Chapter 3

-Snow’s pov-

It’s been a good day: I got to talk to Sierra, although, as expected, I did most of the talking.

She really is beautiful. ‘No wonder Harry fell for her.’

She also told me yesterday that she had an older brother, and that reminded me of Dean; I’ll probably be meeting him soon.

I didn’t really see the main characters as children, so I’m pretty excited to see them as cute little kids, but not that sadistic prince, but I wouldn’t be able to avoid that.

Dean in the game is really handsome. He has chocolate brown eyes and white hair with a bit of brownish shine to it, while mine has a bluish shine.

He also has four tails. Although it’s rare to have only four tails, it’s not as powerful as having nine, like me and Dad.

He only controls four elements. Of course, the basic two elements for a fox beast are transformation and fox fire, and the other two are water and earth.

I really should be in bed, so I better sleep, and I’m really sleepy…

~timeskip morning~

I woke up feeling great.

Sierra was sitting on a chair at the foot of my bed, and said, “Good morning, breakfast is ready, lady Snow. Would you like me to dress you today?”

“Of course, Sierra, and good morning to you too.”

She doesn’t blush when I act cute anymore, but her cheeks get a little pink from time to time.

I think there’s something wrong with Sierra because she keeps blowing her nose on her handkerchief.

Beasts usually regenerate very fast, we can’t get sick unless our mana or magic Isn’t working right, either poison or magic restrictors.

“Lady Snow, there is nothing to be worried about” She reassured me.

“Ok, Sierra, can I go explore the gardens, and can you get that book about magic in the library, a few macaroons, and some chamomile tea please?”

“Of course, Lady Snow,” She quickly turns around to do what she was told, and I head to the gardens.

The garden was very beautiful, there was a beautiful fountain in the middle of it, and rose vines climbing on the fountain.

There were tulips, marigolds, carnations, and chrysanthemums, all yellow flowers.

I sit on a nearby bench and look around.

I see something white, in the corner of my eye.

It was a little far, but as I got closer I saw a small entrance to a beautiful forest.

“Wow, there’s a forest here!”

‘… Should I? Can I?’

I look around, then bite my thumb.

“Maybe… Just a few minutes?”

I went running into the forest with excitement.

There was only one time I got to run around, free like this, as Alicia where I played with my best friend Hunter.

I took off my shoes and started running barefooted.

Then I came to a small, sunny clearing, and decided to just lay there.

“Well this is nice,” I said, closing my eyes.

I heard the birds chirping the sun on my face, it was an amazing moment.

‘Hi, Alicia,’ I heard.

Then when I opened my eyes I was in a weird place, it was pitch black, and a silhouette was standing in front of me.

‘I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes’

He came closer, but I didn’t recognize his voice.

‘Who… Are you?’ I ask.

He just laughed, but his laugh sounded hurt, and sad.

‘I hope you’ll be happy here, Alicia. Or should I say, Snow?’

Then I woke up and heard someone calling me.

“Princess Snow!? Princess Snow!? Princess! There you are!” A servant ran to me panting.

“Um… Yes? You were looking for me?” I ask with a slight headache.

“Yes, we’ve been looking for you everywhere! She’s here!” He shouted.

Then Sierra rushed to me.

“Lady Snow! Please do not make us worry like that again!” She said in relief.

“Um… Okay, how long have I gone?” I asked.

“Nearly 2 hours” I internally facepalmed myself.

“Oh, I’m sorry I fell asleep and lost track of time,” I said embarrassed.

‘How did that short nap take nearly 2 hours?’ I asked myself, confused.

“That’s fine, milady, but… Your father, well…” She paused.

“Oh, no” I exclaimed then she nodded her head.

“I think you should come back now, princess,” The other servant said with a hint of fear, and exhaustion.

“Yes, I think I need to have a talk with my father,” I sighed.

I was escorted back to the gardens and saw knights everywhere, and my father was barking orders to the knights.

“Daddy!” He instantly turned to me and ran full speed.

He quickly picked me up and spun me around, which made me so dizzy to the point I wanted to barf, but I couldn’t barf on my father.

Then he hugged me tightly.

“Snowflake! Stop scaring me like this! All of you are dismissed!!!” He barked to the knights, and they all sighed in relief.

