Chapter 11




“Nice to see you too, Alzek, you may rise,” He got up, and apologized to me.

“We are very sorry to intrude, Princess, we were just curious about the strong light we saw across the border.”

“Have you ever heard of the saying, curiosity killed the cat?” My father said threateningly.

“I apologize, I was the one who suggested going over the border, and I am foolish. Please punish me instead of my apprentices,” Alzek says as he drops down on one knee again.

“Oh, Alzek, there’s really no need for that,” I said as I pulled my father’s sleeve. He looks at my mother and nods as they both release the two boys.

Mother had already gently put down Jacob, while father harshly dropped Zero on the ground.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed as I hit his leg.

He just smiled at me. I look at my mother, and she sighs.

Then she suddenly perked up and started smiling like she just got an idea.

“Honey, are you familiar with these mages?” She said, still smiling.

“Yes…?” I responded with confusion.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we invite them to the castle? They seem to have many questions,” Father suddenly snapped, and growled at mother.

The two boys turn pale at simply the idea of having tea with the scary family in front of them.

“We’d be happy to!” Alzek smirked, while the two boys looked at him with even more horror than before.

“Good,” said my mother, sending a chill down the two mages’ spines.

Me, mother, and father shapeshift into our beast form. While the three mages look at us amazed, and terrified, and by terrified I meant the two boys.

“Oh! How elegant, and majestic!” Alzek exclaimed.

“Of course,” My father said proudly.

“Oh my, you know how to flatter,” My mother said laughing.

“Mother, how exactly are they going to get to the castle?” I asked, looking at her expectantly.

“How far is the castle?” Zero spoke up.

“70 miles from here, I think,” said my father.

“Hm… We might not have enough mana or energy to get there…” Stated Alzek.

I looked at mother and father expectantly, since mother was the one who invited them. But my father looked away. While mother smiled at me, a smile that practically said ‘Not-a-chance’

I sigh at both of them.

“Lumiere, Glade,” The two spirits responded immediately.

“Yes, Princess?” They said in unison.

“Could you please give them a ride?” I nod to Alzek and Jacob.

“If that is what our lady wishes then we shall oblige,” the two say in unison again, before shape-shifting.

Lumiere bowed to Alzek, and Glade to Jacob.

While Zero appeared confused.

“Um–” I cut him off.

“Zero, you ride with me, ” I bow to Zero, waiting for him to get on.

I thought I saw him blush a bit, and then he froze, and I thought I heard a growl from behind me, but that’s probably just my imagination.

“What are you all waiting for?” As I said this, Alzek and Jacob got on Lumiere and Glade.

But Zero was still frozen in place, so I impatiently used one of my tails to grab him by the waist and place him on my back.

“Let’s go!” And with that, we flew to Sterling Castle.

Father was so busy showing off, flying low, while he dodged every tree twisting, and turning.

While my mother and I rolled our eyes flying above the trees for our guests. Speaking of, Zero kept clinging on to me for dear life.

‘My poor fur’

“Um… Zero, I don’t mean to be rude but, could you please loosen your grip on my fur a bit?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he lets go a little then strokes the spot he was pulling on.

“Is this okay?” His strokes actually felt good.

I hum in response and look at the two spirits behind me.

Alzek is enjoying the ride on Lumiere while Jacob was also pulling Glade’s fur out, Glade looked like he was in pain, but bearing it.

‘I’m so glad I didn’t call Roxas or he might have already dropped him 200 feet off the ground.’

I fall back a little in between Glade, and Lumiere.

“Jacob, please do not pull my spirit’s fur out.” He looks at me scared for his life.

“I might die if I let go!” I internally facepalmed.

“You might die if you don’t stop pulling his fur out,” I deadpan.

“Hahaha, she’s right you know?” Said Alzek, clearly enjoying it.

He loosened his grip on Glade’s fur a bit, while Glade looked relieved.

“We’re almost there!” My father shouted.

“Already!?” Exclaimed Zero.

“Hey, wanna race?” I ask my father.

“Why not, Snowflake?” He smirked.

“Glade! Lumiere! Full speed!” Alzek laughed and hollered in joy while the two boys buried their heads in our fur, almost strangling me, and Glade.

Mother was also catching up. However I wasn’t going to let them beat me!

“Hold on tight, Zero!” I used air magic, with a mix of shadow, and light.

Earning me first place…..

Then inertia happened. I was going too fast to the point where I couldn’t stop, causing me to crash headfirst into the hard stone wall of the castle.

I twisted myself to protect Zero from the impact and landed on my feet before I could land on my passenger.

I thought I saw stars everywhere while I stumbled walking on four legs then collapsed on my stomach with my four legs stretching out which made me look like an animal fur carpet.

“Ugh… Stupid inertia…” My mother, and father gracefully land and shapeshift into their human forms.

