Chapter 2


It’s been a day since
Mother and Father visited the Royal Fantasia palace to decline the engagement as I currently sat in my room.

Writing all the routes and possible death and exile endings since if I can recall some routes that are exile endings. I’ll manage to get away from my first doom flag but it seems I have several other issues to deal with.

Problem number one, Dean Sterling.

My younger brother in the game is a siscon, and it took me weeks to clear his route.

In the bad ending, he accidentally killed Snow, while Snow was about to strike the heroine using summoning rune: Shadow Blade, during a field trip. He grabbed the weapon nearest which ‘coincidentally’ was the Sword of Valor, which is the only weapon that can kill me, and the same sword all the others will use to kill me.

The worst is in the Dark Prince’s route, he planned on killing me like that on purpose *shivers*

I’m so glad I don’t have to meet him right now.

Well now back to Dean, when he killed his sister, the heir to the throne, and fiancé of the crown prince he was exiled never to see the heroine again.

Oh, and in the good ending of the Dark Prince, Snow is exiled, only to be killed by assassins. Even, the bad ending doesn’t even affect him much, the heroine just falls out of love for him when he reveals his wicked side. Despite this, he still became King of Fantasia, I found it so irritating.

Next up, problem number two, Harry Slade.

My personal butler, in the story when Father saved Harry from being sold as a child slave. Father took him in, and made him my personal butler.

This is pretty normal for an otome game, there were quite a few rivals or a few interferences.

But in his route, just barely into it, I still die. Jeez, what’s wrong with this freaking game! Devs, why do you hate Snow so much? What did she ever do to you!?

Back on topic, the Harry route, so when Harry became Snow’s butler, he met Sierra Cheney, my personal maid.

The cool, cold, emotionless cat beast with her brunette hair and amethyst cat eyes, Harry falls for her at first sight.

Harry the butler with his sky blue eyes, short light blue hair, and glasses.

Silent, and charismatic. He’s a rabbit beast. Here in this world rabbit beasts are rare, and usually royalty, there are five ruling beasts and the rabbit beasts are known for their ability to manipulate time.

The bad ending is that Sierra got too close to Harry’s new friend, the heroine, and Snow finds out and attempts to murder her. Snow was almost successful but Harry halted time long enough that suddenly, somehow the Sword of Valor appears out of nowhere, and he uses it to impale Snow.

It’s so creepy that the sword can just appear whether it’s convenient to erase me.

Finally, it ends with Sierra confessing that she loved Harry, and Harry accepts her love. Which is the bad ending.

Then, good ending is practically the same but he ends up with the heroine.

But, one of the best endings for me right now is Dean’s good ending.

When he just exiles his beloved sister to the countryside, and she is stripped of her high status of princess.

This hard game was also very popular because of the variety of hidden characters.

There were more hidden characters than the main ones.

I never got to try any hidden character route before I died.

I regret it a lot but being hidden characters maybe they’ll leave me alone.

However, there’s a high chance they won’t.

Two more main characters so in a total of five main.

The other two routes will be easy to avoid, but even so, I can’t let my guard down.

Then, problem three and four, Reinel Ascot, the older twin brother of Renée Ascot, and Renée Ascot, the  younger brother of Reinel Ascot.

For this bad ending, the heroine met them at the magic academy like everyone else.

Reinel and Renée were assigned to show the heroine around and decided to play a prank on her which led to the prince escorting her out of the boy’s dorm and that was the prince’s first episode with the heroine.

After that, the twins and the heroine became close friends and soon the twins fell for her.

Then, Snow came and hurt the heroine emotionally and physically with a scar in her heart and on her right shoulder.

Which was really out of character for Snow.

Reinel became mad and killed Snow, blind with rage when his twin tried to stop him. He ends up hurting his brother Renée and eventually goes missing.

The other bad ending is the same for Renée but Reinel is the one to be injured and Renée is to go missing.

The Villainess here is Alexandra Everheart, sister of Elliott Everheart. And those two are the son and daughter of Duke Everhart.

I heard from a fellow Otaku that Elliott was a hidden character from the twins’ route.

