Chapter 5

-Snow’s pov-

I heard my father howling, and turned to find that Damian disappeared.

“Huh? Where?–”

“Snow!” My father picked me up, and in an instant, we were back at the castle. Then he brought me into my room for a little checkup.

“Snow! Are you okay!?” He spun me around, and round, and round then spun one more time before sighing in relief.

“My lovely daughter, I will definitely die of shock from all your stunts,” He groaned, massaging his temples.

“Is daddy going to die because of me??” I began sobbing.

He looked flustered and stumbled with his words.

“N-no! No, no, no, daddy was only joking, please stop crying, snowflake, daddy doesn’t like it when you cry. I’m sorry,” He said and hugged me tightly.

I felt sorry about making him guilty so I pat his back and comfort him.

“It’s okay, daddy I forgive you, beacuse I love daddy. Very much,” I say, rubbing his back in a circular motion.

He sat me on my bed.

“Snowflake?” He said stroking my head.

“Yes, daddy?” I answered looking up at him.

“I went looking for you because It was Uncle Darrius’s birthday yesterday. He invited us again to have brunch with his family but we don’t need to go if you don’t feel like it,” He said completely disregarding the fact that I was missing just a few minutes ago.

Then I remembered something important, then my eyes grew wider.

“It is?” I asked, and he nodded his head.

“I want to go, daddy,” I said decisively.

He looked surprised and asked me again.

“Are you sure? You’ve been very busy lately, haven’t you? If you’re tired we don’t have to go,” He said looking at me worriedly.

I was tired, but Darrius is Father’s old friend and Dean’s biological father. It’s important that this event occurs as planned.

“Uncle Darrius is father’s high school friend, and you were very close right? If we missed his birthday I feel very sad that you missed it because of me. Instead of attending the birthday, you had to reject my proposal,” I said sadly.

“I see. Me and Darrius weren’t that close, I just had a small circle of friends. You really don’t need to go–” Then it crossed my mind that, that was pretty sad.

“But I want to. Or else I will always blame myself for making you miss your friend’s birthday!” I said cutting him off.

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Okay, snowflake. You may cause a bit of trouble from time to time, but you’re a very kind, and caring little girl,” He stroked my head and said that he had some work to do.

“Daddy?” I called as he was about to leave through the door.

“Yes, snowflake?” he turned.

“Aren’t you still banned from the bedroom?” I asked, holding back laughter.

He slumped and said that he was, then left.

“Hah,” I exclaimed, falling backwards onto the bed.

‘So, Dean will be here soon…’ I thought as I tried to remember his backstory.

‘Dean Sterling, who was abused by his brother Tyler Oberon, as he was born from a mistress, but everyone ignored the bullying for they didn’t care. In Kingdom Sterling, child abuse is illegal, and punishable by death. However, Dean’s family was spared to be either a hidden capture target or a minor villain…’

Dean has two brothers Tyler, and Dante. His adopted mother (who doesn’t even care about him) is Tatiana Valencia, a former Viscount’s daughter from the Kingdom Slade.

And their father is Darrius Oberon, the current count of Kingdom Sterling.

Tatiana was born in a different kingdom and met Darrius by chance when they were only about fourteen years old when the five kingdoms were still in touch with each other.

But the five kingdoms don’t interact with each other anymore and agreed every kingdom was on their own from now on unless it was a problem concerning the whole beast dom.

“I’m tired. I have to go there tomorrow, and Sierra won’t be here for another day. I need sleep.”

I glanced at the grandfather clock in the corner of my room, even though it was only around 7:31 p.m. my eyes felt so heavy.

‘Haha, I used to sleep at 6:19 a.m. when I was Alicia. But right now as a six-year-old, I don’t think my physical body can handle it, also why would a six-year-old need to stay up until that time anyway?’

I yawned and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

~The next morning~

I wake up to see another maid standing next to my bed.

“Good morning, princess,” She bowed.

“Good morning, and thank you for attending to me today,” I cheerfully said.

“Ah, y-yes, let’s get you ready, princess,” She says flusterly.

Then she dresses me in a puff, short, light blue dress with frills on the bottom, and a white button-front also with frills at the edges and a pretty white ribbon at the back.

It had a very nice look, but there was one problem.

The corset.

“Wait,” I said as she took the strings of the corset.

“What is it, princess?” She asked.

“Do I have to wear a corset?” I said reluctantly.

