Chapter 6


Written by Snow_fox108

Edited by Taodaichee





“Please come in,” said Darrius. 


I look around and admire the décor, but it wasn’t as good as the Sterling Palace, not even close. 


“We shall be having brunch in the dining room while the children have tea outside in the garden,” Darrius says with a smile. Dad appeared very tense, he looked at the three ‘boys’ and then towards me. 


I nod my head in acknowledgement and follow the boys to the garden, but not before that, I turn around to give my dad some assurance. 


I looked at him with a sadistic grin and tapped my necklace, which was shaped like a dagger. Dad’s eyes widened in surprise, then smirked, nodding his head in approval. 


Then I was escorted to the gardens, and we sat under a nice little willow tree, next to a lake. 


“Here we are, princess, please sit next to me, ” Tyler said slightly bowing. 


‘Tyler was the oldest out of the three, he had his father’s blonde hair, but had his mother’s green eyes while Dante’s hair was a light blue like his mother, and had brown eyes.’ 


I nod my head and sit next to Tyler with Dante and Dean in front of me. 


I sip my tea quietly with my eyes closed. 


“So, princess, do you like our garden?” Tyler asked with a smile. I nod. 


“It’s very beautiful, ” I say kindly. 


If this was according to the original plot, I would have been engaged by now, so no boy even tried to talk to the prince’s fiancé. However, I was not engaged at the moment, and it was obvious that uncle sent a dumb dog after me. 


“Would you like to take a walk near the lake when you’re done, princess?” Asked Tyler as I nod again. 


“That would be wonderful,” I sip my tea again and take a bite out of my chocolate cake. 


‘Hmm, it’s good but I think I could have made a better one’ 


I always loved baking, my mother loved baking too, before she died. 


My grandmother (on my mother’s side) was from the Philippines, and my favorite dessert she taught me to cook was Leche flan. 


I loved food a lot, so I often cooked and baked, many called me an overachiever. 


And I was. I am not ashamed, nor do I regret it, I’m just disappointed in myself for doing it for my dad and not for myself. 


After we finished the tea, we took a walk at the edge of the lake. Dante was silent but peeked at me from time to time and looked away whenever I glanced at him. 


It was the same with Dean. But the annoying Tyler kept going on and on about pointless things and bragging like he forgot I was a damn princess. 


Then suddenly a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere and knocked Dean into the lake! 


“H-Help!” He can’t swim! I looked at Tyler who was frozen in shock, and Dante who looked fearful. 


Beasts may not be affected by small cuts and age but can definitely die from drowning! 


I sighed, ‘What did I expect from two bratty kids anyway?’ 


Using water magic, I pulled him out and panicked when I saw he wasn’t moving. I used my air magic to properly circulate air into his body as he landed safely into my arms. 


I dried him off using a combination of wind, and fire. Kind of like a hairdryer. 


When I turned around, I saw someone hiding behind a tree in a black cloak but soon disappeared ‘?’. 


I turned to examine Dean and he was still unconscious. 


“Dean?” I pat his back, and he coughs out water, I rub his back in small circles. 


‘He looks shaken, the poor boy’ I hug him, and continue rubbing his back in small circles. 


I look at him “Are you okay?” I ask worriedly. 


“I-I’m sorry, princess,” 

‘Why is he apologizing? I mean he’s the one that fell in the lake…’ I wondered, worried. 


“Why are you apologizing?” I asked, confused. 


“I-I troubled, the princess, and you even wasted your energy on me… ” He appeared very scared as if he was going to get beaten for this, and he was going to if I didn’t get him out of here. 


‘Don’t worry, Dean I’ll get you out of here quick’ 


I realize this is a good opportunity for me to show Dad, Dean’s hidden scars. 


I look at the two brothers, who were still dumbfounded. 


“Dante? Tyler? I would like to see my father please, could you show me the way please?” 


“B-but they might still be eating, princess, we wouldn’t want to disturb-” I cut him off facing Dante instead. 


“Dante Oberon, would you help me?” I go to Dante, and put out my hand for him to hold. 


