Chapter 12


-Snow’s POV-

“What?” Everyone appeared so shell-shocked, with practically their jaws on the floor.

“…Y-you have six secondary powers…” Alzek stuttered.

“…” Now I’m the one who looks shell-shocked.

‘HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD, how much more overpowered can you get!?’

My father stood up suddenly “T-that’s impossible! She should only have one heredity second!”

“…Well…are you very sure that our daughter was born with six secondary powers? C-could the ball be mistaken?”

Alzek shook his head. “The crystal ball is always accurate”

“What are the secondary powers?” asked my father.

“Hm… Beast taming, familiar attraction, heredity spirit summoning, weapons magic, creation, and…”

He paused a bit.

“Destruction…” Me and my mother gasp in unison.

“Destruction, and Creation!?” I exclaimed.

He nodded. “My daughter… Is” 

“A PRODIGY!!!” He shouted, jumping up, and down.

 “Daddy, I don’t think jumping up and down is proper etiquette for a king.” He immediately stopped and cleared his throat.

 He carried me and twirled me around.

“Daddy! I’m getting dizzy!” I yelled at him.

‘I knew Snow was op, but this is on a whole’nathor level’

“But this would be dangerous if too many people found out,” I said, sitting back on the couch, nearly missing.

“I agree,” said Alzek.

“It might endanger the life of the princess,” My father nodded in response.

I looked at my mother who was smiling broadly.

“Even if someone would even dare try to attack her, I think with a bit of training, Snow would be unstoppable,” said my mother.

“Daddy, I need someone to help me with my magic. Can Alzek teach me?” He thought for a moment

“Well, honey, he works for the imperial palace of Ravenhood. He might not have time to teach you while working in the palace”

“I understand-” I got cut off by Alzek.

“I’d be happy to. Although I do have work at the palace, it would be an honor to teach a prodigy like the princess,” my eyes light up.

“Would that really be okay?” My mother asked.

He nodded. “When can we start?” I say excitedly.

“Hmm… We could start after the celebration of the peace treaty.” I did a fist pump in my mind.

‘Looks like I don’t need to worry about a death ending anymore, I am so op, it hurts my own brain’

“Oh, while we’re on the topic, why did Ravenhood suddenly sign a treaty with Fantasia in the first place?” My father asked curiously.

“Wait, daddy,  I thought you already discussed the details of the party when you were in Fantasia?”

Father cleared his throat and looked embarrassed.

I look at my mother for more information but she just looked back with an ‘I’ll-tell-you-later’ look.

“Ah, it seems she hasn’t told you yet. that is what you have to ask the princess herself, who was responsible for the treaty.” He gestured to me.

‘That time seems to have slipped my mind, I didn’t know they actually gave me the credit’ I thought to myself.

“Ooh, so it’s because of that time?” I ask nervously.

He nods, while father looks at me confused.

“My, my it seems that our daughter has a few secrets she hasn’t told us yet. Do tell, my dear,” My mother’s eyes shone with interest.

‘There’s a reason why I didn’t tell you mother’ I thought wearily.

*one hour of storytelling later, and casual talking*

“My, what stories!” My mother exclaimed, laughing.

“Yes, but I think it’s time for them to go back to their palace,” my father said kindly.

“Ah, it’s already 3 pm.” Alzek glanced up at the clock and stood up.

“We shall be taking our leave then princess,” Jacob says with a bow. 

‘He’s a lot more comfortable with us, same with Zero’ I thought proudly.

I smiled and bid them goodbye, it was then queen Claudia suddenly came to mind. As I thought, the crystal ball on the table started shaking.

“Oh?” Alzek knelt and observed the ball, colors swirling again, and all the dust turned into one big symbol.

An eye. “Oh, the princess has seven secondary powers,” he exclaimed.

“What!? Why didn’t it show up earlier!?” My dad shouted.

“Well, it could be just temporary. When one has too much magic power, that power could turn to temporary secondary magic.”

“This might be the cause of the princess’s nightmares” Jacob butt in.

“Clairvoyance” Jacob said absently.

‘Clairvoyance? Maybe when I was reincarnated the crystal ball read my knowledge of the game as clairvoyance. That actually makes a lot of sense’

“It’s temporary, because of the princess’s overflowing power, but she seems to have let it out last night,”

“So you won’t have nightmares tonight princess,” Zero said happily. Then I felt killing intent again.

‘Seriously! Where is security when you need them! There’s definitely an assassin somewhere!’

“It’s time for all of you to leave now. The servants will escort you back to your palace. Far far away from here…” Father mumbled the last part so I couldn’t hear.

And with that everyone left.

“Mother,” I tugged at her dress.

“What is it, honey?” She asked kindly.

“About dad…” Then her shoulders slumped.

“Yes… In the middle of the night, yesterday, your father was escorted out of the palace by 500 armed guards, while he was in a cage, and magic restrictors around his arms, and legs. Apparently, your idiot father threatened to kill King Lennon and the crown prince. So he couldn’t ask anything else before leaving except why their party was scheduled on the day of your debut, but he didn’t get an answer to that either.”

She sighed, and I facepalmed.

“At least now he knows now,” I said rubbing my temples, and mother did the same.

“He may be an idiot… But he’s our idiot.” Me and my mother said in unison.

I made my way to Dean’s room realizing that I haven’t seen him the whole day.

I open the door to find Dean’s room a mess with Sierra, and Dean looking like a cat and dog fighting each other “…Oh My” I exclaimed.





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