Chapter 7. Requesting for Help



The group headed toward where Al’s older brother, Lucius, was standing. They managed to reach him while soothing Sora down, who was getting excited as they drew near the airship, but the person in question didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

“You’re finally here. You fool, how many times must I tell you to restrain yourself a little?”

“I’m sorry, Nii-san, but the building would’ve been damaged if I hadn’t stepped in…”

“Yes, and that’s why I’ll leave it at that for today. I presume Ryiru has already given you an earful?”


“Be more careful from now on, though I highly doubt you’d remember my advice. So, who are those people behind you?”

“They’re people from Tenou Academy, the building that appeared here. Most of the people inside have fainted, so I could only ask those that hadn’t to come with me.”

Al gestured to Kaito and the others as he said so.

Prompted to do so, they began introducing themselves again, starting from Sakura.

“I’m Tendou Sakura, the student council president of Tenou Academy. Behind me are my classmates.”

“Amane Kaito. Nice to meet you.”

“Justina Misteltin.”

“Amagi Sora.”

Following their introduction, Lucius introduced himself.

“My name is Lucius Gord Weisritter, and I’m currently acting as the captain of this unit. The actual captain is my father, but he’s currently recovering from an injury. Normally, Alphonse, my younger brother, and Ryiru, my childhood friend, are vice-captains along with myself. I’m sure you’ve already repeated yourself numerous times, but may I ask what happened here?”

With Lucius asking for a rundown of the situation, everyone recounted what happened again.

After using magic to confirm that the story recounted by the students of Tenou Academy wasn’t fabricated, Sakura and Lucius began to discuss what to do next.

“I see, so a freak accident brought you here.”

“Yes, so about the support…”

“I’ll have to first confirm with the Madam about it. However, there’s very little chance she would refuse.”

“Thank you.”

“Is the Madam you’re referring to the Duchess?”

Sora barged into the conversation. With Lucius giving them the green light, they had reverted back to speaking casually.

“Hm? Ah, so it hasn’t been explained to you. You see, the title of Duke was bestowed to the hero, and the title was supposed to be handed over to his wife after he left, but she refused to accept it, claiming that the hero had promised to return to this land. Hence, she only held on to the title in-name. In fact, there was someone else substituting the Duke before her, but that person’s whereabouts have become unknown around a century ago.”

“Huh? I thought the hero was someone from 300 years ago.”

Sora wondered how the hero and his supposed wife could be acquainted.

“Yeah, but his wife is one of the few High Elves in the empire, so she still has the appearance of a beautiful girl in her mid-teens. The other one’s a Seraph, and both of these races boast long lifespans, meaning they grow slower than humans.”

“So Elves exist in this world…man, I’m starting to get tired of being surprised. Do Seraphs have wings?”

“Yes. Oh, and by the way, High Elves are considered noble and powerful even among the Elves, and their lifespans are also longer. Having said that, High Elves and Seraphs are extremely rare. Since you guys are guests from Japan, I’m sure the Madam will be willing to meet you…”

“You said she’s a beauty, right? Then I’d love to meet her.”

“…Don’t try to flirt or anything, understood? Both were companions of the hero, and the Madam is strong enough to overwhelm us even with the might of all our soldiers combined.”

Sora shuddered when he heard this, but it didn’t stop him from involving Kaito who was next to him.

“How terrifying. But don’t you want to meet the Madam as well, Kaito?”

“Well, I guess.”

“Mm? Ohh, that’s right. You already have Tina, so you’re not interested in other women.”

“Hey, I never said I wasn’t interested…”

Kaito revealed a complicated expression, which led to Sora making the assumption that he was holding back for Tina.

(The two that are substituting for me should be Kuzuha and Aura, which means it’s only natural that they’re beauties. But from what he said, Aura seems to be missing…Could she be the one who summoned us here? In any case, I wanted to discuss with her about what happened. Since she’s missing, we’ll have to find her first. What a hassle…)

For the time being, Kaito tried not to think about the promise of marriage he made with the girls, but from what he was told, it was likely that they were holding on to the promise.

Tina, on the other hand, was deep in her own thoughts.

(Hmu, this is supposed to be my chance to be alone with Kaito, but to protect the students, we’ll need their help…I don’t want Yuri and Mii to be sad either, so I’ll have to try and get in touch with them one way or another.)

As this was happening, a member of the unit came and made a report to Lucius.

“It seems the Madam has given the order to provide you with our support. More help will be provided later, but for now, we’ve been instructed to take care of the academy’s people and guarantee their safety.”

Hearing this, Sakura bowed her head to express her gratitude while letting out a sigh of relief.

“I see, thank you very much.”

And with that, Lucius and his unit began helping the students.




-Duke’s estate.

Inside the private room of the acting Duke, a stunningly beautiful girl was sitting in front of a magic crystal. She had silky gold hair which flowed down to her waist, along with beautiful eyebrows and a picture-perfect face. Her eyes were of clear blue color, and if she had wings on her back, she would look just like an angel. Her ears were long and pointed, which suggested she wasn’t human, and the only flaw to speak of was her flat chest. Even that, however, could be a good thing to a certain group of people.

There was a girl reflected inside the crystal, and she seemed to be around the same age or a little younger than the one in the room. She was likewise a stunning beauty and a lively one at that. Her hair was just as long as well, but she had tied it into a twin tail. As for her body proportion and her clothing, nothing could be said as only her face was reflected in the crystal.

“It seems we have guests from another world. Moreover, they claim to be from Japan.”

[Japan? It must be Kaito!]

The crystal allowed for communication between people in two different places, and it delivered the clear and vibrant voice of the girl on the other side to the girl inside the room.

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. An academy has been transferred here along with its students. They were attacked by a Lesser Sky Dragon the moment they arrived, and I had them placed under protection. From what I heard, they don’t have much mana, and it would’ve been impossible for them to defend against its attacks. They’re lucky we were able to protect them in time.”

The girl reflected in the crystal let out a sigh of disappointment when she heard the news.

[Ehhh, so Kaito’s still not back…what in the world is he doing?]

“That’s also what I’d like to know. There are three beautiful girls waiting for him here…If I find out Onii-sama is cheating on us in Japan, I’ll actually lay down a curse on him. But then again, since it’s Onii-sama we’re talking about, he’s probably spending his days being lovey-dovey with Tina-san…”

This was true, but they didn’t think much of it as they took this for granted.

[Either way, there’s nothing we can do for now. Aura is missing, Kuzuha is doing paperwork in the office, and I’m on a business trip to the Imperial Capital.]

“Thank you for your hard work. How’s His Majesty the Emperor?”

[His Majesty is just like before. He tries to provide personal training to talented students, only to be stopped by the General. Even so, when Kaito returns…]

“He’ll be in for a punishment.”

[I’ll slap him in the face with the greatest prank I’ve thought up of in this 300 years!]

The girls laughed at this, but if they had known that Kaito was among those that Lucius and his unit had taken in, they would’ve immediately had him captured and brought before them. In the meantime, they would’ve made themselves look presentable.

However, they would only learn of the truth at a later date.




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