Chapter 18. The Fantasia of Love and Jealousy (1)


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“Krauuuung, krauuuuung……”


Whether it was a lack of practice or the size of the ring, the animal suffered a burn on its stomach.


The lion’s mouth was tied shut, but it roared loud enough that everyone could hear it. The sound of its cry was painful enough that it made people frown.


“Whoa, whoa, Rai, calm down… Ugh!”


The trainer tried to calm down the lion but flew away after being hit by the it’s front paw.




She heard a scream from somewhere. Other circus members rushed out immediately and tried to shoot an anesthetic arrow into the lion.


Abel’s little body trembled. Chloe shielded his eyes from the horrible sight.






Abel’s trembling voice struck her ears louder than Noah’s wail. Her heart was terrified to be in a situation she had never encountered before, but comforting Abel was her first priority.


“Shh… It’s all right, Abel.”


“…Is the trainer man dead?”