Chapter 21




-3rd person pov-

“You want a fight? I’ll give you a fight!” As Leonard lunged again aiming for Snow’s neck she side-stepped and axe kicked Leonard to the ground.

“Ugh!” Leonard groaned as Snow summoned her dark sword and brought it down to Leonard.

He rolled away just in time and threw one of the twin blades directly at Snow’s head.

She turned around quickly and used the sword to block the blade as the blade fell with a clang.

They run towards each other and their swords clash sending them both flying backwards but both also landing perfectly.

“I don’t care if you’re Leonard Fantasia or the male lead! I will change my fate!” Snow said in a deep demonic voice that didn’t sound like her.

Her eyes shone a blood-red instead of her normal dark blue.

She attacked Leonard at lightning speed. Leonard blocked and dogged just as fast.

With each clash of their weapons, their eyes grew redder and redder with blood lust.

“Enough games!” She pushed Leonard into the fountain and froze him in place.

Swords made of ice spun round and round then they all darted to Leonard who was unable to defend himself.

“Say buh-bye, dark prince,” She said laughing maniacally.

“Snow!” When Snow heard her father call her name her eyes faded back to a beautiful dark blue and the swords of ice turned into water.

“Father?” As soon as she lost concentration Leonard got behind her and raised the dagger above her head.

Snow quickly grabbed his hand and blew nightshade into his face.

He staggered backwards, his eyes lightening in color before fully collapsing.

“Leo!” Called king Lennon as he and his wife rushed to him.

“Snow, what happened!? Are you okay?” King Victor asked but his daughter remained unresponsive.

-Snow’s pov-

‘What… Happened? Where am I?… Who am I?’ Everything in my mind was jumbled up. All my thoughts and memories.

‘I had the same reaction when we first signed a contract.’ Said a voice in my head.

‘Y-You… Are, Silver? R-Right?’ I said trying to remember what happened.

‘Enough chatting. Master! You need to ask your father for help, neither Silver nor you can heal yourself!’ He said with a hint of panic in his voice.

‘My father?’ I said as I fell onto something warm, my eyes growing heavier and heavier. Then I heard his voice.

“Snow! Don’t fall asleep! J-Just wait, wait a little longer!” He sounded so distant and getting farther away by the second.

Then it became noisier.

I wanted to cover my ears but my body was exhausted.

‘The voices won’t leave me alone. And I know they never will’ That was my last thought before falling into the sweet embrace of darkness.

-Victor’s pov-

I was on my way back to Lennon’s office, and I was shocked to see that he was coming behind me instead of coming from the direction of the office.

“Lennon? Has the meeting between you and my daughter ended already?” I ask in a calm voice.

“Yes, and I must say, she is such a bright child, I wish I had a daughter like her,” he said dreamily, which I easily got annoyed by.

“Then why don’t you just have one with Claudia?” I asked obviously annoyed.

“Well… You know how women are, I mean our women,” he said laughing.

I couldn’t help but chuckle, and remember when we first met Lilian, and Claudia.

“They can be quite extreme, especially my Lili,” I said with a small blush on my cheeks.

“You don’t need to sugarcoat it just admit that they can be demons sometimes,” he said as I nodded in agreement.

We both had a good laugh… Before we suddenly heard two angry voices.

“Demonic, huh!? You want to see a real demon!?” Claudia shouted angrily, while I felt a burning stare coming from the direction of my wife.

“If you think being banned from the bedroom is extreme wait till we get home…” She said looking seriously mad.

“Uh… Yes, ma’am,” I said in defeat.

“And, you! Since I’m so kind to you my dear husband, I’ll give you a chance to save yourself” Claudia said menacingly.

He looked at me and sent a message to me with his eyes.

‘Help a friend out?’ His eyes pleaded

‘I’ve got my own problems so you’re on your own’ I told him with my eyes.

He sighed.

“I… Uh…” Suddenly his ears perked up.

‘He must’ve found a good excuse’ I thought.

