Chapter 29



-Snow’s pov-


Today is my 13th birthday. And Dean promised to be here… But I don’t feel like he’s going to arrive…


“Lady Snow, It’s time to get ready for your party,” called Sierra.


“I’m coming, Sierra,” I responded.


Sierra is already 14 and her brother has already inherited the Viscounty as he is already 16 and was tutored by one of father’s vassals. Although I’ve never actually met him.


But rumor has it that he’s on par as the Ascot duchy when it comes to information. 


I was bathed in a special floral bath, and my makeup was done in a custom way that I had requested. I decided to lean into my natural villainess look and asked them to paint my eyeliner on with a high and thin wing to make my eyes look sharp, and a light blue eyeshadow, my lips were painted a glossy peach color and foundation that enhanced my sharp features.


My gown was a dark blue one sweetheart neckline decorated with black lace, and real diamonds decorated around the bust, my skirt flowed beautifully, and a big ribbon that showed the curves that I was starting to have. My breasts were also starting to develop nicely.


I was also wearing a dark blue headpiece with black tulle, a black feather, and a sapphire stone. My hair was also done up in a messy side bun which gave me an elegant aura. My black lace gloves, black and gold fan, sapphire earrings, and necklace completed the look.


I made my way to the grand staircase elegantly. Then I saw the person I wanted to see most waiting for me atop the staircase.


“Dean! You made it!” I hugged him tightly and he returned my hug.


“Of course. I made a promise to sister, I would never break my word,” I take a step back to take a look at him.


He grew a lot taller and was now a few inches taller than me. His white curly hair grew a bit longer and his brown doe eyes weren’t as round as they were before.


He studied me then smiled. “Sister has grown to be so beautiful,” he said as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.


I laughed, “My younger brother has also grown,”


“Father let me escort you this year,” then he put out his elbow for me to hold.


“That’s amazing! I missed you, Dean,” I laid my head on his shoulder affectionately.


His face turned a scarlet red. “I missed you too, sister,” then we went down the staircase hand in hand.


All the nobles clapped and cheered. I haven’t seen Leonard since the incident either. He’s never responded to any of our invitations. But I don’t really care about that. The twins too, I haven’t seen them since my debut.


I haven’t seen any of the targets lately except Dean, but I’m happy about all of that. Dad and mom have been training me to use a bow and sword while Alzek has been teaching me about magic and the natures of elements and my secondaries.


Zero and Jacob had been helping me at the start but I stopped seeing them a year later. I asked Alzek about it and Zero had gotten into a prestigious wizard school, but the school wasn’t named Hogwarts unfortunately…


And Jacob had been promoted from apprentice to official royal wizard. Unlike the beastdom which is divided into 5 kingdoms. The mages are divided into 2 empires. The Ravenhood empire and the Mooncloud empire. The Mooncloud empire is literally on the clouds, the Ravenhood empire gets the ground and Mooncloud gets the sky though they do trade since farming on a cloud takes more work than farming on the ground, where the clouds are above them and it actually rains.


Who thought it was a good idea to do that anyway? I guess it’s either they just thought of it as cool and didn’t really weigh the pros and cons, or they lost a game of rock, paper, scissors, either way, it was kind of stupid but if they’re still striving then I’ll let them be.


I had my first dance with Dean. As we danced we caught up with each other. It turned out that Dean had made many connections and was now training as a knight.


“Dean, why not come home? Father is the best swordsman. Why don’t you train with me? I’ve been lonely ever since you left… I’ve had fun talking with Sierra, but I’ve missed you a lot, Dean…” I said with a sad smile on my face.


He shook his head, “I’m sorry I made sister feel that way, but I can’t pull out so suddenly. But we will be in the same class in high school, so sister only has to wait 2 more years and I promise I will spend all of my time with you and help you with your homework,” he said, putting his forehead on mine.


I sigh a little and laugh, “So you think just because you went to school and I was tutored means that you’re smarter than me?” I asked with an eyebrow raised.


“W-What!? N-No! T-That’s not what I meant!” He said flustered.


I laugh at him missing the way he became so flustered over little things.


In 2 years we’ll be in the academy and meet the heroine… Will he really stand by me? What if he chooses the heroine? With all these changes anything could happen…


“Sister? What’s wrong?” Dean’s voice brought me back to this reality I now call mine.


“I-It’s nothing, Dean,” I couldn’t stop the stutter at the start of my sentence.


He stared at me silently studying my face. “I didn’t go away for so long and leave you for many years because I was forced to. I wanted to do it for sister because I trust sister and wanted you to trust me. I want to be by your side listening to every single problem you have. I want you to use me as the shoulder you cry on. I have always hoped for you to trust me enough to tell me your problems, and I thought that after all this time you would finally open up to me. But… It seems like sister is still keeping me at arm’s length… Sister, please tell me what I have to do, why can’t you tell me your secrets?” His eyes looked hurt but it didn’t show on his face.


“You did all that to earn my trust? Now, that’s silly. What kind of reason is that?” I said half-joking.


‘He can’t be serious… He’s still only 12 yet he’s doing all of this for me… Would he really believe me if I told him the truth? Would he understand? I don’t want to look like a fool in front of my younger brother but I really do want to tell him…’ I thought to myself.


“Sister… I promise you can trust me,” he squeezed my hand lightly and looked at me with a serious look on his face.


I stopped dancing and led him to the gardens.


“If you really want to know then… I’ll tell you…” 


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°  


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