Chapter 8




‘It’s the Queen’s birthday today. Unfortunately, it’s also the day she dies. I watch the queen as she comes down the stairs elegantly.

Then I hear it, the faint tang of an arrow being released from a small crossbow. 

The arrow went straight through the queen’s heart. The arrow was dipped in a magic suppressant so that she couldn’t regenerate, nor could she be healed with that kind of poison in her system.

‘Mother!’ ‘Claudia!’ I heard many gasps and shouts, and I felt a sharp pain through my chest.

‘Ah!’ I clutch my chest, as it’s burning like I was the one who got hit.

A tear rolls down my cheek, and I wipe it away, wondering why I was suddenly crying.

‘What?…. Oh, I see… this must be the pain that Claudia felt, but not because of the arrow in her chest, but because of the fear she feels of leaving her son, and husband… It hurts. Then, I was somewhere else, in what appears to be the queen’s bedroom.

I see the queen laying in bed barely breathing, when an assassin came from under the bed, holding up a dagger.

‘The queen’s assassination. A major part of the dark prince being the way he is. It’s just how the game was made… This is how it’s supposed to be’

‘But… Who wouldn’t feel sorry for a small boy losing his mother in such a horrendous way’  The boy opened the door to find the assassin stabbing his mother.

‘No!!! Mother!’ More tears fall out of my eyes. Then, everything faded to darkness and I woke up.

I wipe my tears and think about what happened.

‘….. Ah, my mother died at a young age too, but this is different. To see your mother killed right before your very eyes, and not being able to do a thing. I couldn’t even imagine the pain, and insanity I would feel if I was in his place,’

‘This vision… Why… Do I have to care? This isn’t a game anymore, but why are the fates of these once 2D characters in my hands? If I save her, what would happen then?’

I spent a long time thinking over  it as if it was the most complicated thing in the world. Yet, it was a simple question ‘Will you save her or not?’ either way it wouldn’t affect the story’s plot too much… At least I don’t think…

‘The protagonist is the one that’s supposed to be dealing with these kinds of situations. If I were in front of the screen I would have just saved the game then loaded it, or replayed the game. But I can’t do that here. This place is as real as the one I came from, and so are the people.

“For every action, there is a consequence…” A line in my head that prevents me from making a decision.

but there was another line in my head that contradicted my first thought.

“What if I were him?” The feelings of trauma, pain, grief, guilt, and insanity. All those feelings and pressure washing over you like a tsunami, and suffocating you, dragging you down to the point of no return.

Those things I don’t ever want to experience and a feeling no one would want a small child to experience.

One option weighed out the other, but I’m still conflicted.

But, there was one other thing I could consider. I am Snow Sterling, a major, overpowered villainess. So what’s stopping me from doing what I want? Nothing. 

So, whatever consequence will befall me, I know I will be able to handle it. It was my choice. 

Tomorrow, I will start the preparation of my new mission and nobody or anything will be able to stop me, whether it’s the game plot or anyone else who wants to stop me.

~The next morning!~

“Morning, Sierra,” I yawned as I got out of bed.

“Morning, Lady Snow.” After dressing I figured I’d go ask dad when the queen’s birthday actually was.

Sierra escorted me to my father’s office, and I knocked on the door before entering.

“Daddy?” I called as he looked up from his mountain of paperwork.

“Ah, hello there, snowflake!” He smiled and jumped out of his chair.

“Daddy?” I looked at him with a questioning look while I sat on his lap on the sofa in his office.

“Yes, snowflake?” He asked, smiling.

“Isn’t Queen Claudia mommy’s friend?” I asked.

“Yes, she is,” He asked looking kindly.

“When is her birthday?” I ask innocently.

“Her birthday is on May 21st. Why did you ask, snowflake?” He asked curiously.

‘Hmm, it’s still a long way away, it’s currently February 26th’

“Oh, no reason in particular, I was just curious~” I said cutely.

“Ah, okay, snowflake. You know honey your birthday is coming up, it’s almost time for your big social debut!” He said, not suspecting at all.

‘Huh, I always thought it was coincidental that Snow actually shared a few similar traits as me. When I went to Akihabara, everyone around wanted a picture with me because they thought I was cosplaying as a modern Snow with brunette hair, they all said the same things like “Your eyes look exactly like Snow’s!” or “Where’d you get those contacts!? the color matches perfectly with Snow’s eye color!”  Ana always found that amusing. March 4th is, and remains my birthday’

“Yeah~  I’m really excited!” However, internally I was dreading the fact that I might bump into a few capture targets.

‘Anyway I shouldn’t worry too much. I still have plenty of time before the Queen’s birthday. If I remember correctly they wanted to isolate Claudia, so her birthday party that was held at her own palace was very convenient for them. Plus they had mapped out the whole structure of the Fantasia palace beforehand.

Suddenly, a messenger barged in, wearing fancy clothes colored black, and red.

‘He must be sent from Fantasia palace’ I thought.

“Your Majesty, a letter from King Lennon Fantasia!” Father gently put me down from his lap, and grabbed the scroll from the messenger.

“You have been dismissed.” My father said to the messenger as he bowed respectfully, and left.

“This better not be about the engagement again.” He said very annoyed.

He read the scroll then his eyes went dark, and crumpled the scroll.

“What is the meaning of this!?” He threw the scroll on the floor looking angrier than a bull in a red room.

“Snowflake, daddy has to go deal with some soon to be buried assholes.” He said as he cracked his knuckles and stormed out of the room with the scariest aura I had ever seen.

I picked up the scroll from off the floor, uncrumpled it curiously and read.

‘To The Sterling Family’’

“We would like to invite you to come celebrate with us in honor of the new peace treaty being signed between Fantasia and Ravenhood”

“On March 4th, at the Fantasia Palace,

2:30 p.m”

“We hope to see you there”

– King Lennon

My eyes went wide as I finished reading the letter.

‘Why on all days, my debut!? The Fantasia family has always been the ones to please… everyone will be there instead of my debut even nobles from Sterling would go there instead of the princess’s social debut!’

I bite my thumbnail nervously ‘I’m not allowed to show my face to the public until my debut’

But what’s worse, this is hosted by the Fantasia family.

This won’t end well…

‘I have to get ready, it’s in one week I have to figure out something fast. Looks like I didn’t have as much time as I thought I had’

‘But I’ve made my promise, and I’m not breaking it,’

And no one is going to stand in the villainess’s way.”

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°





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