Chapter 5. Understanding Their Current Situation



Having finished their introduction, Al officially started asking them questions, but they weren’t much different from what he had asked Kaito previously.

“First of all, is it alright for me to assume that Tenou Academy is a place of learning?”


“Next, Kaito told me that everyone here came from a place where magic and magic power do not exist. Is this true?”

“Magic? Magic power? Do such things really exist? I thought those are products of fiction.”

“Then how did you arrive here…?”

“Sorry, but we don’t know. Something that looked like a magic circle appeared in the sky above us, and it suddenly glowed. The next thing we knew, we were here…”

Al stopped questioning them, having concluded that he wouldn’t be able to obtain any more information even if he continued.

“Thank you very much for cooperating. Tendou, is there anything you would like to ask?”

Sora returned just as Al finished his sentence.

“Hey, why are you all having fun by yourselves?”

He was upset that they started without him, but Kaito didn’t seem to mind this all.

“You’re the one who said he has to go to the bathroom…”

“Anyway, if we’re talking about questions, I have lots of them!”

Feeling pumped, he was ready to go all out on his questions.

He wasn’t exactly in a position to do so, but he didn’t let that stop him.

“Ahaha…sorry, but you are…?”

“Oh, right. I’m Amagi Sora. Sora would do.”

“Alphonse Blau-Weissritter. Please call me Al.”

“Gotcha, Al. First off…”

He immediately tried to ask a question, but Kaito interrupted him before he could.

“Sora, you should let the president go first. She’ll be more to the point anyway.”

“…Tch, can’t be helped I guess.”

“Apologies, President Tendou.”

“Amane-san, you can just refer to me as Sakura. Also, please speak to me in your usual tone.”

The president, who’s been watching the boys’ exchange with a smile, seemed more friendly than they initially thought.

Kaito would experience some headaches later on after finding out what Sakura was thinking at the time, but that was a story for another time.

“Okay, Sakura. Then you can call me Kaito.”

“Tina would do for me.”

“And me, Sora.”

“Understood, Kaito-san, Tina-san, Sora-san.”

Once that was established, Sakura resumed asking questions to Al.

“Going back to what we were discussing before, are we in Japan? Or Earth for that matter?”

Al appeared surprised when Japan was mentioned, but he composed himself and responded.

“Negative. Is everyone here from that place you call Japan?”

“Yeah. Then as I thought, we must be in another world!” Sora answered on behalf of Sakura, excited to hear that they weren’t on Earth anymore. His curiosity was overflowing, and he seemed fascinated by this unfamiliar world.

“Al-san, we won’t mind if you should speak normally as well.”

“Oh, then I’ll take you up on that offer. This world is called Enefia, and we’re in the territory of Duke MacDowell. You’re currently in the Entesia Empire, located east of Enesia, one of Enefia’s continents. That’s all I can say for now.”

He couldn’t reveal too much information to people he knew little of, so he only told them the most basic information.

“Is that so…”

Sakura’s head began to spin just imagining how the students will react to this news. However, she quickly pulled herself together and continued.

“If magic exists, is it possible for you to return us to our original world?”

A lot banked on this question as it pertained to the possibility of returning to Earth.

“About that…I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’d say it’s close to impossible.”

“May I ask why?”

Sakura’s complexion became dark after being told that it would be impossible to return, but she carried on with her questioning.

“I can’t go into too much detail, but… the biggest issue is that we don’t have enough power to pull it off. 300 years ago, there was someone ridiculously powerful that crossed over to a different world. From what I heard, that individual had more than 100 times the mana I currently have, yet they only succeeded after accumulating several months’ worth of mana.”

“Sorry if this is rude, but from this world’s standpoint, how powerful are you, Al-san?”

“…I’d say I’m above average.”

His evaluation was as objective as could be, and he was neither arrogant nor humble about it.

“Then do you know of anyone stronger than you…?”

“I know a few, but most of them are acquaintances of that individual from 300 years ago, and it seems that even with them all combined, they couldn’t hold a candle against said person.”

“I see…”

“So we can’t return home for the time being…”

As expected, even Sora was dismayed when he heard this.

Seeing how discouraged they looked, Al tried to lighten things up a bit.

“However, I don’t think you would have any trouble finding food, clothing, and shelter.”


Sakura, who had been worried about how they would go about securing food, clothing, and shelter after their sudden transfer to another world, was stunned when she heard this.