Some knights were covered in leaves from searching the bushes, also covered in sticks, leaves, and flowers were scattered everywhere, and one knight even fell from a tree.

‘I am so sorry…’ I thought while holding in my laughter.

“Daddy?” I called.

“Yes, snowflake?” He asked affectionately.

“Where’s mommy?” I asked as he went pale.

“Um… She’s… Coming?” He said uncertainty.

Again I internally facepalmed.

“Did you leave mommy?”

“Uh… Yes?” He was getting paler by the second.

“Where did you leave mommy?” He looked super panicky at this point.

“Um… The throne room…” I suddenly realized what he was trying to say.

“Which one?” I ask innocently, holding back my laughter.

“Uhhh….. Daddy has to go back, me, and mommy will be back in a few hours okay Snowflake?” He put me down and flew back as fast as he could to Fantasia palace.

“Father left mother in the middle of the requested audience, didn’t he?” I ask laughing.

“It seems like it, princess,” The head butler replied, chuckling.

“Sierra? Did you get the book I asked you for?” She nodded.

“Where would you like to read now? lady Snow” She asks.

“Um, I’d like to read in that clearing you found me in please,” Sierra nodded but warned me that I was not allowed to go in the forest without an escort.

“Why is that Sierra?” I ask in curiosity.

“That forest is the border of kingdom Sterling and the Ravenhood empire. So the lady should never go there alone.” She explained.

I nodded while another servant handed Sierra a silver tray, full of the things I asked for.

“I want to take the book with me please,” I said as I took the book off the tray.

We reached the clearing, and I started to read my book, while popping a macaroon in my mouth.

*How to use magic:

Step 1: breathe in deeply, and feel the mana around you.

Step 2: feel the mana in the element you have chosen, and move it.

Step 3: you have completed the first stage of magic, element manipulation.

“This is too easy,” I manipulated the wind around me, and cut a branch from a tree a few meters away.

Sierra clapped, and praised me.

“That was amazing for your first time, lady Snow”

“Sierra? Do you know how to use magic?” I ask as I tilt my head curiously.

“Yes I do, lady Snow” She said calmly.

“What’s your element?”

“Shadow,” She responded.

“Wow, what can you do with shadow magic?” I ask.

“I can make the shadows dance,” She then made the shadows around us dance.

“Wow, what else?” I asked, amazed.

“I can also do a move called shadow step.” she stood up, and blended with a near shadow, appearing behind me.

“Wow” I clap, and cheer.

“What else?” I ask excitedly.

“Well, I haven’t been trained any other ways to use shadow magic, milady,”

Then I suddenly remembered. “Sierra, how old are you?”

She seemed surprised, and hesitated.

“15, milady,” She said, avoiding eye contact.

Then I thought to myself: ‘If I can manipulate air, then I can manipulate glamor’

I felt the mana, it was different from the mana in the air, this must be transformation magic, and she was covered in it.

With a flick of my finger, I removed her glamor, and she shrunk, half her size, and was my height.

“Hello, Sierra!” I said cheerfully.

“I-I… T-that wasn’t nice, lady Snow!” She said embarrassed.

Then she poofed back into 15 year old Sierra.

“I’ll ask you again, Sierra, how~ old~ are~ you?” She became flustered then sighed, knowing that she was caught.

“8 years old, princess,” She said, her head hung low.

“And, what are you doing in the palace?” She looked guilty.

“As Lady Snow knows, my mother, and father are fallen nobles, and if I don’t earn money for them, they’ll hurt both me, and my brother.”

“But that’s illegal in kingdom Sterling.” I said I already knew this story, from Harry’s good ending.

“… It is, but they said if I tell anyone, they’d kill my brother,” Then she poofed back to 8 year old Sierra, and started crying.

I go close, and hug her while patting her back.

“Don’t cry, Sierra, I’ll handle it.” I said then she flinched.

“N-no you can’t do that! You’re a princess!”

“Which is all the more reason I should handle it. This is my kingdom, and as the heir to the throne, I should care for my people.”

I stood up, and reached for her hand.

“Are you willing to serve me as my right hand, Sierra?” I smile at her kindly.

She stopped crying, and took my hand.

“Of course, Lady Snow,” she got up, and proofed back into 15 year old Sierra.

