Chapter 7




When we returned from the mansion, we were all tired, and went to bed early. 


~The next morning~ 


“Princess?” I looked up to see Dean in my room, and a very annoyed Sierra. 


“I’m sorry, my lady, he just barged into Lady Snow’s room,” and it appeared like she wasn’t trying hard to hide her annoyance. 


‘It’s understandable.’


“Oh, Sierra, welcome back! How is your brother?” I smiled. 


“Yes, he’s fine now, thank you for your concern, Lady Snow. Now, shall I escort this young man out of your room?” She asked, getting ready to pounce, like a tiger eyeing her prey. 


“Oh, Sierra, this is Dean, my new brother, and new young master of the palace, ” I tried to subtly tell her not to kill him, but it looked like she was still going to do it anyway.


“I see, Lady Snow, you should get dressed and ready for the day, so our ‘young master’ should wait outside.” she practically spitted venom when she said young master. 


“Dean, is that okay with you?” I glanced at him and he nodded timidly. 


He exits my room and I get dressed for the day. 


I asked Sierra if I could wear something simple, and more comfortable. 


So she gave me a dress that looked like it was borrowed from Alice herself, there was even a black headband, and striped stockings.


“Is the dress comfortable enough, Lady Snow?” 


“Yes, Sierra, it’s beautiful, ” 


‘The only difference between me, and Alice was that I rocked this look better than she did’


“You look very precious in that dress, Lady Snow, ” she said smiling.


I twirl around, and make a heart shape with my hands. “Don’t I always look cute?”


 “Yes, milady Snow, you are the cutest girl in the Beastdom, ” She said as she completed the finishing touches on my hair.


“Anyway we have to go, I need to give Dean a tour of the palace today, ” She nods, and I see Dean standing in the hallway waiting. 


‘Poor Dean, he probably waited awhile for me’


We toured the dining room, throne room, receiving room, his new bedroom, and drawing room, then next was my personal garden! 


“Wow your garden is bigger than ours, prin- I mean, big sis!” He looks around the garden father made for me. He made the garden full of blue, and white flowers.


Apparently the garden I was venturing in was mother’s garden, it turns out mother loves yellow flowers.


“Yes, it’s quite spacious, ” I crouch down and pick a pretty white rose, and sniff it. 


‘My old friend, Anastasia loved roses. But I always called her Ana. I’m starting to feel a little home-sick right now’ 


-Dean’s POV


‘I’m so lucky to have a big sister like princess. So kind, smart, and beautiful’


I watched her fondly, as she looked a bit different. Her eyes looked a little more… Knowing, and experienced. As if she’s been through quite a bit.


‘What are you feeling, princess?’ I wanted to ask. I wanted to comfort her as she comforted me. But I know she’ll tell me when she’s ready, and I’m willing to wait for her to become comfortable enough to tell me her problems, and seek me as the shoulder that she will cry on.


“Dean, are you okay?” She looks at me worried again. 


“Yes, I’m fine, ” I smile at her, and she smiles back. 


She worries so much about me… why? I’m not complaining, but it’s like she knows me and that something is going to happen that she has to protect me from. I gazed at her smile that was as bright as the sun. 


She comes closer, and puts a white rose in my hair. 


 She giggled, and said “It suits you, Dean,”.


Then my heart started to beat faster and my cheeks started to flush as I heard her laugh. 


-Sierra’s POV


‘… Annoying… ‘


I watched as my lady laughed and the new ‘young master’ blushed madly. 


‘I must intervene now’ I start walking towards the two. 


As I walked to the two, I observe His Majesty hiding behind a tree, scowling. I continue on to both of them. 


“My lady, would you like to go to the kitchen now?” I suggest, the princess nodded cheerfully, and walked away with the boy. 


I approached the king and he noticed me coming, so he exited his hiding spot when his daughter left. 


“Your Highness, ” I greeted, bowing. 


