Chapter 15



-Snow’s POV-

“Oh?” The king exclaimed in an amused tone.

“What was that, princess?” He asked.

“Hm? Did his majesty not hear my words? How strange… Beasts are supposed to have perfect hearing, is it because of your majesty’s age?” Lightning suddenly struck between me, and his majesty.

“Hm? Well, I did hear that. Like daughter, like father. Or is it the other way around?” He said, staring at father.

“Oh, is there also a problem in his majesty’s eyes as well? I really should learn how to treasure my youth,” I said tauntingly.

“Ahahahaha! Dear princess, do I really look that old?” Then he flashed a charming smile that I wanted to slap off of his face.

“Well, your age is quite close to father… And you do look quite handsome for your age but please refrain from flirting with my father. He is married, you know?” I commented.

‘Is that myth actually true?’ I thought to myself.

“…Pfft- Haha you’re an interesting little princess aren’t you? Pretty, daring, and powerful, all the traits a man would look for in a woman, and a bonus of being so fun to play with! I guess amusement runs in your family,”

“Interesting? Hm, thank you, but it seems I can’t say the same for you,” I curtsy again.

“Haha, well I like you, princess, you’re not just for show now, are you?”

 I shrug my shoulders in response.

“Me? For show? Well, I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself,”

 His smile grew even brighter in excitement.

“Oh~ I do love a good mystery,” Finally, Queen Claudia came and pulled on her husband’s arm.

“Dearest? If you’re so interested in Princess Sterling, why not marry her?” The queen said jokingly.

“If only I could,” he sighed looking like a princess, putting the back of his hand on his forehead as if he was going to faint at any second.

“Over my dead body.” I heard father say, emitting an aura of pure darkness, and Dean reacted the exact same way.

‘Woah calm down’ A familiar voice rang in my head.

Wait… a voice? But I just shook my head and ignored it. 

“Haha thank you for the assistance, dearest,” Then King Lennon kissed Queen Claudia’s forehead.

“No problem, you’re not the only one who likes to see the ‘White Beast Knight’ so worked up,” She laughed.

How could I forget? These two are Sadists, who coincidentally love harassing my poor father. Ever since the magic academy, Lennon still isn’t over the way father bullied him and Claudia just adds kindling to the flame… 

“Ah~ but don’t forget to watch yourselves. Who knows what the shadow demon assassin might do to you if you embarrass us here~” My mother threatened.

“Aw… Why do you have to be so scary, Lili?” The queen pretended to be frightened while my mother seemed so calm, it made her appear even scarier.

“Aww, my fun has been cut short, but next time you must let me have more fun right, Lili?” He said as he did puppy dog eyes.

“Of course,” you could hear the smile in her voice.

‘Ah, that makes three. My poor father is surrounded by sadists, I pity you.’

I go to fathers side, and see him sweating bullets, not even the White Beast Knight can handle these three sadists at the same time.

“Mother, it’s time to go, you’re scaring father half to death,” we said our goodbyes and entered into the grandest ballroom that I have ever seen in my two lives.

The king and queen will arrive in the ballroom last, I should watch their timing.

“Mother, father, I will take Dean to the buffet table with me while you guys greet other nobles, okay?” 

Dean suddenly clung to me like a magnet.

“Of course, darling,” Mother says as father sighed, and followed mother in greeting the other nobles.

“Dean, what would you like to eat first?” I asked, and then he suddenly appeared a bit troubled.

“Um… Big sis? How are we going to eat?” Then depression struck.

“O-oh…I guess I didn’t think this through…” I said as I thought how idiotic this idea was in the first place.

“Hey, big sis, I have an idea,” He whispered in my ear.

“Hmm… That might just work!” I said as I felt my face transforming, until it entirely turned into my beast form but only my head.

I take off my mask. “Hurry up, Dean,” he quickly grabbed 3 macaroons, and threw them into my mouth.

As my jaw snapped from catching the treats then I quickly put my mask back on.

“Thank you, Dean, I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t here,” I couldn’t see his reaction because of the mask but he stuttered a bit.

“O-oh, I-I’m glad, t-that big sis a-appreciates me,” I tilt my head a bit.

“Of course, you’re my dear baby brother. Of course, I love you very, very much!” He flinched, and his ears turned red.

“B-big sis, I-I gotta go to the bathroom!” Then he ran away.

“H-hey wait!” I shouted out, but it was too late.

 ‘Man, he can run fast’ I thought to myself.

“Greetings to the princess,” I suddenly heard two voices from behind me, completely in sync.

I turn around to find a pair of twins with beautiful peridot eyes, and bright ginger hair.

‘Hm, these must be the snake twins’

Reinel, and Renée Ascot. Snake beasts, sons of Duke Ascot of kingdom Sterling.

‘When I said <if I die, I die> I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna try to survive this damn world’

I curtsy silently. “Are you mute or something?” said Reinel.

