Chapter 17


-Snow’s POV-

Ding, Ding, Ding.

I heard the clock strike midnight and jumped out of bed.

I slowly open my door and close it carefully.

I turned around to find Dean behind me, staring with puffy eyes.

I almost screamed but I managed to keep it in.

‘At this rate I will DEFINITELY die of a heart attack’

“Dean!? W-what are you doing here?”

He looked at me with watering eyes and jumped at me crying.

“B-big sis I’m sorry!” He cried.

“Don’t leave me!” My eyes go wide, and I pat his head.

“I won’t leave you, Dean,” I take his hand and lead him outside silently.

I led him to an open spot in the garden and felt my power flowing through me.

The white flowers started to bloom and glow, the grass was lightly lit by the moon and a bit of light magic, while it swayed in the gentle breeze.

Water sparkled around us forming a small rainbow.

I hummed a melodious tune, while Dean looked around in wonder, I made it seem like a dream.

He went to a nearby flower, and it popped open spraying its pollen straight to his face.

Before he collapsed Roxas caught him.

“Roxas, please be careful, and tuck him in properly,” I asked gently.

“I know,” he also responded quietly, and gently.

And with that, I continued to make my way to the dungeon.

“It should be down here,” I light a small fire on the palm of my hand, and make my way to his cell at the very end of the dungeon.

I was a little surprised by the lack of security here… It was kind of eerie.

“Hello?” I reached the end of the long hall and touched the bars then shone the light closer.

I saw him beat up covered in blood, and bruises.

“Oh!” I quickly ran to where the keys were hanging and opened his cell.

I ran to him, and knelt in front of him, and touched his cheek very gently but he still flinched in pain.

He opened his eyes and looked very surprised then smiled.

“What brings you here, princess? You shouldn’t be down here in this dirty place. It’s not a place fit for a princess.”

His smile made me want to cry so badly.

“Who are you?” I asked gently.

“My name is Mason, I don’t have a last name.”

Well, it was quite obvious that he was a commoner. Commoners don’t have a last name.

“You’re not a trained assassin are you?”I asked as he shook his head.

“I wasn’t trained very long anyway, I’m a farmer, princess,” I tilted my head, then horns started to appear on the side of his head then curled, and a long tail with fluff at the end.

“Oh, you’re a sheep beast… are you doing it for money?” He shook his head. Usually, sheep beasts are kind, and timid, but very stubborn. They have a special skill to learn something perfectly by just explaining it once.

“I wasn’t paid for this job,” he said sadly.

“… Did they take a hostage?” He shook his head again.

“I don’t have a family,” then he looked to the ground, his smile faltering.

“Then what?” I asked but not in an irritated way, more frustrated.

“Under my shirt,” I tilted my head.

‘Wait… Did he say under his shirt?’

His clothes were already tattered so I could see a mark on him.

“A slave mark…” I said aloud as he nodded his head.

“I’ll get you out,” I said standing up, and using my magic to try, and take off the magic restrictors on his wrists.

“Wait!” He exclaimed then winced in pain.

“I-if you take them off I’ll die anyway, the magic restrictors are the only things keeping me alive!”

The magic restrictors were very thick, and high quality it was even powerful enough to block a slave mark.

“Then I’ll do this!” I used the wind to cut the chains off, but keep the restrictors on his wrists.

“Huh?” I saw black vines coming from the slave mark.

“What? Well, I’m stupid. It was the chains.” I realized late.

I swiftly cut the bars from the small window in the cell, and dragged him out, then I put him up in a sitting position leaning on the wall behind him.

“Oh,dear” I used magic to try, and get rid of the mark. My magic wasn’t strong enough to make it disappear but it did manage to stop it from spreading but I was running out of mana fast.

He slapped my hand off of him.

“Don’t waste your mana on me. I’ll be free and I won’t feel the pain anyway…” He said in a calm manner but he was trembling with fear.

“You’re lying, if you actually wanted to die you would’ve done so before attacking the queen,”

His eyes started to water.

“I-I’m sorry, I lied, I-I do have family, I have a brother. But he disappeared a long time ago, while I was looking for him I got caught, and….” Tears started streaming down his face.

“You’ll find him, I’ll make sure of it.” I tried to assure him but I wasn’t so sure of my abilities either.

A bright light appeared and took the form of a small white bunny in a tux?.

“Hello there,” the rabbit spoke.

“Wait wut?”

‘…………. BLANK………… Wait! This isn’t the time to blank out!’

“Um… Hello,” I stood up and curtsy.

“Do you want to make a contract with me?” The rabbit asked directly.

“Contract? Are you familiar?” He nodded.

“But there’s a steep price that could cost you, your life,” He said, warning me and hopped next to Mason.

I looked at Mason, black vines spreading to his chest.

“I’ll do it,” I said calmly.

He tilted his head curiously “You didn’t even hear my price,”

“That doesn’t matter right now, I’ll do whatever you want, I just need to save him first.”

“Hm… You might really be the one. Bow to me and the contract will be complete.” He said hopping around me. 

“I understand.” I bow as a sign of acceptance of the contract and gives me permission to borrow the powers of a familiar.

“Good,” He hopped next to Mason, and put two paws on him.

“Time-reversal…” A magic circle appeared over them, the circle looked like a clock that was turning counter-clockwise.

The black vines looked like they were being retracted.

Then the slave mark disappeared altogether.

“Amazing…” Mason exclaimed.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°





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