“I hear something” I internally facepalmed myself but on the outside, I held my head in shame.

But when I stopped and listened I actually heard something.

“That’s your big excuse!?” Then Claudia started lecturing and plain screaming.

Lili looked at me knowing Lennon isn’t as dumb as he lets on.

I nod my head, and she closes her eyes, and perks up her ears.

When she opens her eyes she puts a hand on the still screaming Claudia.

“Dia, listen,” Claudia was still fuming mad but listened anyway.

“I-Is that-” Lennon interrupted Claudia.

“There’s no mistaking it I’ve heard that sound a million times it’s definitely a sword,”  he said but we weren’t too worried, it was probably the knights.

“Swordplay? You have knights patrolling here in the middle of the palace? Shouldn’t the knights be securing the outer perimeter first?” Lili said skeptically.

“Yes, Lennon, didn’t  you do that?” Claudia asked.

“I’m sure I did,” Lennon said, hand on his chin.

“Wait… Lili, have you seen Snow?” I remembered.

“No, that’s why I and Claudia were looking for you and Lennon because Snow and Leonard are both apparently missing,” Said Lili.

“Snow? Missing?!” I instantly broke into a run using magic to get there faster.

I saw that the three were following at equal speed.

Then I hear laughter but it sent a chill down my spine.

I saw Snow, eyes glowing a blood red seeing her like that scared me to the bone, that wasn’t my daughter so I impulsively called her name.

“Snow!” When she heard my voice she turned around, her eyes turning back to their beautiful dark blue color.

“Father?” Before I could react that boy was behind Snow holding a dagger above her head.

But Snow’s reflex was a lot faster, she caught his hand, and blew nightshade into his face.

“Leo!” Lennon called as he rushed to his son while I rushed over to my daughter feeling both proud, and concerned.

“Snow, what happened!? Are you okay?” I asked worriedly putting my hands on her shoulders.

When she didn’t answer– she didn’t even look at me, I got even more worried.

“Snow?” Then she fell into my arms, her eyes slowly closing.

“Lili! Help me out!” I said panicked.

Lili took a whistle to summon Saran her special  Xanderian healer because even though I have high elemental affinities my healing isn’t as effective as Saran’s.

Her eyes were closing so I tried to wake her up fearing the worst.

“Snow! Don’t fall asleep! J-Just wait, wait a little longer!” I pleaded.

Then she closed her eyes fully closed, and she felt limp.

“Snow! Lili! Where the hell is Saran!?” I shouted.

“S-she’s coming! I-I just–” She was panicking, stuttering.

“I’m here,” Just then Saran appeared.

“What are you standing there for? Help my daughter!” I growled.

“Yes, yes, no need to–” As soon as she placed a hand on my daughter her eyes widened, and placed both hands on Snow, and looked like she was finally taking something seriously for once in her life.

“Victor, give me a bit of help here,” Saran usually never asks for help from anyone so I knew this was serious.

I placed a hand on Saran’s shoulder and she sucked up a lot of mana the moment I let her take mine.

‘Snow, please be okay,’ I prayed silently.

“Ugh! Saran, I’m running out of mana!” I was close to using life force.

“If you stop now you’ll lose your daughter!” She shouted at me.

I could feel myself reaching my limit.

Until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Lennon, you don’t need to help,” I said pridefully.

Because Lennon had high light affinities he was a better healer than me and had a higher mana capacity.

He easily refilled all my lost mana.

“Just shut up and accept the help, Victor,” he said smug which ticked me off.

“If I wasn’t so weak right now I would’ve kicked your ass right here, and now,” I said growling.

“I know, which is why I’m saying this to you know. And I owe your daughter too much. She was even as merciful as to not even get a single scratch on my son.” He said smiling a real warm smile that he used to when we were kids.

Both Claudia, and Lilian joined in.

‘My snowflake made many allies. I’m proud of you Snow. Now you have to wake up, my lovely daughter…’

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°