V6 Chapter 1


The academy has finally opened. Students took courses in their majors and liberal arts and went to lectures to get credits needed for graduation. Some students purposely find the subjects they needed, but most of them from the aristocrats do not take liberal arts courses as they did not meddle with their graduation and thus they only took major courses.


On the other hand, a commoner worked on liberal arts to gain experience for their career after graduation. In that context, Elena’s major in liberal art s and social studies is already enough. However it is on the premise because she did not take two years off from school.


Leabric wanted Elena to earn two years’ worth of credits that she couldn’t accumulate due to taking a leave of absence. This is because her academic institution’s personal connections and diplomas are important, but it is considered inefficient to waste two years. Would she have graduated earlier if Elena earned third grade credits after consulting with the dean?


But that’s what happens later. Elena is forced to take liberal arts courses for credit completion except for major classes.


“Look, Princess Veronica.”


“Wow, it feels different up close. Is it because we have different bloodlines?”


“You know, I’m so nervous that I can’t even make eye contact.”


When Elena appeared in the liberal arts course “Continental History,” the common people couldn’t take their eyes off her. Because the lectures taken by aristocrats and commoners are different, they rarely overlap. Among them, it is the first time to take a lecture with Princess Veronica of the Friedrich family, the head of the Empire’s four influential dukes.


‘In the outside, I am the princess, but I’m no different from them.’


It is totally hilarious. She can’t believe they look up to her just by using another name and identity as Princess Veronica. In fact, she originally came from a fallen aristocrat worse than a wealthy commoner.


The back door of the lecture room opened. As the lecture is about to begin, attention was focused on the book in advance and is solemnly waiting for the professor to come.


“Wow, the underlings are different from passion. You’re trying to climb up somehow, aren’t you?”


Len, with curly hair and a bad impression, clapped and sarcastically at the students preparing for the lecture.


“You’re L-Len, isn’t it?”




“What do I do, give up liberal arts?”


The faces of the students looking at Len were painted with despair. No matter how commoner students have no contact with the nobility. However, there is no student who did not know Ren, who is considered one of the biggest scumbags in the academy. There are those days when Ren gets into trouble or shows disgust, and acts as if life at the academy will turn into hell.


Len is as persistent as he is. Nearly 10 students left the academy last year alone, unable to withstand the hardships.


Elena’s expression is not good either. Though he didn’t show up, it is rather astonishing due to the unexpected appearance of Len.


‘How come he is here? Len shouldn’t take this class. I remember it clearly.’


Elena, feeling confused, couldn’t help but admit it. Her past life and reality have changed. Thus, it is not explained why Len took this continental history class at present.


It shouldn’t happen in the first place.


She never expected that her first meeting with Len, who had been twisted, would lead to this result and lead to another thorny path.


Len grinned and approached Elena. He sat at the desk of a student sitting next to Elena at the back of the classroom.


“I’m not very close to the professor. There’s a lot of empty seats elsewhere.


“Pardon? H-have a seat.”


The male student, frightened by the blatant threat, took the book and quickly moved on. Len, sitting in an empty seat, sat with his chin resting in a crooked position and looked at Elena.


“I know that look.”




“That’s the look you make when you’re happy, isn’t it?”


Len grinned. It was as if he was enjoying Elena’s reaction.


Elena looked at him with a cold look.


“This isn’t a coincidence, is it?”


“It’s a coincidence, it’s just merely coincidence!”


Len couldn’t stop smiling at what was so pleasant in front of his eyes. By nature, he had a vicious nature and enjoyed torturing and embarrassing someone. Elena struggled hard to keep her composure at this unprecedented reunion. It bothered her but there is no reason for Elena to be swayed unless Len knew she is just a substitute. She felt at ease when she realized that.


“I hope you have a part in that planned coincidence.”


Elena darted away and turned her eyes squarely. This is because the lecture began when a professor in charge of continental history entered the lecture room. As it became difficult to continue the conversation, Len shook his mouth and crossed his arms. Still, I couldn’t help but keep his eyes off Elena.


“If you want to discuss the history of the continent, you can’t leave out the story of Gaia. We need to go back to the beginning of the civilization that we achieved in the relationship between myth and history. So….”


Throughout the lecture, Len’s gaze never fell on Elena. He turned to his chair and stared outright. Elena is really sick and tired of his persistent gaze.


‘I shouldn’t be cautious.’


Elena did not pay attention to the lecture. History is so mysterious and deep that it is interesting to listen to it again even though she already knew it. In particular, after living her second life, the aspects of history that she had not seen in this timeline seemed different.


“That’s all for today’s lecture.”


The professor closed the textbook and finished the lecture. As soon as the professor left, the students left the lecture room hastily. They seemed to be in a hurry because they were worried that Len might get into a fight once again.


Elena got up from her chair just like them. She then ignored Len, who is still staring at her with his chin on his hand, and tried to leave the classroom.




Elena is just about to pass by but Len stretched out his legs.


“Oh? Hey!”


Even in situations where she could lose her balance and fall, Elena quickly lifted her skirt and stretched her opposite foot forward to support it.


‘So this is what you’re gonna do huh?’


I’ve been through this kind of thing in my past life, so I’ve grown old. His nasty personality and attention seeking personality itself meant that he had other intentions.


“Oh, you’re quick.”


Elena didn’t fall, but she stopped missing her continental history book. Elena pointed at him and snapped back coldly.


“Pick that up?”


“Are you threatening me right now?”


“I said pick that up.”


Len shrugged his shoulders and chattered.


“Are we allowed to make each other do it like we are each other’s underlings?”


“Ha, I don’t want to be called childish.”


Elena, thinking that having a conversation with him is a waste of time, she bent down and picked up the book. She brushed off the dusty cover on the floor with her hand and put the book on her waist.


“You are strange.”


Len stared at Elena with a suspicious look.


“I’m sick of you.”


Elena responded to him like that, and left the classroom without looking back. Judging from the fact that she couldn’t feel the presence behind her back, it seems like he didn’t follow her. 


“You have a pretty good memory.”


Elena looked next to her in surprise. After leaving the classroom, Len walked side by side with her and said,


“Your scar, wasn’t it on the other side?”




Elena did not budge at most provocations, but she had no choice but to breathe in.


“That’s exactly what I remember.”


As Len is being persistent and asks her like that, Elena’s palm is sweating while hugging her books. Elena also hurt herself when she heard that she had a scar, but she couldn’t tell if it was exactly left or right.


When Elena came to the Grand Duchy, the maids of Veronica had already changed. As a result, Elena is also nervous. If Len found out that she is just a substitute, Elena’s plan would be disrupted.


“The most uncertain thing in the world is human memory.”


“I’ve never heard of it before.”


“Then live on with that oblivious memory of yours.”


Elena didn’t back down and put on some guts. She had no choice but to play hard because she knew it was over as soon as she showed signs of shaking or astonishment.


“Am I mistaken?”




Elena stopped talking and just answered him shortly, then she hurriedly left the place because she didn’t even want to talk to him anymore. She stopped walking slowly, and didn’t continue chasing after Elena. He then muttered as he looked at Elena that was already far from his sight.


“Well, it’s a long story…… but she is confused, too?”