Chapter 25



-Snow’s pov-


I ran to Leonard and lifted up his legs like I was taught.  ‘Rafael?’ I tried calling.


‘Snow! We were so worried about you!’ Rafael exclaimed.


‘Where were you guys?’ I asked slightly irritated. They went silent for a while.


‘We were there…’ Said Rafael sadly.  ‘What?’ Then Leonard moved.


“Ugh…” I then put his legs down gently.


“Prince?” He looked at me in shock and in fear. “P-Princess!” Prince Leonard pushed me away rudely.


Then Leonard saw the demon passed out. Leonard looked at me again, took a deep breath, and went to examine the demon.


‘How rude.’ I thought to myself.


“Did you do this?” He asked not even casting me a glance.


“…No…” I said crossing my arms.


“Then who did?” He asked irritated. “It’s none of your concern. As long as everyone is safe now.” I then turned away to go back to my room.


“Hey!” Then he grabbed my wrist harshly.


I hissed in pain. “Don’t touch her.” Roxas then appeared and separated us.


“Who are you?” Leonard asked composed, and surrounding us with a heavy aura. Roxas looked like he was trying hard to ignore the atmosphere but with Leonard’s Aura skill Roxas went pale but stood his ground.


“That’s enough. Please.” I pulled on Roxas’s sleeve uncomfortably. 


Roxas backed down immediately and took my wrist gently and examined it.


Since he felt things I did too, even if it already healed he knew that Leonard broke something in my wrist.


He scowled and we began to walk away.


“Is he the reason?” I heard Leonard ask me.


I stopped and processed what he said. I looked at Roxas who looked sort of shocked.


I turned my head. “What?” I asked coldly.


“I asked you if he was the reason you rejected the engagement.” Roxas looked at me like he wanted to laugh.


“Spirits can’t fall in love.” Roxas looked at Leonard with a cold smile.


“Then why?” 


“It’s none of your business.” I waited a few seconds just in case he wanted to say something else. And he did.


“I was supposed to be your fiance! But you rejected me… I need one good reason why you would reject me!” I raised an eyebrow.


“Do I need a reason to reject you? Is my opinion not valid? Am I not allowed to choose my own partner? No, I don’t think so. I am free to choose and I chose to be the heir of my kingdom and rule as queen. Is that a good enough reason for you?” I was drained, so I quickly retreated to my room as Roxas followed me by my side.


“You need sleep…” Said Roxas looking slightly worried.


“I know…” I said feeling so tired I could barely get to my room without tripping flat on my face.


When we got to my room I saw Dean sitting on my bed. “Sister!” Dean then ran to me and hugged me.


I felt tired but I hugged him back and responded. “Hi, Dean. I just went for a walk. What are you doing here?” I asked him as we sat on my bed.


“I wanted to bring you breakfast!” He then brought me a tray with bread, eggs, and bacon with a glass of orange juice on the side.


‘I miss rice…’ I thought to myself.


“Aw, that’s very kind of you, Dean,” I said as I patted his head.


“Big sis?” I was cutting my eggs then Dean poked at me curiously.


“Hm?” I hummed.

“Who’s he?” He asked pointing at Roxas who was leaning on the doorway.


“Ah, that’s Roxas. He’s my earth spirit.” I said taking a bite of the bread.


“Woah! So cool!” Dean exclaimed fawning over Roxas.


“Won’t you look at that? At least someone thinks I’m cool.” Said Roxas laughing.


“I said you were a stupid rock for brains. I never said you weren’t cool.” I said after taking a sip of my orange juice.


“…” Roxas was silent for a long while. “I’m going now.” Then Roxas left.


“Sister? Where did he go?” Asked Dean curiously.


Dean was a good student in the academy in the game. He was always top of his class. Despite being younger he was always in advanced classes with the bigger kids.


“He went to the mindscape. That’s a place in my head that all my spirits live in.” I said putting the tray aside.


“Sister, what are your other spirits like?” He asked as I plopped down on my bed.


“Good question. Oh, here why don’t you ask Harley, my transformation spirit. Harley!” Then Harley appeared.


“Hello, Dean!” He immediately tackled Dean.


“Hi!” Dean laughed.


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 


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