Chapter 26



-Snow’s pov-


After the two chatted among themselves for a while they turned to me and we started talking about magic.


“Sister, what do you think of my transformation magic?” Then he tried to copy Harley’s look.


He looked a little like Harley but the problem with transformation magic is that you have to know everything about the person you’re trying to copy down to the tiniest detail including attitude.


“Harley, stand up.” Harley obeyed immediately.


“There’s a difference in height, and your eyes are slightly darker than what Harley’s eye color should be, and the curls of Harley’s hair are more intricately curled. But other than that you got everything else right!” I said brightly.


“That’s amazing for your first time, Dean!” Praised Harley clapping.


“Really?!” Dean exclaimed excitedly poofing back into Dean.


“Yes! You even got my signature grin right!” Said Harley grinning.


“Yaaaaay!” Dean jumped on my bed then all three of us started jumping on the bed trying to see who could jump the highest without using magic.


Due to my competitiveness again I had hit the ceiling “Sister! Are you okay?!” Exclaimed Dean.


“She’s fine.” Said Harley lending his hand to help me up.


“Yeah, just a slight headache but it goes away in a few seconds,” I said, rubbing my head.


Then I heard knocking on the door. “Come in!” I shouted, then my father opened the door then sighed in relief.


“I’m glad you’re still here, snowflake,” said my father coming to my bed.


“Of course, daddy! I promised, didn’t I?” I smiled laying down on his lap.


“Right. Oh, and who’s this?” Daddy asked, looking at the cutely smiling Harley.


“Hi!” Said Harley, waving both hands wildly.


Dad suddenly asked, “Is he your spirit?” He asked me.


“Yes, how’d you know, daddy?” I asked as he stroked my hair.


“He looks like you,” he said, petting Harley as Harley wagged his cute puffy fox tail.


“Really?” I asked shocked.


“Yes, snowflake, all your spirits resemble you in some way,” he explained.


“Ah, I see,” I said.


‘But Roxas doesn’t look like me at all. Not even in the slightest…’


“Where’s mommy?” I asked, looking up at my father. Harley started talking to Dean because he was bored.


“She’s with aunt Claudia. Ah, that’s right, we all talked about traveling to Flameheart but maybe in a few years.” He said, stroking my head.


“What? Dean? Could you and Harley play outside for a little?” I said seriously. Dean went happily to play with Harley in the hallways.


“We can’t put this off for that long, daddy,” I said looking up at him.


“I know, Snowflake, but this is what we all agreed upon. In your and the prince’s vulnerable situations we can’t risk it.” He said as I went and crawled into my blanket.


“…That’s true… But what if something happens like what happened to Prince Damian?” I said with a yawn.


“We’ve sent a few warnings but to take them seriously is their choice so if something does happen they can’t say we didn’t warn them.” He said sitting on a chair next to my bed.


“I see…  Daddy, I have another question,” 


“What is it, Snowflake?” I paused and thought if I should actually tell him about Roxas.


“… How many years would it take until we can make the trips?” I decided to not tell him in the end.


“Hmm… Let’s wait till you’re at least 13, Snowflake,” he said stroking my hair.


‘6 years… I can do that,’ I thought to myself.


“Daddy, I’m sleepy,” I said with a yawn. 


“Ah, I hope you’re not mad at daddy for postponing…” He took his hand away quickly and looked 

I turned to him sleepily and smiled. “Of course not, daddy, I understand,” I said as he smiled like he was afraid to make me angry.

kissed my forehead, and left.


I closed my eyes and thought of the mindscape again. When I opened my eyes I was in the green plains of my mindscape.


I flopped down on the grass and surely enough it felt like real grass, prickly and slightly moist from the morning dew.


“I love it here,” I sighed. 


“Of course you do. You made this place.” I heard Flare’s voice from behind me.


I turned around slightly and smiled, “Hi, Flare,” I greeted.


“Do you want to walk to the tree with me?” Asked Flare as he extended his hand for me to take.


I looked to the tree to see many people there. “Are they all there?” I asked, taking Flare’s hand.


“Not all, Harley is still out and Roxas went to visit the familiar dome.” Said Flare as we walked.


“Familiar dome? What’s that?” I asked.


“It’s a remote and isolated place in the mindscape where the familiars are kept.” Explained Flare.


“So you can just go in and out? Then what’s the point of the dome being isolated?” I asked confused.


Flare stayed silent and didn’t answer. Flare was usually like my assistant and my main source of information for him not to answer me was not in his nature. 


‘Is there something wrong with my spirits?’ I thought to myself.


I didn’t press him for answers. We arrived and I was greeted by Lumiere and Rafael.


“Oh, hi, Snow!” Rafael jumped off of a branch from the tree and greeted me with open arms. 


“How nice of you to drop by,” Said Lumiere looking up from his book. I hugged Rafael and sat next to Lumiere. The others were all absorbed in their books and reading silently. Flare also pulled out a book and jumped to a branch of the big sakura tree.


It was very peaceful, I leaned on Drake while he was reading and silently read his book with him. It was the harry potter and the chamber of secrets. I loved the harry potter series.


