the water I was drinking but fortunately, I held it in and choked I look with pleading eyes at my father

His shoulders slumped and you could visibly see the gloomy aura around him.

“What!? ” I semi-shouted “Are you not happy, honey?“ My mother asked.

“I don’t want to be married!!” I whined.

“See, dear? our daughter doesn’t want to get married!”

“Oh, don’t be like that, honey, once you get to know him I bet you’ll fall head over heels! I can’t wait to see my daughter in a wedding dress!”

“But I’m only 6!/but she’s only 6!” Me and dad said in unison and we both slammed our hands on the table.

“Oh… You don’t like the prince? Why is that?” My mother queried

“B-beacuse um…” I stutter.

“Because?” She asked. ‘Shoot! What do I say!? Mother seems dead set on getting me married to the crown prince and it looks like dad isn’t going to oppose, maybe… Wait… I have the best idea!’

“Because I already have someone I love!” My father and mother looked at me with wide eyes.

“Who is it!?” My mother and father screamed in unison but father had a deadly aura and a big fire in his eyes while mother had a flowery aura and a sparkle in her eyes.

I go over to my father’s side and hug his arm.

“Of course I only love daddy!” I said with my cutest face father looked like there were sparkles behind him and a few servants who were listening in interest facepalmed themselves including Sierra and mom sweatdropped.

“My baby girl only loves her daddy!” He shouted in glee as he twirled me around.

“Sorry dear, but we are not accepting the proposal!” Said my father happily while mom massaged her temples in frustration she said “If that’s what our daughter wants then we’ll decline,” She said in a disappointed tone.

“Yaaaaay!” I shouted in glee thinking I don’t want to see that terrifying dark prince.

“We should inform the king immediately! We’ll be gone in a few days so be good while we’re gone ok, snowflake?”

“Yes, sir~!” I said with a cute salute, my father clenched his heart “Awwww how could I have considered giving away my baby girl! Dearest, let us go!”

He said with determination and a new fire in his eyes as mother sighed and facepalmed “Coming dear…” She said with a gloomy aura.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Hiya~ I hope you enjoyed my first novel Please anyway as I promised a longer chapter! I’ll try to publish more thx ^w^






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