Chapter 28



-Snow’s pov-


“Dean?” I called.


“Oh! Sister!” Dean was surrounded by mountains of books.


“Sister, I’ve learned about the basic information of the demon seed but I couldn’t find anything super descriptive, I’ve searched most of the libraries here but I bet I can search the Sterling libraries before I go to school–,” I cut him off.


“Dean, you don’t need to go to school early for me. I’m fine. And like what aunt Saran said, only I can get rid of the demon seed,” I said, making my way through all the books on the floor trying to find a spot to sit on, on the bed.


‘How did he even get all these books in a short amount of time?’ I thought to myself confused.


“No… I can’t let you fight alone, Sister… There has to be another way to get rid of it!” He made a sudden movement that made the books on his bed fall to the floor.


“Dean, you won’t be able to find anything. Just you being here is enough for me.” I tried convincing him.


He started tearing up then looked to the ground. “No… I can’t just stand by like this… I can’t be useless to you!” Seeing him cry like that broke my heart.


‘I should extend Harley’s probation…’


“Dean, you aren’t useless. I just don’t want you to leave my side. I don’t want to force you into anything… If anything happened to you… I would never be able to forgive myself knowing that I could have avoided you from getting hurt or worse…” I said hugging him.


“Sister… You’re still thinking of me even when you’re in this state…” He didn’t return my hug and instead pushed me away.


“What state? Dean, I’m fine!” I tried hard to convince him but he wasn’t listening to a word I was saying which made me frustrated.


“What hurts me more is how you’re acting right now, Dean. Please, don’t push me away,” I was practically begging at this point.


“I-I’m sorry, Sister…” He hugged me again. “But I’m still going…” I started tearing up. 


I returned his hug, “Okay… But, Dean, please, be safe…” It was evident that he was still going no matter what I said.


The plot is changing day by day. I just hope that it doesn’t negatively impact anyone…


After nearly a week we had to go home. Father had been going back and forth so I was able to spend some time with king Lennon. But before we left I told King Lennon that he needed to talk with his son.


Leonard had some serious issues. After we got home I saw Dean talking with Father. I assumed it was to be enrolled into a good magic school.


Kids can go to magic school as early as 5. years old depending on affinities. Royals are usually homeschooled so I am not required to go to school until high school


“Lady Snow?” Sierra called me worriedly.


“Oh, let’s go, Sierra,” then me and Sierra made our way to my room.


-Victor’s pov-


After we got home I was immediately approached by my adopted son.


“F-Father, I-I would like to attend school…” He looked as meek as a mouse.


I was actually growing fonder of this little brat. I crouched down and looked him straight in his eyes.


“You want to attend school? At this age?” I asked him with a serious look.


He squirmed and avoided my gaze. “Y-Yes, F-Father…”


“Why?” I asked, tilting my head slightly.


“I-I…. I wanted to h-help sister,” he said, meeting my gaze determinedly.


I sighed and stood up. “There is nothing you can do for your sister. If there was, I would have already helped her… I would even take her place if I could…” I mumbled the last part.


“Sister also said that there was nothing I could do for her but I want to try… If I really don’t find anything t-then I’ll still continue to study as a part of the royal family. I just want to be useful in any way I can.” He looked determined.


He reminded me of me when I was young….


“Your sister has made it clear that she will inherit the throne. If you’re so keen on studying young then I can get you the best tutors,” I said, putting my hands in my pockets.


He shook his head, “I don’t want to take sister’s throne but I can help her make connections and I plan on coming back once I have completed helping sister. Ever since the dates of the ball and sister’s debut overlapped there have been a few bad rumors about sister and doubts of the connections between Sterling and Fantasia. I can help sister in this way while studying about the demon seed at the same time.” 


I thought it over and realized that he was right. Since Snow plans on becoming heir we need to introduce her into society properly but Dean is only an adopted child he doesn’t need anything grand regarding his entry into the royal family. And he can indeed make many connections and disperse any bad rumors about Snow that I and Snow are too busy to take care of ourselves.


“I have thought it over. But is this really what you want?” I asked him one last time.


He looked at me straight in the eyes and nodded determinedly.


I gave him a slight smile and told him that I agreed. “I have no regrets about adopting him anymore,” I said to myself walking to my office to get to work.


-Snow’s pov-


It’s been 6 years since Dean left to go study in Fantasia. The last time I saw Dean was on my 8th birthday, that was when I had my social debut. I haven’t seen him in 5 years… He’s only been sending me gifts and flowers the past 5 birthdays but he’s never failed to send me 3 letters a week. But I miss him…


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°  



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