Alexandra was a childhood friend of the Ascot twins and loved them both dearly, and was jealous of the heroine and bullied her alongside Snow.

However, since she was a childhood friend with the twins, the heroine never tells them that Alexandra was bullying her out of goodwill. When Alexandra finds out about this, she stops bullying her so she never gets a really bad ending.

In the bad one, she gets married to the twin that was not missing, and in the good ending, she gets the twin that the heroine didn’t choose.

Why??? You stupid developer! Why does Snow have such horrible endings in most routes!?

I actually cried when I cleared these routes.

I cried twice in a row but I was pretty satisfied with the good route when they remained peaceful and slowly healed the heroine’s scars.

Although, they warned Snow that if she hurt the heroine again, she’d not be able to see the light of day, destroying her reputation, and her, herself.

Snow would ask them if the heroine was dating one of the twins and, depending on the route one of them will say yes.

Snow quickly realizes her mistake, and explains while apologizing and heals the heroine’s physical scars. Though the heroine is still traumatized by Snow, she still forgives Snow, and Snow never bothered her again but somehow I still get exiled by the Dark Prince. Damn him.

Well, at first I cried, but looking back now, the ending was stupid.

So that’s all the main routes.

Ugh, my hand hurts from all this writing with this darn quill.

I closed my notebook and called for Sierra.

“You called, my lady?”

“Yes, Sierra, may I go outside and have tea?”

“Of course, my lady,” She said formally.

“Oh, and stop calling me lady, Sierra, you can just call me Snow”

“I cannot do that, my lady. For, you are my master, and I am only a mere servant,” She says with a bow, 

“Ok, then I, as your master, demand you to call me Snow!” She looked at me in shock.

“Sierra, you’re more of an important person than you think. I think of you as a friend,” Then I kindly smiled at her.

I might as well become friends with her even if she may be the cause of my death.

“…” She just stood there flustered and stunned.

It’s the first time I’ve seen her display emotion. Even in game she’d never showed any signs of  emotion.

Come to think of it, the only time she did was when she confessed to Harry.

“Sierra, you look so cute! If it’s not too much to ask, will you please have tea with me in the garden? I want to know more about you!” I say, getting up.

“I.. Um… But my lady-” she said flustered and as red as a tomato.

“*Sigh* it hasn’t even been 5 minutes and you’re already ignoring my command? How about this, since you’re so used to calling me lady, why not call me lady Snow?” 

Still red in the face, Sierra let out an annoyed sigh then smiled and said in defeat, “Yes, lady…Snow, I would be honored to have tea with you,”

Yay~!” I celebrated, striking my cutest pose.

-Sierra’s pov-

……Was I hearing things? I heard the lady say that she thought of me as a friend, and asked me if I would have tea with her in the garden, and to top it all off, she called me cute!

No, I must be hearing things, I must be dreaming.

Yes, that’s right I’m dreaming.

I stared at the lady, and I stepped on my tail to check if I was dreaming but it hurt like hell….So if I’m not dreaming…

Then, taken by surprise, I stutter “I.. Um… But my lady-“

She cut me off with a sigh, “Sigh* it hasn’t even been 5 minutes and you’re already ignoring my command? How about this, since you’re so used to calling me lady, why not call me lady Snow?” She replied cute as ever.

I was awed at how cute our lady was that it could be deadly if used as a weapon. Annoyed at how cute she was, I let out a sigh and smiled in defeat.

“Yes, lady…Snow I would be honored to have tea with you”

Then she said in the most adorable way possible, “Yay~!” while doing a cute pose.

This may be the first time I’ve ever had a nosebleed.

I could barely stop my nosebleed. She is just too adorable for her own good.

It gave me an urge to protect her from anything as we chatted, and enjoyed tea.

She is a wonderful little girl, bright for her age yet so elegant, and sophisticated.

After having tea, she had supper and went to bed early. What a cute, innocent, intelligent, and angelic little girl.

I swear on my name, I will protect her from those pesky men-…No…Wolves.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°And.. Cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°