Chapter 24



-Snow’s pov-

“Please forgive me, Prince Leonard Fantasia,” I bowed my head.

“There is no need to bow your head.” He said with a cold voice. 

“Yes, prince.” I lifted my head to meet his gaze.

“I came to apologize for my actions.” He said as he bowed.

“I accept your apology graciously, my prince,” I said gracefully. 

“There is no need to be so formal. You are not one of my people nor are we familiar with each other.” He said as I tilted my head confused. 

“Then how shall I address you?” I was genuinely confused by his words. 

“Don’t.” He said as a deadly glint flashed across his eyes then he turned and left. 

I was frozen in shock. ‘His eyes… What’s wrong with his eyes!?’ I thought. 

They were blood red and the game creators clearly gave him crimson eyes. Could it be a misinterpretation? 

I look at the mirror. No, it can’t be. I looked paler than usual but my eyes perfectly matched the game’s interpretation of me. 

Unless… Oh no. 

I jumped off my bed and ran to catch up to Leonard. 

“Prince Leonard! Prince Leonard!” I turned a corner and saw him. 

He was glaring at me. The black figure behind him was smiling with glowing blood-red eyes. 

I quickly acted summoning a sword of light. The figure whispered something into Leonard’s ear. 

Leonard looked angry and started attacking me. 

I dodged his attacks and hit his head with the hilt of my sword. 

As he fell to the ground I started attacking the black figure. 

He dodged and dodged until I finally hit him once near his neck. 

He growled at me then laughed. “Such a pretty princess. But you know what would look prettier? Your pretty face, stained with tears and twisted with fear. Oh, what a sight that would be.” He said laughing. 

Then I was wrapped in darkness. 

How did he know? I was scared of the dark…

I looked around cautiously. Then I bumped Into something. The sight made me scream an extremely high-pitched scream. 

It was a zombie. I could see its rib cage, its eye falling from its socket, decomposing skin filled with maggots, and an unbearable stench. 

I ran as quickly as I could with my eyes closed in fear I would see it again. 

I bumped into another thing. I opened my eyes slightly to see a woman in white, long unkempt black hair, and bloodshot eyes with a sharp-toothed grin. I backed away slowly as it twisted its head with an audible crack. 

I screamed again, this time I felt my throat become a bit scratchy, then I started running again when I looked behind me. The woman was crawling fast and catching up to me, it’s head upside down and its bones cracking with each movement. 

I ran faster and faster, my eyes shut, I was screaming and screaming my face stained with tears. I kept sobbing loudly running for my life. 

Then I ran into a wall. I started banging on the wall desperately crying for help. 

‘Rafael!? Drake!? Glade!? Bonnie! Anyone! Please help me!’ But no one was responding. I was alone. 

I turned around and I was surrounded by nightmarish creatures, creepy dolls, clowns, masked murderers holding bloody knives, and the unbearable music circus music, lullabies, and screeching all these sounds mixing together making things more overwhelming than it already was. 

I shut my eyes tight and covered my ears but I could hear all the sounds loud and clear. 

I pressed my back against the wall and slid down hugging my knees tightly, and sobbing. 

I then felt something heavy on my shoulder. I screeched as loud as I could until my throat felt raw then sobbed hard, hugging my knees even tighter, trembling with fear. 

The heavy thing on my shoulder pulled me closer with what felt like… Big paws?. 

Then I felt myself leaning on something fluffy, warm, and breathing. 

I used my hands to feel what I was leaning on with my eyes still closed. My hands went up and felt something like a snout and a mane. 

“Child.” Called a voice. I opened my eyes to see a big black lion with glowing gold eyes. 

“Leonard? No, King Lennon?” I asked confused. Then I felt something watching me so I buried my head in the lion’s furry chest. 

“My name is Alistair. If you make a contract with me I can protect you, child.” With trembling hands, I pushed myself away a little. 

“I-I agree,” I said with a shaky voice as I bowed to Alistair. 

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed and ran to Alistair hugging him like my life depended on it and sobbed loudly. 

I turned around a bit leaning closely on Alistair to take a look at what was going on. 

Since I had Alistair I felt a little safer. 

“You don’t need to look, child.” Then he covered my eyes with his paw and let out a giant roar. 

Then he removed his paw and licked my face to comfort me. 

I was in the hall of the palace again. Leonard was in the same place I left him but the demon was as pale as paper, clawing on the stone walls which left marks, covered in sweat, his eyes wide as saucers. 

Then he looked me in the eyes then screamed again covering his ears. 

“W-what happened?” I faced Alistair as he looked at the demon with a justified gaze. 

“He was affected by your fear. He lost control of the nightmare. When he tried to get rid of it his fear and your fear fed the nightmare making them stronger the demon started feeding them even more with his own fear so your nightmares became his as well. That’s when I was able to enter the nightmare and save you.” He explained to me. 

“Demons can see your fear through your eyes so when he met your eyes he saw the creatures you feared most.” I nodded my head and went to the demon. 

I grabbed his clothes and made him look into my eyes. He started screaming and screaming. I forcefully opened his eyes to meet mine. His skin was as white as a ghost and sweating a lot from screaming. 

Then he passed out. Alistair looked at me proudly. 

“You are a strange child. Your fears are also strange. But nonetheless, you are a brave soul.” He said putting a paw on my head. 

“Now I need to settle in. Call me when needed I will be here for you, child.” Then he disappeared. 

Then I heard Leonard struggle. I ran to him and elevated his legs like I was taught. 

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 





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