Chapter 10



“… Wait… What?” I asked, wondering if I was still drunk on magic.

“We are your elemental guardians, each one representing one of the elements you possess. You summoned us, didn’t you?” A dark floating blue ball says.

“Uh… I didn’t do it on purpose though?” If I wasn’t still high on adrenaline, I would’ve already fainted.

“Accident or not, you have to take responsibility for summoning us. Now you must name us as your personal guardian spirits!” Said the dark yellow ball of light.

“Is there a way to just un-summon you?” I ask.

“No. But there is an upside, we feel what you feel, and know what you know, so you can talk freely to us without reserve. That’s what you want, right? Someone to talk to?” Said the green ball.

“Ha, I can’t deny that,” I said as I remembered the painful memories.

“We can feel your pain and we can see it too. You have many memories of another world, but most were filled with regret, neglect, and only feigned happiness.” The bright red ball said, landing on top of my head.

“Before you say anything else, yes I am trying to comfort you,” I laughed at the red ball’s words. He felt warm, and I was surprised that he made me laugh despite thinking of something depressing.

“Yes, could you please name us now? So we can choose our human forms.” The dark yellow ball asked, floating around impatiently.

“Okay, could you please tell me your elements,” I said as they all lined up in front of me.

“Fox Fire,” said the dark blue ball.

I thought for a moment and instantly thought of Flare as a name.

“Flare,” As I said that, the ball started to take the form of a small boy with short white hair with dark blue tips, and dark blue eyes like mine.

“Greetings, Master,” He bowed and I bowed back, his white tailcoat matched mine but didn’t have the same gold embroidery.

“Pleasure to be working with you, Flare,” then he disappeared in a golden light.

Next was the dark yellow one, “Earth” he said, quite irritated.

He reminded me so much of Zachary, he always had such a temper but was very humble as to train under me, and Daniel.

Zachary named his pet goldfish Roxas, and this little ball of light reminded me of that goldfish.

“Roxas, ” he too took the form of a young boy but with mustard hair and eccentric yellow eyes.

“Naming me after a goldfish, huh? At least it isn’t a bad name. See ya, princess,” he playfully saluted me then also left in a golden light.

“Oh, me next! Transformation!” The red one floated around me as fast as he could, like a race car.

Transformation, a very playful trickster, but considerate and with a good sense of humor.

“I think I’d like to name you Harley,” I laughed as he also took the form of a small boy smaller than dean. With curly brunette hair and emerald eyes.

“Y-your so CUTE!!!” I exclaimed with hearts in my eyes.

“But you’re just as cute,” He giggled and left, making me a bit disappointed.

“I’m next–” but the white ball of light was cut off by the black one.

“No, I’m next” they pushed each other racing to me.

“DARK/Light!” They shouted in unison.

They were so cute hovering around me. The pure white ball reminded me of an angel, and the black one was obviously of darkness.

The first name I thought of for the dark element was Drake, but I decided to give them girly names in hopes that maybe they would turn into girls.

“Rafaela, and Kira!” They both took a form together, and they looked like twins.

The only thing was… They were both boys.

One with black hair, and streaks of white, his left eye was colored black, and the other side white. While the other had white hair with black streaks, left eye white, and the other black.

“Uh… Aren’t you supposed to match your names?” I asked confused.

“Yes, and I preferred Drake,” the dark elemental said, rolling his eyes.

“I’m personally okay with Rafaela, but call me Rafael instead. It’s shorter.” He smiled.

“It’s one letter shorter,” I said with a confused face.

“Yes, but as you can see it doesn’t quite suit me, does it?” he said, still smiling.

“Please never mix us up,” they both said in unison again and also left.

“Hey! Wait!… Ugh,” I groaned

‘They didn’t even let me finish…’ I thought.

“They are boys because they want to be boys,” said the green ball.

“Why do they want to be boys?” I asked.

“The same reason you don’t like being a girl,” Then he started listing down the disadvantages of being a girl.

“There’s harassment, a heavy front, an always aching back, and other pains in various places, and of course you can’t forget the ever-annoying moon days-” I cut him off not wanting to hear anymore.

“So, should I give up on giving you a girl’s name?” I asked, and the bright ball floated up and down in what I assumed was a yes.

“We can also change our gender at any time so we’ll be what we want when we want,” He said.

“Um… Okay then, Glade sounds like a good name,” He had long hair that was white then faded into a dark green, with lime green eyes almost neon but a shade darker.

Lovely meeting you, master, if ever you need anything don’t be afraid to call me,” he said and winked at me as he bowed politely, then disappeared.

“Yes, okay. So who’s next?” I asked.

“May I go next?” said the light blue ball.

“Sure!” I say warmly.

