Chapter 13


Meanwhile, Sierra POV~

I woke up intending to go to lady Snow’s room as usual but when I opened the door she wasn’t there.

I ran to the king’s and queen’s room, and knocked on the door.

I heard a faint, come in, and so I entered.

“What is it?” The queen spat out, impatiently.

“Lady Snow is not in her room,” I say calmly. Suddenly I feel a rush of wind pass by me.

Then both the king, and the queen disappeared. I made my way to Lady Snow’s room to look again.

Then I searched the reception room, then the dining room, the garden, and finally the kitchen.

But, I found nothing, not even any sign she was there.

“Where could she be?….” I heard a familiar annoying voice say.

Then I saw him, that dumb wolf, I give him a death glare, and he looks in my direction while also glaring at me.

He walked towards me, and I made my aura ice cold.

-Dean’s POV-

When I woke up in the morning, Snow had already left.

‘Ah, well my plan to stay awake until she fell asleep is ruined’

I knew she wanted to sleep next to me but it would be bad manners to do that.

I got up and looked for Snow in her room but she wasn’t there. So I checked the dining room but she wasn’t there either.

I looked everywhere then went to the kitchen to check, and maybe get a snack.

“Where could she be?….” I said out loud, when I suddenly felt a familiar death glare.

That stupid maid who thinks just because she spends all day with my precious sister, she can be closer to her than anyone else!

I also glare at her then realize ‘Maybe she knows where big sis is’

I walked towards her while we both glared at each other non-stop.

Until I stopped in front of her and flashed the fakest smile I could form which made me sick to the point I wanted to barf.

“Have you seen big sis?” I ask in a fake nice tone.

“No ‘young master’ I haven’t seen her this morning.” She practically spits out venom in every single syllable she uttered even since when we first met.

“Why do you hate me?” I say, smiling, more like smirking.

“The same reason you hate me, young master. Even the king regrets adopting you. Wolf.” I glare at her more intensely than ever.

“I know that you stupid servant, but he can’t take it back now, can he?” I didn’t even try to hide my irritation.

“My big sister is mine, I’m her favorite,” I smirk.

“Are you sure?” She raises an eyebrow which makes me flinch.

“W-well if not me then who else!?” She grins .

“Know your place, young master,” then she walks away,  humming the lullaby that big sis sang to me last night to annoy me.

I was left in shock ‘What does she mean?’ I clenched my fist so hard, I spaced out a while, then suddenly I heard a bang.

I ran to the nearest window and saw Snow. My eyes brighten up then darken at the sight of a boy who dared to pat her head.

I run down then I’m suddenly pulled into my own room.

“What the– Hey!” I turned around to see that infuriating maid.

“Let go! I want to see Snow!” She glares hard, but I stay cool.

“Stop being such a spoiled brat and stay in your room. Lady Snow is too busy to deal with someone like you,” she hissed, staring at me.

“If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty!” I retorted.

I shape-shift into a fox and try to bite her, she simply took out a bag of nightshade, blew it in my face, and then I blacked out.

-Sierra’s POV

I take a bag of nightshade that the king gave me to knock out the wolf, and successfully knocked that brat out like a light.

I was so compelled to beat him but I couldn’t, as he was still royalty.

~ Earlier~

I looked outside the window to find 3 mages riding on fox beasts with what looked like the king, and queen, and…

“My lady!” I ran downstairs as fast as I could.

Then as they got closer I made eye contact with King Victor.

With my enhanced eyesight, I saw him mouth “Take care of him” I knew exactly who he was talking about. I felt something appear in my hand.

Nightshade. for beast-men nightshade isn’t poisonous but can render us unconscious with great efficiency.


I didn’t bother fixing his position and left him on his bed in his room to be confronted with King Victor.

“Did you take care of the boy?” He asked.

I nod in response. 

“Good, I can’t deal with the two of them at once.

 In the meantime, I watched his door, I was quite shocked not to be by my lady’s side.

“We have some guests that I intend to have a private chat with about my daughter, so no servants are allowed,” It seems my expression gave it away.

I have become very comfortable here as of late. I nod and stood guard at the door.

~1 Hour Later~

It has been around an hour, and I am very exhausted from just standing around this door instead of being with my lady.

I hear rustling in the room, and so I entered cautiously…Then I heard growling from behind me.

-3rd Person POV-

A small boy began to wake from his 1-hour nap, then used his enhanced hearing to hear the grumble of a particular maid he despised.

He made a few noises then hid behind the door.

He waited for the cat beast to enter, and when she did he couldn’t help but growl at the sight of the one he hated, which gave away his position.

As he pounced, he was caught by the neck the cat beast glaring with sharp cat eyes.

“Idiotic brat,” She said as her grip tightened on his throat.

“Worthless commoner,” He casted a flame spell to burn her hand, but swiftly dropped him and used shadow magic to avoid it completely.

Dean frantically looked around for the maid hiding in the shadows.

Then, he sensed her behind him! He evaded her as she smashed into the wall. Dean pounced and ended up knocking over a flower vase. As Dean was about to grasp Sierra’s hair, she shrunk and takes her original form.

She punched Dean’s stomach but Dean managed to grab her hair. Sierra hissed and Dean growled.

“Let go of my hair!” Screamed Sierra.

“Then stop acting so high and mighty!” Dean shouted childishly.

Suddenly, a girl with angelic white hair entered the room.

“Oh, My” she exclaimed.

-Dean’s POV-

“Big sister!” At first, I was so happy to see her that I forgot about the state I and the room we’re in.

“Um… Excuse me, I-I shall come back later,” she says, before starting to close the door.

“Wait! Sister!” I said, scrambling to catch her.

She stopped, looking back very confused.

“My lady, welcome back. Your father requested me to give young master Dean medicine, and he refused to take it so I had to force him to take it.” She lied flawlessly poofing back into 15-year-old form. But I know this was just to save her own skin.

“Big sis! The medicine tasted so bitter!” I complained with tears in my eyes.

‘I’ll make sure you pay for this!’ I thought as I glanced at the evil maid.

“O-Oh, I see, well, why does Dean need to take medicine?” I looked down like I didn’t want to mention it. But I didn’t know what to say.


“He had a magic fluctuation, I gave him some mana balancer pills,” She was really good at lying.

I look at big sis whose eyes began to widen. ‘Sierra must have hit a nail’ I thought to myself.

Though, there was something strange in the air as if the mana got a lot thicker than usual.

“I-I see…” she looks a bit guilty ‘Was she the cause?’ I wondered.

“Big sis, I’m hungry,” I stood up and tugged at her sleeve.

“Oh… Yes, after taking the bitter medicine I’m guessing you want something sweet?”

I nod ‘I don’t care about that, I only care about my big sister’s happiness nothing else’

After that, we all proceeded to the kitchen while big sis made chocolate chip cookies.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°