Chapter 27



-Snow’s pov-


“Excuse me?” I asked shocked.


“Harley, what did you do?” I asked skeptically.


“Hm? Me?! Nothing!” He exclaimed dramatically.


“Rafael, turn on the tv,” I demanded. Rafael immediately turned on the TV and switched it to Harley’s point of view.


“I sense a lack of trust…” He said dejectedly.


I ignored him and watched their conversation.


“Sister seemed tired earlier. Do you know anything about that?” Asked Dean curiously.


“Oh, that must be because of the little incident she had back at the ball,” 


“No. Sister looked drained, what happened.” He practically ordered Harley to tell him.


“Well… Your sister might get mad at me but… there was another incident that involved a demon seed. Do you know what that is, Dean?” I couldn’t see Harley’s facial expression but I didn’t need to. Harley is overly curious, manipulative, cunning, and two-faced. He’s practically my inner demon.


“No… Is it bad?” Asked Dean with a fearful expression on his face.


“Yes, it’s very bad. She could even die because of it. But there’s nothing you can do,” the fear in Dean’s eyes grew and grew until his eyes were moist and he was on the verge of tears.


“You can’t lose her… Can you?” Harley’s childish whisper gave me chills.


“I-I have to go,” then he ran away with determination and tears in his eyes.


“Now it’s time to go home,” then Harley’s next memory was bursting through the door of our lodge.


Even if he’s the worst part of me, somehow he’s still the one I relate to the most. My inner demon is kind of my best friend I guess.


 I stood up silently and prepared to leave. “Snow? Are you mad at me?” Asked Harley cutely.


I pat his head with a smile, “No… Well, yes, but not that angry… Also, you’re grounded for a month. That means, no books, no tv, no going outside, and clean-up duty for both the room and the kitchen for the next month. Flare and the others will report immediately to me if Harley takes a step out of this house. Understand?” I asked, still smiling.


“Whaaaaaaaaaat!??? Noooooo! You can’t make me do all of those for a MONTH for scaring a kid!” Whined Harley.


“First of all, Harley, you scared my brother and as my spirit, you must know there would be consequences for messing with family. Second of all, I can, and I will.” I said then went into the fields to wake myself up.


-Flare’s pov-


“How long have you known, Harley?” I asked, arms crossed.


Harley looked at me with his signature grin, his head slightly tilted downwards, his ruby fox eyes glowing knowingly.


“I’m always a step ahead of you, Flare. I’ve known about Silver and about Roxas since 2 days ago when I simply couldn’t hold my curiosity back any longer.” He laughed.


“Why didn’t you report to me?” I asked with a glare, my eyes glowing with anger.


“If you had caused any disaster to master now I would have erased your existence from this world.” I threatened with a growl.


“Oh, I know you would. But there’s a difference between you and me. There’s always a difference, of course, no one is the same. But I really, really don’t like it when you play ring leader. So I thought about a little leverage. But I dismissed the idea. I was going to tell you today but it seems that you found out on your own.” He said staring straight into my eyes.


“That’s quite selfish of you Harley. But I appreciate you not causing a ruckus.” I said, staring back.


“Why, of course. I have no intention of getting our master hurt. In. Any. Way.” He emphasized.


“Then what was the need to send her brother away?” I asked skeptically.


“The boy is stupid. And as his sister’s spirit, I just gave him the motivation to study hard, as he should. For the benefit of our master of course.” He said seemingly proud of what he had done.


“But the boy is vital for our master’s survival!” Butted in Rafael.


Harley gave him a certain look. But as Snow’s light spirit he didn’t back down easily and returned Harley’s gaze.


“Which is exactly why I sent him away in this fashion,” said Harley, backing down knowing that neither one of them would be willing to if they continued.


“I think I understand,” said Glade as Drake nodded his head.


“You have a twisted mind, Harley,” said Glade while reading and Drake hummed in agreement.


“It takes one to know one, boys,” laughed Harley.


“Look, I’m probably not the sharpest knife in this drawer, so could you please explain everything that’s happening?” Said Roxas leaning in a corner.


“No, you’re the dullest knife in this drawer, Roxas. As for why I sent the boy crying, who had saved him when he was in the dark? Who does he look up to? Who does he want to protect? Doesn’t distance make the heart grow fonder? The whole time that he would be studying, training, working. Who do you think he would do it all for? Who would occupy every part of his mind? I’m only keeping him on a long leash.” Stated Harley.


This kind of manipulation could only be carried out by Harley. Which is why his element is not as strong as the rest of us. He makes up for it in emotion and mind, unfortunately, it’s the darkest part of both.


“That’s enough. Glade made another mess in the room.” Sylar sliced the tension and we all went back to normal. 


‘I’ll tell them all tomorrow…’ I thought to myself.


-Snow’s pov-


I wake up and ask Sierra to dress me. After she did I grabbed my mask and went to search for Dean.


Sierra asked the servants around and found his room and knocked on his door. I heard a faint ‘come in’ then I gestured for Sierra to stay near the door and then entered his room.




°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 



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