“If you’re curious, we have every book you have ever read in a little private library. There’s quite a lot,” said Flare with a small smile.


I let out a small chuckle. “Even the books you don’t remember reading.” Said Aerial who was reading the first harry potter book.


My eyes then traveled to the cover of Sylar’s book. It was one of my old beast quest books that Hunter got me when we were like 7. I collected those books like no tomorrow.


Syler felt my gaze on him and looked at me for a little while then went back to reading.


“YOU STUPID RABBIT!!!” The peace was suddenly interrupted by a screaming Roxas.


Sylar fell out of the tree and Drake stood up shocked which caused me to fall, “YOU’RE DEAD MEAT, ROCK-FOR-BRAINS!!!” Drake and Sylar screamed in unison and went to kill Roxas.


“Not again…” Sighed Aerial.


“Ooh, drama!” Said Glade and ran to the scene.


“Glade is somehow a mood for me,” I said standing up slowly to walk to the scene.


“Haha, somehow,” echoed Lumiere. Flare also got down from the tree to follow us.


“Glad someone shares my opinion,” laughed Rafael.


When we got to the scene everyone froze. I looked at Rafael then at Lumiere but they were both pale with shock in their eyes.


Flare was also in shock for a while but went to get Roxas with a scary expression on his face.


“Impossible!” Exclaimed Bonnie. “Leave here,” said Silver as he went back into the big dome.


“Oh, uh, Snow! Why don’t I show you some of the new designs I made!” Said Glade ushering me away.


“Right, and while we do that, why don’t we watch some of your memories?” Said Rafael.


“Oh, okay…” I said as I followed them back to our little lodge.


‘Something’s happening that shouldn’t be…’ I thought to myself.

-Flare’s pov-


“Roxas! What did you do?!” I screamed angrily.


“Flare, calm down,” Lumiere tried to calm me but it didn’t work.


Snow is my master that I need to serve and protect. She is already in so much danger I can’t let a defective spirit give her any more problems.


“What? I told you I was going to go visit the familiar dome.” He said with a deadpan expression which made me even angrier.


“Don’t tell me you actually went in the familiar dome!?” I screamed.


“Yeah, why? No one told me I couldn’t,” he then crossed his arms confused.


I dragged him to the entrance of the familiar dome and threw him in.


“Hey! What was that for!?” He asked angrily.


I looked at him, horrified. I try to touch the entrance and it shocks me with electricity.


“W-wait, don’t tell me… You can’t enter?” Roxas stood up on the other side, looking back at me with a horrified expression.


“None of us can,” added Sylar.


“Then how–?” Roxas started


“I believe I can answer some of your questions,” I then heard Silver approach.


“But I only wish to speak to the foxfire spirit,” everyone including Roxas got the hint and went back to entertain Snow.


I straightened my back and lowered my head a little to listen to what Silver had to say.


“Well, there is something that has not yet been discussed.” Then I saw Silver open his eyes for the first time.


It was a galaxy purple and sparkled like stars, but in the middle of his eyes were moving white magic circles.


“I have the Eyes Of The Galaxies,” as a spirit the information of this world is engraved in my brain.


Eyes Of The Galaxies is a rare space-time magic that is developed, cultivated, or blessed with. Having only one is already very rare but having both eyes is almost impossible. They say if you have an Eye Of The Galaxy on your right, you are able to see the future of others, if it’s on your left, you are able to see the past of others. But if you have both, it is said to open a third eye which reveals the truth and would be able to see into other galaxies. They always said that having two Eyes Of The Galaxy was a myth. I never thought I would actually see a pair or even one in this life.


“As you know our master is not from this world, there was bound to be something different about her. The truth behind Roxas is that he only has half of our owner’s soul instead of a full part like the other spirits. Half of his soul came from someone else from another world, which gives him some form of independence. But who this person is, is something that only Snow herself knows,” he explained.


“But for now I wish to keep my master safe. She is already going through quite a lot and doesn’t have time for any of this. If she finds out and wants to know I will tell her but for now, I don’t want her to know.” I said processing everything.


“I understand your intentions and will agree to keep this secret from Snow,” he nodded.


“Thank you, but I must go,” Silver gave one last nod as I turned and left.


-Snow’s pov-


‘There is something wrong. But when I asked Flare he didn’t tell me the truth… If it’s Flare, I trust that this is in my best interest so I won’t interfere for now. Especially in my condition.’ I thought to myself.


Glade showed me many dress designs, and Rafael let me choose what memories to watch and taught me how to select certain memories on the tv.


When the others came home they all went about doing their hobbies with me watching over their shoulders.


Then Flare came home too. “Flare, come taste the brownies that Lumiere made,” I took a tray and offered it to him warmly.


He smiled and took a brownie to my delight. ‘He’s okay.’ I thought.


Then I realized, “Oh, hey, where’s Harley?”


“It’s about time someone noticed,” then Harley came through the door all jumpy like usual.


“I’m sorry, I forgot that you were with Dean,” I laughed.


“It’s no problem. Oh! But Dean did mention going to school early to study magic,” 


“Excuse me?”


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 


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