Chapter 9



‘Ah, how troublesome. Even though, I don’t know if they’ll still go ahead with the assassination at the party, it still puts me on edge.’ I thought while Sierra brushed my hair.

“Lady Snow? What are you thinking about so deeply?” I snapped out of my trance and calmly answered .

“Nothing much, but I just don’t think ‘killing’ those who dare go against me would suffice.” Sierra’s eyes widened then she nodded in agreement.

‘Hm? Strange. I was looking for a different reaction. She definitely looked a lot scarier earlier than I saw just a little while ago.

“Yes, Lady Snow. They must be dealt with in a more severe, and painful way…”

‘Never will I try and double cross Sierra’

Then, I heard knocking on my door.

“Big sister?” Sierra brushes through a knot in my wavy beach curls and I yelp in pain.

“I apologize, Lady Snow,”

Just open the door please,” I said as I patted the knot. Sierra nodded and opened the door.

“Big sister?” Dean poked his head into my room then entered fully.

“What is it, Dean? Shouldn’t you be in bed right now?” I tilt my head.

“Could I possibly sleep here tonight?” he asks cutely and very embarrassed.

‘His cuteness will be the death of me’ I say internally. At the same time, I felt a smothering dark feeling fill the room.

“Oh? What’s wrong? Do you not like your room?” I said, uncomfortable.

‘I would say yes if this wasn’t improper in this time period. And I don’t think this uncomfortable feeling will leave if I say yes’

“N-no it’s not that it’s just… I can’t sleep”

‘Awww, he’s so adorable!’

“I’m sorry but can’t let you sleep here,” I said as he looked at me with teary eyes.

Then, the suffocating feeling went away.

‘Please don’t look at me like that’ I thought to myself. 

“But, how about this, I’ll go with you to your room and I’ll stay there until you fall asleep. How’s  that?” Then, his eyes seemed to brighten.

“Yes! Thank you, big sister!” He jumped in joy and hugged me.

-3rd Person POV-

While, Sierra was silently cursing and swearing at the young prince who was sticking his tongue out at her.

Stupid wolf,’ thought Sierra.

‘Stupid maid,’ thought Dean.

When the three arrived at Dean’s room, Dean jumped on the bed and gestured for Snow to lay next to him.

Sierra stood by the doorway, glaring daggers at Dean.

-Snow’s POV-

I curl up next to Dean and hug him while he snuggles in closer. I stroke his hair a bit.

‘I wonder what Snow really thought about you. I felt it was very sweet of you to grieve for Snow in each ending. Even if Snow was cold, and stubborn, she was also very strong. Those endings showed her as vain, selfish, and crazy. I was outraged when I finished my first route and discovered what they did to Snow’

I sing the lullaby my mother always sang to me when she was alive.

‘The cradle song’ or “yurikago no uta” After I sang the lullaby, he instantly fell asleep.

I gently lay him down on his pillow, fixed his blanket, and then kissed his forehead goodnight.

“Goodnight, my dear brother,” I walked to Sierra. She closes the door, and we head back to my room. She seemed to want to ask me something but didn’t.

“Goodnight to you too, Sierra,” I lay in bed and slowly drift to sleep.

“Goodnight, Lady Snow,”

-Snow’s Dream

When my eyes opened, I saw a grey room with black and white floor tiles.

‘No… Again? I need sleep, not life changing visions’ I say as I knelt down and hit my head on the tiled floor.

Then, I heard sobbing. The room was suddenly filled with items that weren’t there before, like condolence wreaths, and a white table with a marble cremation jar. I couldn’t see the picture of the person due to the reflection.

‘Huh, I wonder who died. This place seems a bit too modern though…’ I thought.

The sobbing came from a girl with golden blonde hair. When I looked closer, her golden hair seemed familiar.

“Alicia!” She sobbed. I cover my mouth in shock.

‘Ana!’ I thought in realization that this was my funeral!

“Ana… It’s okay-” Her brother Zachary places a hand on her shoulder and Anastasia slapped his hand off her shoulder.

“No! No, Zach it’s not okay! It’s not okay and you know it!” She cried out.

“Miss Ellingsworth, please don’t make such a scene here,” Ayden said. His brown eyes had no emotion or color at all.

“Hey! You can’t talk to my sister like that!” Zach yelled, grabbing my brother by the collar.

“Enough! Ayden… Is… Right. As much as I hate to admit this, Alicia wouldn’t want you guys to fight,” my friend Daniel said

‘You say that Daniel, but you look at him like you want to punch him’ I laugh as tears rain from my eyes.

“Ugh, you’re just as fake as before, Daniel, no matter how hard you try I’m her brother, not you!” Shouted Ayden, I felt a sharp pain pierce my heart when he said that.

“Then why didn’t you act like it when you had the chance!? I was there for her when she needed me! And where. were. you?!” Daniel never liked Ayden.