We headed back to the castle, and saw a carriage which I assumed was mother, and father’s.

My mother stormed out of the carriage, and father panicked, apologizing frantically.

“Lilli! Lilli! Lilli, come back! Let’s talk!” I laughed, and ran to my frantic father.

“Daddy!” He immediately stopped, then got confused whether to hug me, or follow his angry wife.

“Daddy! We need to talk!” I said putting my hands on my hips pretending to be angry for not hugging me.

“Hmpf!” I also stormed off.

“No! Wait! Snowflake! Sweetie?!” He shouted desperately.

~In King Victor’s office~

“*Ahem* So, what did you want to talk to daddy about, snowflake?”

“Sierra, has something to say,”

~After a long talk~

“I see, I will send shadow guards to safely extract your brother, and former baron Cheney, and his wife will be publicly executed. If that is what you wish,” father said.

Sierra nodded her head.

“Then I will keep your inheritance until your brother comes of age. And since you’re doing a great job of entertaining my daughter, I will let you keep your job as her personal maid.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” father nodded his head.

“If that is all, I think we should all have our rest…” My father sighed.

“Sierra? Please tell the head butler that I was kicked out of the bedroom again, and that he should prepare the guest room for me please,” He said as he banged his head on his desk.

“I think he already did, your majesty,” said Sierra, clearly trying to hide her laughter.

‘Well that turned out nicely… But who was that silhouette? He felt familiar, but I couldn’t recognize his voice,’ I thought.

Then I headed to my room, and slept peacefully.

~the next day~

“*Yawn* good morning, Sier-” I opened my eyes, and saw that Sierra wasn’t there.

I dressed, and prepared myself, and started looking for Sierra.

Then I saw the head butler, and asked where Sierra was.

“Ah, she went home today, to tend to her brother,” He explained.

“Ah, okay,” Then I went to the forest.

“Sierra said I shouldn’t go there alone, but I’m an op villainess, so why should I care? What’s the worst that could happen anyway?” I said as I ran back to the small clearing.

I flopped down face first into the grass, and immediately regretted my decision.

“I may have the mentality of a 26 year old woman, but somehow have the common sense of a 6 year old,” I said while spitting out the grass in my mouth.

Then lightning suddenly struck, on a perfectly clear day.

“What the–!?” Then something fell into the bushes a few meters away, but with enhanced senses, it was like it landed right in front of me.

I rushed towards the bush I heard the sound come from.

It was a little boy, with red hair, slightly tanned skin, and dragon wings… Wait … DRAGON WINGS?!

“I think I got him!” A voice shouted..

I put myself in a defense position.

‘Years of wushu, taichi, gymnastics, and Kung fu, I’m gonna finally get the chance to use it here,’

Three men in black cloaks came over.

“Hm? Who are you?” The one on the left asked.

“Not someone you should mess with,” I say threateningly.

“You’re a little girl, what can you do?” The one in the middle scoffed.

“More than you think,” The one on the left seemed like he disappeared, but was actually just running at me at full speed.

I stepped aside, and while he missed me I pulled his hood, and he fell backwards.

“You’re not from here,” He had no animal ears nor wings, nor any kind of tail.

“That’s a nice crest, you’re from Ravenhood,” I said playfully.

“Please don’t interfere,” A smaller person in a black hood said in a firm, but a scared voice.

“And what if I want to?” The man in the middle also disappeared and was instantly behind me.

As he was going to grab me by the shoulder, I turned around quickly, grabbed his arm, and did an axe kick.

I heard a loud crack, and a scream of pain.

“No fair, don’t sneak up on me like that,” I said giggling.

‘I must look like a demon right now’ I thought.

“Zero!” He called the smaller one.

He chanted a healing spell, then the man whose arm I just broke stood up, and his arm looked perfectly fine.

“Oh, how nice, I must say, that is a very strong spell, it was even strong enough to fix a broken bone,” I said with interest.

“Meteor shower!” One of the mages shouted and when I looked up, there were indeed some big flaming rocks in the sky. Breathesed my hand, clenches it, then all the meteors are sliced up into little pieces.

None of the small rocks came near me because of my dome made of wind.

When all the small rocks finished falling my dome exploded, and became a small hurricane, cleaning the area.

“Is it my turn yet?” I asked, tilting my head.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°





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