Chapter 1 Part 2




The wedding hall where only the sound of soft stringed instruments resonated. As if at a solemn funeral, the people were all silent and serious. The wedding hall was small, there were very few guests, and my wedding dress was shabby. A pair of small, faded pearl earrings was all I wore. As l entered the wedding hall as a bride, I saw Kwanach for the first time. 


The bards sang that he was so beautiful that he could rival the Sun God, and that seeing him in person might make it difficult to breathe. Indeed, the rumors were not exaggerated. To Kwanach, the term “god among men” was the most appropriate for this man.


He was so tall that one had to bend their neck to look up at him. His dark skin was smooth and elastic. Wavy, pitch-black hair. Eyes as black as the abyss. 


“Would you take Usphere Catatel as your wife?”




Kwanach replied bluntly and looked at me. His gaze alone was overwhelming. At the moment, I felt shabby in front of him. I felt a slight tremor in my heart.


‘Don’t say you don’t like me and you’re nullifying the agreement.’


The sickly princess. All she could do was read books and write.


Southerners admired black hair, but my hair was white-blonde.  Said the priest who was officiating the wedding while I was withdrawn. 


“Vow to be husband and wife before Goddess Fahar who opened the beginning of the world and will close it, and to kiss each other as proof of your union.”


Kwanach stepped up to me. He didn’t seem to be afraid of the northern winters. He was not dressed like the men of Achaia, who always wore many layers of clothing. His bare skin was revealed through the open shirtline. He was dressed not like  an emperor.

At the level of my eyes, Kwanach’s chest was settled.


“Close your eyes.” Said Kwanach with a low, firm, yet sweet voice.  


I tensed and squeezed my eyes shut. It was the first time that I had seen the bare skin of a man, let alone kissing. Soon, Kwanach’s huge body came towards me. His hot, firm lips pressed hard on my lips. His sharp fangs gently bit down on my lower lip as it passed by. The hot heat struck my lips and then spread across my face. My body shivered. Without knowing, I held his arm tightly. I could smell the fierce Southern scent coming from him. The scent that made my mind dizzy. The clearer I saw Kwanach, the smaller my heart felt. It was as if I was standing in front of a giant beast. Kwanach gently licked my lips with the tip of his tongue and then let it fall. I lost the strength in my legs and almost fell, but managed to keep myself upright. 


“Are you alright?” My husband whispered to me. 


Looking at his overwhelming beautiful face that suits the nickname of the sun god. I nodded. I finally realized that I had been grabbing his arm and let go in a panic. I pulled myself out of my daze and looked at Kwanach, keeping my composure. I had already swore an oath and kissed him, there was no turning back now. This man in front of me, whom I saw for the first time today, was now my husband. 




‘He’s acting like he’s  being chased by something….’


As soon as the wedding was over, he hurriedly prepared to return to the empire. Indeed, it would be irresponsible to leave his newborn empire unattended for so long. Marriage is like baking beans in a lightning storm.* (*T/N : I guess this is a saying or something. If anyone knows what it is, please comment.)


The reception was over after hours of eating and drinking, and the next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a carriage headed for his empire. It all happened in one day.



I looked at Kwanach at the front of the imperial possessions in the distance. He skillfully mounted atop a black horse, ready to depart. 


How could that man be my husband? It didn’t feel real. Did I really get married? 


I inadvertently got into the carriage in silence. It’s a marriage that’s been made as if it’s hotcakes for sale, but I’ll get used to it.


‘I’m bored.’


I’ve long since lost interest in how my life goes. The only time I found a modicum of enjoyment was when I read books and looked into the lives of others. From a very young age, I was cursed as a cursed awakener and left alone in the royal palace. As I endured this life, I became numb to everything. I seemed to have forgotten how to be sad. And of course, how to be happy too. Before long, the carriage carrying me slowly departs. Towards an unknown land.