I walked closer but the scene seemed to move away from me.

‘Haa… Daniel… Ayden is still my brother and I love him,‘ I said as I ran my hand through my silky white hair in pain and frustration.

I knew that even long ago he tried to replace Ayden as best as he could and that’s why they clashed.

“Hey! Daniel, didn’t you just tell me to stop? Why do you get to start?!” Zach said, trying to make a point but made it worse.

“Even here… Why can’t the both of you just get along?! Ayden is Alicia’s brother! Daniel, you know you can’t replace him, she’s told you that. And, Ayden you weren’t much of a brother to Alicia. Now that she’s dead, you try to play the “Good brother” that Alicia wanted so badly! Alicia may have forgiven you but seeing you now, I… Will never forgive you for what you did to her!” Suddenly, they all started shouting all at once.

I drop down to the floor covering my ears.

‘I-It’s too loud…’ The ringing of their voices pained me emotionally, and hurt my ears to the point I felt like my ears were going to bleed, and their voices only grew louder.

Just then the door to the parlor opened. They all went silent as Hunter entered the room soaking wet from the rain carrying a bouquet of white lilies.

He walked slowly towards the table and fell on his knees.

“Alicia… Y-you said that you would wait for me… You said that you would greet me back home with your homemade cakes…”

‘… ‘ I choked. 

“You said you would wait for me! You promised me!” He broke down, crying his eyes out.

Ana tried to put her hand on Hunter’s shoulder but he slapped her hand away with a look in his eyes that didn’t look like him.

“Don’t touch me! I told you guys to take care of Alicia while I was gone, then this happens!” He said pointing at the jar.

‘Hunter I’m sorry’ He looked past me but what I saw in his eyes made me wish I never saw him at all.

“You’re so cruel, Alicia,” He said as he placed an engagement ring on the table.

I stare at the ring, crying silently.

“You just had to wait a few more months then we would’ve lived happily ever after. Like I promised… ” He took out a familiar necklace. It was a silver necklace I gave him before he left for America.

I tried to move, but I couldn’t.

‘Hunter! Wait!’

Just then I woke up.

“Argh… I can’t take this anymore,” I tie my hair up into a ponytail and jump out the window.

I land perfectly then realize that I’m in what appeared to be clothes for a prince.

I turn around looking over the details of my new clothes.

“What is this?” Then I felt compelled to go to the forest, as if it was calling me.

I ran like a ninja into the forest, when I reached the clearing I decided to test out my new powers.

I concentrated hard and summoned a dark sword.

‘I’ve never held a sword before. But neither did I have magic’

I started with a few light swings, then it felt like I was dancing with the sword. I accidentally hit trees with a magic aura when I swung my sword. Then, with one stronger swing I chopped an entire tree down.

It felt like a giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders so I summoned another weapon.

“Summoning rune: light bender boomerang!” A boomerang appeared in my hand and when I threw it, and It took down two trees and I caught it in the air.

I laughed and laughed, filled with excitement and wonder.


“Summoning Rune: Woodland Bow Elemental Arrow!”

A wooden bow appeared in my hands and I shot five leaves that were falling from the tree perfectly, then exploded taking out the 5 trees.

“This is great! But I can do better!”

“Summoning Rune: Earth’s Stone Hammer!” I jumped in the air with an enormous hammer in hand.

‘BANG’ The sound wave uprooted more than 15 trees.

“Ice cannons!” ‘bang’ ‘bang’ ‘bang’ mini cannons appeared around my arms like bracelets, taking out at least 21 trees, piercing straight through every tree.

“Transformation: Living Whips!” I swung the two whips around in a circle and took out the nearest trees around me.

“Air Twin Blades!” I couldn’t even keep count anymore.

I felt free, and intoxicated with power, and adrenaline, forgetting all my problems at least for a while.

“Water Shurikens!” ‘whoosh’ ‘whoosh’ ‘whoosh’

“Fox Fire: Scythe!” I swung it around and the scythe was so sharp that all the trees around were obliterated.

I let the adrenaline get to me, I jumped, twisted, and planted the scythe into the ground, and said something unconsciously, which was not very expected.

“I summon thee, Elemental Guardians: Ultimate Summon!” A giant summoning circle appeared under me, and a giant beacon of light appeared with rainbow swirls around.

I dropped my scythe and gasped, shocked “Oh my... well. That was subtle,” I said sarcastically. When the light stopped in the middle of the new field I made, stood a beautiful crystal sakura tree, each leaf shining like a diamond.

“Uhh… So… Hmmm…” I was at a loss for words. Wondering how many days I could get grounded because of this. 

Then nine balls of light came from the tree in different colors, and swirled around me.

“Greetings, Master. We are at your service,”


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°and cut! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°