The slightest sprinkle of pink graced Dante’s cheeks, and his brown eyes stared at my hand “Yes, princess, this way, ” 


He takes my hand and I nod. Dante led me to the dining room as Tyler and Dean followed from behind. 


I glanced at them from time to time to make sure Tyler didn’t try anything suspicious. 


“Daddy!” I let go of Dante’s hand and I ran into my father’s arms. 


“What is it, Snow!?” He eyes the three boys with a sharp look that could kill if they could. 


“Did they do something to upset you!?” He asked, concerned


“Daddy, Dean fell into the lake, and I felt something weird on his neck…” I paused looking at my uncle who was staring at Dean, while the poor boy looked scared for his life. 


“Daddy, I felt a weird kind of metal that made my magic stop working” I whisper into daddy’s ear. 


He looks at me and then at Dean. 


“You, boy, come here.” He called Dean to us and Dean looked like he would faint at any second. 


Daddy looked at him from head to toe, and already had his eyes on Dean’s collar. 


Dad grabbed his arm gently, and Dean flinched, this did not go unnoticed by my father.


He removed Dean’s glamor, and saw scars all over his arms, legs, and even his face, some still fresh, some old trauma too. 


Father’s eyes went wide, and I smirked but no one seemed to notice. 


“Darrius! What is the meaning of this!?” 


“I-I u-um…” He stuttered trying to find his words.


“Darrius! Child abuse is punishable by death! What were you thinking!?” Father looked at my mother, who was staring daggers at my uncle. 


“I-I wasn’t the one who did that to him! ” He protested


“I knew that Tyler was bullying Dean but I never knew it was to this extent!” Tatiana, said tearfully. 


‘Tsk! What a two-faced rat! It doesn’t even look like she’s regretful for what they did to Dean, it’s more like she’s scared for herself’ I thought.


“Don’t you even try, and get out of this one, Tatiana, ” My mother said with a hand on her hip, and unfazed like she already knew that they were the culprits.


“You’ve always been a two-faced rat. Remember that time you tried to break up me and Victor? But you so failed miserably, that you ran back to Darrius, your back up. I never said a thing about it but now you’ve gone over the line. “


‘WOOAAHHHH SO MUCH DRAMA! Oh, how much I wish I had popcorn with me’ I thought.


“That’s right, and after Darrius had a child with a mistress I thought of how perfect they were with each other, even in highschool,  you had a secret affair with Lady Sophia Grace, ” My father said smugly


“What!? Sophia?! You had an affair with that stupid slut!?” Tatiana screamed.


“Don’t play innocent! So you wanted Victor, huh!? I was just a failsafe!?” Darrius also screamed.


“So how many more mistresses are you hiding from me?!” Growled Tatiana. 


‘This is more interesting than watching K-Drama at home’


“And, how many more men have you been chasing after?!” Darrius roared back. 


My mother, and father smirked, admiring the chaos they caused.


“Since we are old friends, Darrius I will let this slide. But only this once, with one condition. We will be adopting Dean as our own son.” My father said with an evil smile on his face. 


”Fine! just don’t let me see that runt. Ever! Even accidentally!” He sounded angry but agreed to it anyway.


I took off his collar, and he looked relieved as all his scars healed except the ones on his ears.


I kissed his forehead, and the scars on both his ears, and his tails disappeared.


“It was nice to see you again, Darrius, Tatiana” My mother said tauntingly. 


I grab Dean’s hand, and say my goodbyes to Dante and Tyler. 


“Bye, Dante and Tyler!” I say with a smile. 


‘And thanks for the show’ I thought to myself as we boarded our carriage. 


‘Mission complete’ I smirk, Dean sitting next to me still a bit red. 


“Welcome to our family, Dean,” I smile. 


“T-thank you, princess, and your highnesses. “


I pout a bit. 


“You can call me big sis from now on, Dean, we’re family, ” I look at Dean grinning as brightly as I could. 


“Yes, that’s right, Dean, you can call me father if you like,” Dad said, smiling softly.


And, you can call me mother, I insist, ” My mother said gently. 


“T-thank you all so much,” He was crying a bit, so I wiped away his tears and gave him a hug. 


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°And cut! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°




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