Chapter 4


-Snow’s pov-

“No, I think we’ve had enough,” Said the man, and pulled down his hood, to reveal an old man with brown eyes, and a white beard.

“What!? No way! I can beat her! She’s just a little girl!” Said the one who just cast the meteor spell.

He had brown hair, and brown eyes. It was a classic side character look, nothing was really memorable about him.

“Summoning rune: Shadow blade” I chanted.

‘I saw Snow do this move when she was about to kill the heroine, but instead of a big dark sword, mine was a katana surrounded by dark energy.

It shot up from a magic circle below me, and I caught it with one hand, and swung it with a *shing*

The last person’s hood fell down and revealed a cut on his cheek.

It also revealed a handsome young boy, about 11 or 12, with purple hair, and light purple eyes.

‘Wow, definitely capture a handsome target!’

He touched the cut on his face and whimpered.

“Oh my, I’m sorry. As you said ‘I’m just a little girl’ therefore my powers might be a bit unstable. Want me to summon something bigger? But who knows how much more damage I could cause,” I said tauntingly.


“As I said, no need for that, young lady,” Said the old man.

“Forgive my apprentice, he can be an ignorant idiot at times, but his magic is passable!” He laughed heartily.

“!!! H-hey!” His apprentice turned red in embarrassment and frustration.

I look at them in fondness, because they reminded me of my old friends, as Alicia.

Then I noticed the boy with purple hair was staring at me, with pink cheeks.

I go closer and put my hand on his forehead.

‘He’s burning up. And he hasn’t healed himself yet’

I hold his hand intertwining my fingers with his.

Because the setting of this game was a romantic, magic Kingdom, the best way to heal someone was through skinship.

But he turned even redder.

‘Am I making it worse? Maybe my mana isn’t matching up with his? But his scratch is healed.’

I got very confused, so I just backed away.

“What were you doing here in beast territory?” I ask politely.

“Dragon hunting,” Said the side Character.

“Are you looking for death?” I said plainly.

Then the old man hit his stomach with his elbow.

“Ouch! Oww,” The apprentice groaned in pain.

“I am starting to rethink taking you in as an apprentice,” The old man said as he sighed.

“What are your names?” I asked.

“Ah, forgive us. My name is Alzek, and these are my apprentices, the older, and stupider one is Jacob, and the little boy over here is named Zero,”

“OK! So I made a mistake! Who doesn’t!?” He said as he crossed his arms.

I look at Zero, and he just looks away.

‘I guess I’m just that scary’ I thought.

“Why were you dragon hunting?”

“… We just needed his wings. It’s not like we were gonna kill him or anything,” I look at them shocked.

“What?! His wings?! Don’t you know that our animal ears, tail, and wings are the most important part of beasts?!” I exclaimed.

“But don’t you guys regenerate fast?” Said Jacob as I looked at them shocked that they didn’t know such basic information.

“We do, but if you were to cut off one of my tails, for example, it would take centuries to grow back! And I’m not joking. Like you mages have your wands, we beasts have our ears, tails, and wings to stabilize our magic, if you were to cut it off, our magic will be too unstable to use,” I explain.

“This is basic anatomy, it’s impossible that Alzek wouldn’t know this!” I looked at him then he looked confused.

“Yes, I did know this, but I completely forgot about it, and I don’t know how I could have missed something so important,” I was also confused.

“… Why did you try, and take his wings in the first place?” I said tiredly.

“Our prince is sick, and we’ve tried everything we could, but nothing is working,” Said Zero.

“So you resorted to ruining the lives of others to make him better? And what made you think that this would work? What if you ruined a person’s life in vain?” They looked away in shame.

I pick a flower bud from the ground, and gather all my healing magic, and focus everything on one flower.

It grew bigger than bloomed into a giant lotus.

The color was beautiful, it had a purple base then faded to pink, with white tips, while the center of the flower glowed gold.

The three mages look at the flower in amazement.

“Instead of causing another war, take this as a token of peace,” The flower floated from my hand to Alzek’s.

They stared at it with shining eyes and treated it like an ancient treasure or something precious.

“How do we use it?” Asked Jacob.

“Tea, flower tea,” I said and they nodded.

“We apologize again for this stupid act that could have caused a bigger problem than it already was. We greatly appreciate it,” I nod in acknowledgment.

“You should go, my father doesn’t take kindly to intruders,” I said looking at them still baffled by their stupidity.

“Yes, we can’t keep our prince waiting either,” He said bowing.

“I think we’ll see you soon, princess,” I waved goodbye, and they disappeared.

Then I heard clapping behind me and suddenly remembered someone else was here with me.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about me?” Said the dragon boy flying down from a tree.

“And what if I did?” I said tilting my head.

“Then I’ll be sad,” He said, pouting.

“You don’t look sad,” I said laughing.

“So you did forget about me,” He crossed his arms, and looked amused.

“You caught me. My name is Snow, and you?” I asked as I held out my hand.

“Damian, my name’s Damian. Aren’t you going to say your last name?” He asked, shaking my hand.

“Are you?” I ask.

“No” He answered, looking curious about my response.

Before I answered I kissed his cheek, knowing that his damaged wings won’t heal quickly on their own.

Then he blew up 50 shades of red.

“I already know who you are. Do you know who I am?” I asked.

“I–”  Before he could answer I heard a howl. But not just any howl, it was my father’s howl.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°





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