“Oh my, are you okay, my dear?” My mother asked, concerned.

“Aw, I’m sorry, Snowflake,” My dad lifted me while I’m still in beast form but shifted back.

“It’s not your fault, daddy,”

‘Ah, my head’

Zero came over and placed his hand on my head while chanting, then the pain stopped.

“Ah, thank you, Zero,” then he looked away, his cheeks pink.

“I-it’s no problem.” Then I heard another growl and I began feeling some intense killing intent.

‘It seems that I still need some time to recover, my brain isn’t working right.’

“Please come in,” My mother said while going in first with my father, who doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.

‘Is he mad that I won?’I wondered.

~In the receiving room!~

There was an awkward silence until Alzek spoke up.

“Um… Your highnesses, about that magic beacon… Do you perhaps know what caused it?”

Father looked at me.

“Of course I do but you’ll have to ask my daughter for more details.” He said smugly.

“Yes… Um, that was me,” I said sheepishly.

Alzek didn’t look surprised when he heard I was the source.

“Would you mind telling me what happened?”

I told him that I had started having nightmares, and then last night I unconsciously went into the forest then lost control over my magic, and blacked out.

It’s not the whole truth but it’s not a whole lie either.

“Hm… Would you mind me doing an appraisal?” He asked.

An appraisal was when they would show you a special kind of magic that not just anyone is born with.

Secondary magic. A type of magic different from elemental magic, and very rare.

Something like Armor magic, Weapons magic, Puppet, Creation, and Destruction, etc…

There are also hereditary secondaries.

All the capture targets have one.

I have Spirit summoning. Since nine-tails have nine elements their mana would be distributed differently, making the capacity lower than someone who would have only one element. And that’s where the spirits come in as sort of a backup, or mana reserve.

Leo has a secondary called aura.

He can be extra intimidating, charismatic, frightening, depending on his mood. It doesn’t sound useful but when you see it in action it would be an OP weapon, you could manipulate someone very easily using aura.

The house of the ascot twins have special heredity, but only twins inherit the power.

They have hypnosis, another useful power but they can only use it when they’re together.

Dean is clairvoyant, but it’s not as useful as the others, he can’t control it nor can he use it often, and sometimes he’ll just brush it off as a dream or a nightmare.

Apparently, he dreamt about killing Snow and told the heroine, who brushed it off as a nightmare.

Elliot has weapons magic, after using one weapon he can summon it, but he’d have to have used the weapon before to summon it, and they would usually be infused with magic making them unbreakable, and buffed up.

And Harry’s power of time is not actually a real elemental magic and considered as a secondary that only rabbit beasts have. 

“Princess?” I was suddenly brought back to reality.

I nodded, and he suddenly pulled a crystal ball out of his sleeve.

‘Storage magic? Well well, he has a secondary power’

But sadly it’s often compared to magic pouches, and such, so most people think it’s a useless secondary but the difference is that your storage space could also hold people, you could live in it if you wanted, and have a housewarming party with a million guests! Whereas the magic pouches have limits, your personal storage space doesn’t’

“That’s correct, princess, I’m surprised you know so much about secondary powers,” Jacob said suddenly.

“Mind-reading?” I ask curiously.

He nods in response.

“But I still can’t control when and where I can read minds. Sometimes it’s pretty useful to spot hidden enemies, or most times it won’t work at all, which is really annoying,” he explained.

“So you only heard the storage magic part?” I wondered if he heard anything about the capture targets.

“Yeah, why? Were you thinking of something important before that?” He asked mischievously.

I just stared at him in silence.

“That’s a shame then,” he said, sighing.

“Do all of you have secondary power?” I ask.

Jacob nods his head.

“And Zero has creation magic!” Said Jacob proudly.

I was surprised that he possessed one of the strongest secondary powers.

“B-But I haven’t learned how to use it yet,” He said sheepishly.

‘Ah, yes that would be another thing about secondaries. Your main power is easy to use by simply manipulating your mana, how powerful you would be would always depend on how large your mana pool is’

To unlock or awaken your secondary power you would have to meet certain requirements. It’s different for every person. It could be a certain age, or how large your main mana pool is or it could depend on your main magic, and how well you can use it.

‘Otome logic is so fun to read, it’s like reading how-to-cast harry potter spell books, but I can actually cast the spells! I think I’ve already read most of the books about magic. It’s all I can do other than walk around or use the kitchen’

“Please put a hand on the crystal ball, princess,” I put a hand on the ball, and looked at my mother, and father who looked more excited than me.

The ball glowed different colors, then the colors turned to dust, each forming 6 small symbols.

“……..Incredible” Alzek’s eyes go as wide as saucers, same with the two boys.

“…No way…” exclaimed Jacob, I looked at mother, and father who looked speechless.

“What?” I looked around everyone who was frozen in shock.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°