Though they were twins and looked almost exactly the same. Keyword “almost”

Reinel has a sharper look than Renée, and Renée looks a bit softer than Reinel. But no one should underestimate any one of them, they’re snakes that have ears everywhere. They’re kingdom Sterling’s most reliable source of information.

“No, young master Reinel,” I answered politely.

Luckily I learned how to take these kinds of comments as Alicia. This really doesn’t matter to me anyway. 

“Oh? Are you really a princess? Or are you really used to being a tool that you forgot to speak for yourself like every other noble girl here?”

‘Aw no, you did not, Snow, let me at him’

‘Wait… What the- Roxas!?’

‘Yeah, we forgot to tell you we are telepathically linked too, so don’t be surprised’


“Hey, we’re talking to you,” I snapped myself out of my thoughts and answered without thinking.

“Ah, Yes, I agree with what you just said, now if you would, please leave me be.” I curtsy again and leave.

-Reinel’s POV-

Me and Renée were just casually talking to each other when we spotted a girl wearing a fox mask.

“Hey, Renée, do you know who that is?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s probably Princess Sterling. They apparently threw this party on the same date as her debut, so she never got to have one, and decided to wear a mask,” Informed Renée.

“Oh, you mean that girl,” I say in a bored tone.

We just watched her and saw her brother whisper something in her ear. Me, and Renée being sons of the best informants in kingdom Sterling were overly curious and decided to watch a bit closer.

And when we did get closer we saw her about to take her mask off.

“Oh? So we get to see the mysterious prodigy princess’s face? Well, this just got interesting,” I said.

However, when she took off her mask, she was in beast form so we never got to actually see her face.

“Ah, how disappointing…” Renée whined, though, I was disappointed too, so we approached her after her brother left.

“Greetings to the princess,” We say in sync. She flinched, turning around but she just curtsied without a word.

“Are you mute or something?” I ask irritatedly.

“No, young master Reinel,” She had a calm and mature voice, but she looked useless and like exactly every noble girl here. Quiet tools.

“Oh? Are you really a princess? Or are you really used to being a tool that you forgot to speak for yourself like every other noble girl here?” I scoffed.

Renée usually doesn’t stop me from saying stuff like this because he wants to say them too. Since we’re sons of the Duke, and she’s a noble daughter, even if she’s a princess, she’s probably trained to be polite to us, her potential fiancés.

Then when she kept quiet, looking like she wasn’t even paying attention, I got kinda annoyed and snapped at her.

“Hey! We’re talking to you,” I snapped.

“Ah, Yes, I agree with what you just said, now if you would, please leave me be.” She curtsied but as she walked away, there was an aura of elegance around her.

“Well! Now, what’s this? Am I dreaming?” Asked Renée.

“I-I am less sure than you are,” I thought–… Forget “I thought” that was nothing me or Renée could have ever thought.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked, smirking.

“When am I not?” I smirk also.

‘Our interests have been piqued’

-Snow’s POV-

‘What was that, Alicia? How could you let them insult you like that? Then agree with them!’

‘Harley? How-, no don’t answer that, I think I know how,’ I said trying to make sense of all the voices in my head.

‘Good, it saves us from a long explanation’ That’s Roxas’s voice.

‘Ah, it’s rock-for-brains again’ I thought to myself.

‘Hey!’ He yelled

‘Oop- I forgot you could read my thoughts’

‘Well, no shi-‘ I cut him off immediately.

‘LANGUAGE!’ Suddenly, I bumped into someone.

“Ah, I’m sorry!” I heard a soft voice then I looked up to see a man with cotton candy pink hair, and crystal blue-green eyes.

‘H-he’s so handsome! Oh, I should say something’

“I-I’m the one who should be sorry,” I stuttered as he looked at me and smiled.

“A princess who apologizes to someone like me? Well, you’re a strange little princess aren’t you?” He chuckled.

‘I am literally melting’ I said wanting to fan myself.

“W-what? I-it was clearly my fault I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings,” I bow deeply cause if I stare into those ocean eyes any longer I will drown.

He laughed, “I see, then excuse me, little princess, I hope we meet again,” He said as he kissed the back of my hand.

Good thing I’m wearing a mask or else it would be inappropriate for my nose to bleed all over the floor.

I nodded, and he walked away.

‘Who was that!? My Goodness, I wish he was my age. I would have definitely asked him to marry me.’

‘As Alicia or as Snow?’ Roxas suddenly butt in.

‘SHUT UP YOU STUPID ROCK-FOR-BRAINS’ I said as I kept forgetting that he could hear my thoughts.

Just then I heard fanfare to signify the Fantasia’s making their entrance.

I rush to the foot of the grand staircase and look around.

Then I spotted him. A hooded figure. I saw a shine come from his sleeve, it was an arrowhead I was sure of it.

‘It’s time.’

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°