“Well, princess, you never had a problem with wearing a corset. Even when you were only 7 months old,” She said sweetly.

‘7 months!?’ I was shocked.

“Yes, your father didn’t want you to be uncomfortable, but the madam insisted on wearing corsets so you started wearing it at 7 months instead of 6,” She said with a smile.

‘What is this!? Japanese people didn’t even wear corsets! Yet in this old western setting. How did the Americans wear these death traps at 6 months!’

“O-oh o-okay” I stuttered, closing my eyes.

“Here I go, princess” She twisted the string around her fist and…

“Kyaa! Mpffmfmfmfffuu– My goodness!” I exclaimed.

‘Phew that was close’ I sighed.

~After dressing~

When I saw the finished product it matched pretty well with my long curly white hair and dark crystal blue eyes.

~time skip to when they were in the carriage~

‘This awkward silence is killing me,’

I just watched my parents, my mother who was giving my father the silent treatment, and trying not to face my father but instead looked out the window with an irritated look, while my father was clinging on to my irritated mother rubbing his head on her arm like a cat.

“How long do you plan to ignore me, Lili~?” He said pouting, still clinging to my mother’s arm, who now had a visible tick mark on her forehead.

“…. Grrrrr….” My mother started growling at my clingy father.

“Oh, Lili~ talk to me please~! I said sorry, didn’t I?” He apologized as he continued rubbing his head on mother’s arm, I’m just sitting there across them sweat dropping, and counting down from five. That’s probably my mother’s breaking point.






“Oh darling!~”


“*Whines* Lili~?”

‘1’ Hehe father’s got something up his sleeve I just know it.


“SHUT UP!” Mother tries to slap father but father smirks and grabs mother’s arms, and pulls her closer to his chest, you could see mother’s face grow as red as a tomato.

“I win Lili~,” He cheered as he patted her head like a child. Mother tried to pull away but dad just held on to her tighter, and finally, mother gave up, relaxed, and said.

“Fine you’re forgiven,” With that dad lets go of mom , and mom still looking like a tomato crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks like a child.

“Aww my Lili is so adorable,” Said father as he kissed mom’s cheek, as she said “Hmph!” But you could clearly see that she was pleased.

“I knew daddy was gonna win this one,” I said slyly.

“Wha–!?” Mother exclaimed while father laughed.

“Of course, we nine-tails think alike don’t we, snowflake?” He said with a wink.

“Ugh, don’t you fill our daughter’s head with your nonsense,” She said, arms crossed.

‘But seriously I never knew that mom was such a tsundere.

“We are here, your highnesses,” I look out of the window and see a nice mansion on top of a hill that looks really nice.

We got out of the carriage in order, dad first, then he helped mom down. She wasn’t as red as earlier but she still had a pink tint to her cheeks. Finally, last to get off. Me.

“Welcome to our humble home, your highnesses,” A man with blonde hair and brown eyes greeted us.

“Darrius, how are you? I’m sorry I didn’t get to attend your party,” My father said apologetically.

“What’s important is that you are here now, your majesty,” He smiled then his gaze wandered to me.

“Ah, hello there, princess Snow,”

“It’s good to see you, Uncle Darrius, happy birthday,”

I said politely then I curtsied like a proper princess. Then that’s when I saw him.

Dean was standing in the far back.

‘There you are. target locked.’

“I don’t think you’ve met my sons yet, boys, introduce yourselves,” Then three boys stepped up.

“Hello, princess, my name is, Dante,” Greeted Dante nodding his head.

“And I am Tyler pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Bowed Tyler.

“M-my name is Dean nice to meet you, princess,”

‘Aww Dean is more adorable than I expected’ I thought as they all bowed and greeted my parents.

In the game, Tyler was the bully, and Dante just ignored Dean all the time. Dante felt sorry for him sometimes but was cold to him because of Dean being an illegitimate child, and the only reason Darrius kept him was because of his white hair which symbolizes great power.

But ‘how’ Tyler bullied Dean was beyond disgusting.

Darrius gifted Tyler with a magic-restricting collar, and that’s why Dean’s scars lasted for so long.

Darrius also whipped Dean a lot and made Dean wear the collar at all times. Even when they knew the scars would show, since Tyler loved to torture Dean and wanted every scar to last, so instead of healing him when visitors came he used glamor to hide his scars.

Which will be their biggest mistake.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°



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