Chapter 5. Drowning


When Maya met Ramses the next day, he was as indifferent to her as before, but the hatred in his eyes had lessened. “No one had ever dared to speak to me so rudely. You, a boorish woman, are the first.” Then he added sulkily, “I’ll have you know that even if you cured my eyes, I will still punish you for your insolence!”

“Alright, fine,” she answered offhandedly. She calmly passed him a bowl of medicine and was relieved to see him finish it.

Even though initially, she was threatened to treat his eyes, the decision to treat him came out of her own heart. At this moment, she was truly happy to see that he finished her medicine. To her, this was one of the joys of being a healer.

While Ramses was drinking the medicine, Maya took a look around. She had noticed for a long time that dark drapes were hung throughout Prince Ramses’ residence. They made a place that already lacked natural lighting that seemed even gloomier. Furthermore, Ramses’ permanently indifferent expression made everyone around him feel pressured. Although Ramses could not see, she believed that the gloomy atmosphere of the residence oppressed him subconsciously.

“It is now summer, and the sun is very bright today,” she said with a smile.

“This has nothing to do with me,” He answered callously.

“Ramses, you can’t always stay in this room. You need to go out and take a walk. The lotus flowers in the garden are very beautiful.” She took the chance to make some suggestions, but he immediately shot them down.

“I can’t see anything. What’s the point of going out? It’ll just be a waste of time.”

“This is a healer’s order!” She was starting to get angry and deliberately provoked him, “Are you going or are you afraid that you would trip when you go out?” 

“Even if I’m blind, I have never tripped!” As expected, he was provoked and wanted to prove himself. He immediately got up from his bed, “I’ll go!”

The Memphis sky was an endless bright blue, just like the color of the Nile River. Occasionally, a patch of cottony cloud floated by, it was so thin that it seemed like stretched yarn. The fig trees in the garden were laden with fruits, and their weight bent the branches. The dense leaves rustled in the breeze. The lotus flowers in the pond were blooming elegantly, and the breeze carried their fragrance through the air.

“Prince Ramses, do you like figs?” Maya looked at the listless Ramses and pulled him with her to stand beneath a fig tree.

As soon as he was under the tree, a fig coincidentally fell on his head, and he frowned in anger.

“See, because you rarely ever come here, even a fig wants to bully you,” she joked.

Ramses frowned even tighter, “Someone chop down this tree…” But before he could finish speaking, a ripe fig was stuffed into his mouth, blocking his remaining words.

“Prince Ramses, the figs from this tree are very sweet! You should give it a try!” Maya already plucked a few figs and stuffed them in her mouth.

“This fig tree was brought from Damascus and replanted here, so its figs are sweeter than the usual figs. But naturally, an ignorant commoner like you would not know that.” Ramses paused for a moment and suddenly seemed surprised. “When my father bought the sapling, I was still very small. I didn’t expect that it is now bearing fruit. There’s another fig tree here that my father planted himself.”

“Then, you should try a fig.” She ignored the part where he mocked her.

For some unknown reason, he did not object this time and ate the fig.

“How’s the fig?” she asked pressingly.

His expression warmed a little, and he answered a little emotionally, “Very sweet.”

“That’s good. Come with me.” She pulled him by his hand and stopped near the pond. She looked at the lotus flowers in full bloom and smiled, “Now, Prince Ramses, can you smell the fragrance of the lotus flowers?”

Ramses nodded and was somewhat puzzled. 

Maya resisted the desire to laugh. “Hmm, just now you said that you won’t be able to sense anything if you go out. But now, as you have discovered, even without sight, you can still taste the sweetness of the fig and smell the fragrance of the Egyptian lotus. You can also touch everything you want to touch. So, you can also feel that this is a beautiful garden, isn’t it? Even if you can’t see, you have done a lot of things. Furthermore, if your eyes are cured, there is a beautiful future awaiting you. So Ramses, you need to have confidence in yourself. You must not give.”

Ramses seemed stunned for a moment but his expression quickly recovered to the usual indifference.

“You talk too much.” He said coldly and turned away.

“But you drank the medicine yesterday, so this is considered an improvement.” She grinned and held onto his arm to support him.

A strange expression flashed across his face. He pushed her hand away and said sullenly, “I don’t need your support!”

“Prince Ramses, you shouldn’t go there!” Maya saw that Ramses was feeling about him and walking in the direction of the pond. She quickly chased after him, but unexpectedly, the ground surrounding the pond was very slippery. As she was in a hurry, she did not notice it and slipped. She lost balance and fell straight into the pond…


The cold water of the pond surrounded her from all directions and instantly covered the top of her head. Maya struggled to get out of the water, but sadly swimming was something that she was never able to learn. She wanted to shout for help but, the moment she tried to open her mouth, she swallowed a few mouthfuls of water. She remembered that there was only Ramses in the garden. She couldn’t expect a blind man to be able to save her, so she believed that she was doomed this time… Just as she was losing her consciousness, a strong hand grabbed onto her body and pulled her up. When her head was above water, she instantly felt fresh air rushing into her, flowing throughout her body. The feeling was similar to opening the windows in the early morning and breathing in the fragrance of the flowers and morning dew which refreshes one’s body. This fresh air gave her another chance of life. She opened her mouth wide and greedily took it in. Her mind gradually became clearer, but she had a nagging feeling that something was not right.


The person beside her… She had a sudden realization and opened her eyes immediately. She immediately saw Ramses’ handsome face close to her. She could even see his thick lashes fluttering slightly.

She blushed.

At this moment, she was thankful that he could not see her, or else… This was the first time she realized that his long and slender arms could be so firm and strong… At this moment, the maids and attendants all rushed over. They pull Maya and Ramses up urgently. When they saw that the Ramses was alright, they were relieved.

“Ramses… I… Thank you…” An unexplainable gratitude filled her heart. She had never thought that he was the one who jumped down and saved her. 

“It’s only because I still need you to cure my eyes.” He replied coldly and seemed to refuse to accept her gratitude.

This disagreeable fellow… She shook her head in frustration, but she still managed to maintain a smile and turn to him sincerely, “No matter what, I would still like to thank you. See, you really can do a lot of things. Even I, who is sighted, had to depend on you just now.”

His lashes trembled as if to hide an emotion. Then, he turned to her with an indifferent expression and said, “You’re very noisy!”




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