“Water,”  He said in a calm, and serene voice

“Lumiere,” I said, thinking the name sounded good. And I was right.

He had long hair that faded into a light blue, with crystal light blue eyes the color of the sky.

“You look very handsome,” I commented.

He blushed and said that he was fortunate to have such a beautiful and wonderful master.

“Yeah, I guess Snow is pretty beautiful,” I said, not accepting the compliment.

He laughed, then left.

“My turn,” said a ball that looked like ice in a very cold voice.

“Ice,” I didn’t think it could sound any colder.

“Sylar,” he had pure white hair that glowed blue like my hair, and light blue eyes lighter than Lumiere’s, and a lot sharper, and colder.

I hugged him because I wanted to see his reaction, and I swear I saw a blush.

“J-Just call me when you need me.” Then he also disappeared.

“So, he’s a tsundere!”

The last ball of light approached me silently.

“Air,” he said simply.

“Aerial,” he glowed a soft light and had pure white hair that seemed a bit gray and dull gray eyes.

‘Another tsundere? Or a kuudere?’

I was curious so I kissed him on the forehead, and his cheeks flared up 50 shades of red. Then left also in a golden light.

“… That was surprisingly amusing… ” Though I was still a bit disappointed that none of them was a girl and pondered  ‘why do they all have to be boys? Do I dislike being a girl that much?’

I sat, my back to the new crystal tree I made. ‘I forgot to ask about the tree. Never mind I’ll ask tomorrow’

I look up at the starry night sky with a big full moon. And drift to a dreamless sleep.

~The next morning~

“Snow!… Snow?!” I woke up at the sound of someone calling my name.

Then suddenly my father popped out of the bushes.

“Snow! there you are!” My father runs up and hugs me, and I realize I was in my sleeping gown again.

“Snow, What happened?” He hugged me more tightly.

“… This happened, daddy,” I pushed him away, and gestured to the crystal tree behind me.

His eyes got as wide as saucers, and his jaw dropped to the floor.

“Y-you did this?” I nodded then he looked at me then the tree then at me again.

Then suddenly my father tackled me to the ground.

“M-my daughters a PRODIGY!!” He exclaimed.

Just then mother appeared, and approached us then she noticed the tree and then had the same reaction as my dad.

They both tackled me down and crushed me with their weight.

“C-can’t… B.. B-Breath,” they let go and started firing questions at me like machine guns, as I sweatdrop at their reactions.

-Zero’s POV-

I was in my tower studying a little before sleeping when suddenly…

*BANG!* I heard a loud explosion. I ran to my window to see a giant pillar of light with rainbow colors swirling around it.

“Woah,” then suddenly Jacob and Alzek came bursting into my room, and basically threw themselves onto my window.

Then all that was left was a sparkle in the middle of the forest.

“What was that?!” I asked, overly curious.

“I-I don’t know. I’ve never in my entire life seen that much magic power in one place before!” Alzek said, astonished.

“Wow, even you don’t know what that was, Alzek!?” Jacob said, amazed.

“Can we investigate tomorrow? Please!?” I beg.

“There’s a problem,” said Alzek.

“What is it?” asked Jacob, disappointed.

“That’s across the border…” I suddenly remembered the last time we went there we ran into that girl.

“But it’s just a short look!” Jacob really wants to see what happened. But I did too, especially if there was a chance I could meet her again.

Last time I visited her, she was being pestered by some boys. So I sent a wind to knock the one who was annoying her into the lake but instead of knocking down the annoying one I accidentally knocked the smaller one into the lake then I came straight back here, cause Alzek found out I went across the border again.

“Fine but just a quick look,” said Alzek I could see that he was also very interested.

“Tomorrow morning,” then we all went back to our rooms and slept.


We arrived near the spot and found a beautiful crystal tree that shone like diamonds.

“Woah!” Me and Jacob exclaim in unison while Alzek stands shocked I take a step closer to admire it then

Then suddenly a man came up to me at lightning speed and raised me by the collar.

He took a sniff then growled.

“Mage,” he growled as his grip on me tightened.

Jacob tries to attack the man from behind but fails miserably now, also being held up by the collar by a beautiful woman.

“Wait!” Alzek shouted.

“What the hell are mages doing here across the border!?” Shouted the man holding me firmly by the collar, now he put his arm around my neck.

“Don’t force my hand, and answer me!” Barked the man.

“Stop that, Daddy,” We turn our heads to the familiar-looking girl in her sleepwear.

Alzek knelt on one knee to greet the girl.

“Pleasure to see you again, princess,” said Alzek in a calm voice.

“Nice to see you too, Alzek, you may rise,” she said while she tugged on the man with white hair’s leg, which I assumed was her father.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°