“Ah, Sierra. How is your brother?” He asked, distracted by Lady Snow, and the boy.


“Your highness, if I may, who is that boy?” I turned to face the two, now far away talking. 


“My new son,” He said with a hint of regret in his voice. 


“So, what Lady Snow said was true, ” I look to the ground.


 ‘I don’t care though, he just has to stop acting like a two faced wolf, ‘


“I’m afraid so…” He eyes the princess, and the apparently new young master, who were now almost out of sight. 


“Should I intervene?” I asked determined to do so.


“You’re worried too, aren’t you?” I nod, and he smirks. 


“Hmm… I see, so are you willing to be my spy?” I nod again. 


“Yes, your highness, I would be more than happy too,” I bow in respect. 


“Good, ” The king said, telling me to keep the boy at an arm’s length. 


-Snow’s POV


“And this is the kitchen-” Just then I heard Dean’s stomach growl, and I laughed hard, while Dean turned a scarlet color.


“Would you like me to make something for you?” I ask, wiping a tear from my eye from laughing so hard. 


“Y-yes please, ” I chuckled again, and got a pan and continued to wash, peel, and slice some potatoes. 


Wow! you know how to cook?” Dean asked in wonder while watching me work. 


I laughed, and said “Well, if this isn’t cooking, what exactly is it?” I dumped the potatoes in the boiling water and prepared the meat. 


~When Snow finished cooking~


“Wow it’s so good~” Dean compliments my cooking with shining eyes. 


“Thank you very much” I said as I curtsied. 


“And I made this for dessert” I pulled out a chocolate lava cake out of the oven. 


“Woah,” His eyes were as big as dinner plates with a sparkly aura around him. 


“Ah, what an adorable little brother I have, ” I said as I decorated the lava cake with lots of berries, and confectioners sugar. 


“Lady Snow?” I see Sierra enter, in shock


“Sierra! Just in time, come and taste the chocolate lava cake I made!” I slice a piece of the cake and rush to Sierra. 


“Come on, Sierra, say ahhh, ” She shook her head and said. 


“That would be inappropriate Lady Sn-” I cut her off, and gave her my puppy dog eyes, my deadliest weapon. 




She sighed but complied anyway.


“Yay~” Sierra looked at me wide eyed and sparkly, similar to Dean when he tried my cooking. 


“This… Is really good!!!” She said as she poofed back to 8 year old Sierra. 


“Yay~ I’m glad Sierra thinks so!” I said looking cutely. 


 “Ah! Oops!” Said Sierra as she poofed back into 15 year old Sierra. 


“Here taste this too, Sierra!” I continue feeding her as she sits silently enjoying the food. 


I suddenly felt a chill up my spine, and looked around. ‘Is there an assassin around here? How come the air got so thick with killing intent!?’ 


I guess I should be more careful with the new fact that I’m a princess. 


“Lady Snow?” I look at Sierra again, and smile.


-3rd person POV


“It’s nothing,” said Snow, not knowing the killing intent was coming from Dean, directed to the smirking, smug maid Sierra.


After a few hours, it was already late, and everyone went to bed.


-Snow’s POV


I look around, in a haze.


“W-where–” I tried to process what was happening when I suddenly heard laughter.


I turn around, and I’m suddenly around crowds of people, and upon trying to touch someone, my hand passes through them harmlessly.


“A-am I dreaming?” I pinch myself hard, but no matter how hard I pinched myself, it didn’t hurt. 


“Now I know that I’m definitely dreaming”


I had a sudden urge to turn around, and when I did I saw a beautiful woman with golden hair and light blue eyes to match, standing on top of a grand staircase. 


“Thank you all for attending my birthday!” Then I suddenly recognized the woman to be… 


Queen Claudia Fantasia. The mother of the dark prince, Leonard Fantasia, and wife of Lennon Fantasia.


“Huh?  What kind of dream is this?!” I say, my head is aching. 


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°




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