Al explained what he meant.

“Just to confirm…”

For some reason, he looked a little riled up.

“…does your Japan have sushi, tempura, and sukiyaki? Does it also have temples and mikos?”


Kaito took a step back, startled by Al’s sudden display of enthusiasm.

Realizing what he had done, Al apologized sheepishly.

“Oh, sorry about that. The person I mentioned previously was also from Japan. The Entesia Empire was being invaded by the demon lord’s army at the time, and he was taken in by an old sage of the Heavenly Tribe who soon recognized his talent. He later set out on a journey, and after countless encounters and farewells, he defeated the demon lord, eventually claiming the title of hero.”

“A demon lord. No surprise there,” Sora said with twinkling eyes.

It was a common trope considering they were in a world of swords and magic.

“The demon lord we have right now is a virtuous leader. May I continue?”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Al continued his explanation after the brief interruption by Sora.

“Afterwards, he showed mercy to the hostile demons and appealed directly to His Majesty the Emperor of that era. He wished to create a city where humans and demons could coexist. Moved by his speech, His Majesty bestowed upon him the title of Duke along with a piece of land. His family name was to be MacDowell, and that’s how this duchy was created. Nowadays, there are various races living in the Empire, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s all thanks to him. That’s why the Duke will never turn away guests from a different world, especially if they’re from Japan.”

With that, Al guaranteed their safety. Since they had a connection to the hero of old, they would be welcomed warmly.

“Huh, that’s one amazing guy. That means we’ll be able to make do somehow all thanks to him.” Sora said in admiration.

Tina grinned as she glanced at Kaito, whose face was twitching.

Fortunately, Sakura and Sora were listening to Al, who was telling the story with a fervent look, so no one noticed them.

(Talent? All I had was a bit more mana…in fact, when I first arrived, I only had a bit more mana than Al… having said that, 300 years have passed huh…)

Kaito revealed a bitter smile as he thought about the three girls that used to follow him around. They weren’t of the human race, and as their lives were much longer than usual, they were probably still alive.

As for the others, he couldn’t say for sure. 300 years wasn’t short after all.

“Is that why you’re so excited? Because we’re guests from Japan?”

“Well, actually, I like to dig through materials about Japan as a side hobby,” confessed Al, feeling slightly embarrassed. He seemed to have some delusions about Japan.

Kaito smiled wryly.

“Can’t blame you there. Sora’s the same when it comes to topics such as magic and dragons.”

“Shut it. I mean, we’re talking about magics and dragons here! You’re the weird one for not getting excited. Say, Kaito, aren’t you just a bit too indifferent to this?”

Having calmed down a bit, Sora retaliated while reflecting on his previous behavior.

However, immediately afterward, he leaned forward and asked Al a question, having realized something.

“Hm? Since that hero from 300 years ago came from Japan, does that mean we’ll be able to use magic as well?”

“I believe so. Magic power, or mana, exists within every individual. The only thing that sets us apart is how much we can store within our body.”

“For real? Then teach me magic!”

“Ahaha…sorry, but I’d have to get permission from the higher-ups for that.”

“Then lead the way! I’ll go speak with your higher-up!”

Thinking that they might be able to use magic as well, Sora was once again stirred.

Sakura had to step in to stop him.

“No, we must first consult with the teachers. Based on what we learned just now, our safety should be guaranteed for the time being. We should leave the negotiation to the teachers.”

Hearing this, Sora calmed down a little and took a deep breath.

“…I guess you’re right. But Al, you must teach me once you obtain permission!”

“Alright, but in exchange, you must tell me about Japan! There’s very little information about it, and so much of it is left unexplained…”

It couldn’t be helped. After all, he only had materials left behind by Kaito to work with. It was no surprise that so little was known.


Sora held out his hand, and Al shook it.

Deciding it was time, Kaito started heading for the doors.

“Now that both of you are satisfied, shall we meet up with the teachers? Sakura, can you stand up now?”

“Eh? Oh, yes… I should be able to walk now.”

After confirming that she could stand up and walk around, Sakura led Al to where the teachers were.

“They should be in the first conference room, right?”

“That’s what they said in the announcement.”

“Then let’s head there. Al, can you come with us?”

“Sure. I’ll need you to guide me there.”

“Let’s go then.”

They had to consult with the teachers first. Hence, they decided to head for the first conference room.




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