Chapter 1. Return of the Sun



Under the blue sky and the hot sun, soldiers like ants were moving. At the return of the Black Army, everyone cheered. 

“Lurab is back!”

The border dispute with Asala, which had been fighting steadily for about 100 years after the third generation, ended in three years with the appearance of Crown Prince Asherad. A young man of twenty three.


The emperor’s son, who had not shown much prominence in terms of war, made a solid imprint of himself on the people with the achievements he made in this war.


Among the cheering crowd, Daphne smiled coldly.


She had to run away quickly, but she didn’t even know why she was standing here.


Daphne, hiding among the idiots who didn’t know why those soldiers were wearing black, looked at the one in front.


Lurab, god of the sun and war.


That’s what people called him, as his army won a series of victories.

Although they dared to compare him with God, his appearance was not lacking.


When he took off his helmet, the shiny black hair that was revealed was fluttering coolly as he moved while riding a horse. His tall nose that could be seen from afar was like a statue, his sharp, hawk-shaped green eyes were indifferent, and he sometimes looked down at people with an arrogant and tiresome gaze.


The appearance of him wearing huge full plate armor seemed to prove that he had returned in haste. Ominous bloodstains remained on the shiny armor.

In fact, his large body looked even more daunting in armor. But people seemed to be more thrilled by such a sight.


Contrary to his image, which appeared to contain the sun, on his back was a fluttering cloak engraved with the patterns of the Penaen Empire.

Emperor Belenus died.


However, as the new sun had firmly returned before them, they had neither the grief of losing the sun of the empire nor the fear of a situation that was likely to be shaken for a while.


Even the knights and soldiers were full of pride without depression.

People welcomed Lurab, Asherad, who became the new emperor from the Crown Prince.


Daphne looked at him as if possessed. Slaughtering on the battlefield, his eyes grew deeper, and the lines of his face sharpened.


The man who exuded an elegant atmosphere was standing in the vanguard with a solid figure like a military god at this moment.


There was a time when she was happy to see that figure. But now that figure was detestable. She saw his face, so that was enough. There was no time. 


When she tried to turn around, she felt like her eyes met the man who was waving at the crowd.


But when she looked at Asherad again, he was looking forward and waving to his supporters.


Then, the pounding heart beat leisurely again. She was now dressed as a man and wearing a hat, so he wouldn’t be able to recognize her.


Actually, she didn’t have to rush like this. Asherad would be busy cleaning up after the dead emperor and taking over the throne.


Barely a toy, why would he track her down? Daphne knew her own position all too well. In any case, she must leave the capital today.


She calmly checked her progress and mounted her horse.


She was leaving the capital city where she was born and raised for the rest of her life. Leaving the place where she was with her mother. Without visiting her mother’s grave, she hurried to her feet.


There was a moment of bitterness as she rode her horse, but she gripped the reins and moved forward.




She rode her horse like that for a long time. The sun had set high in the sky and it was already night.


Outside the capital, Daphne’s heart beat urgently again. She had to hurry up and find a place to stay. The security wouldn’t be bad because it was near the capital, but she might be killed by bandits and wild beasts.


In particular, a 21-year-old young woman would be a good prey for bandits.


Despite such a pitiful life, she did not want to be a prey for bandits, nor did she want to die. Only after the moon had risen in the middle of the sky did Daphne reach the outlying city closest to the capital.


Her body was exhausted. She entered the largest inn, paid her money, and got a room. The innkeeper glanced her up and down, furrowing her suspicious eyebrows, but she didn’t say anything because Daphne had paid with gold coins.


As she entered her room, a sigh escaped her lips.


Literally asking for a good room, the room wasn’t bad. The walls of the room soaked in moonlight turned green, and the bedding was fresh. There was even an attached bathroom in the room. It was a room that was incomparably better than the room in the Imperial Palace where she stayed.


It also reminded her of her nice room, where young Daphne lived with her mother.


At the imperial palace, she always smelled of mold, and she has to live like another mold, crouching in a place where rats rustle from the ceiling.


But it was different now.


When she realized she was out of it all, she was tired. Daphne threw her luggage and took off her hat.


Then her bright golden hair ran down her back. She combed her hair with her hands and lay down on the bed as if collapsed.


Apparently, the farther away she was from the capital, the worse the room condition got, and she imagined how bad it would get.

But the more she did, the corners of her lips rose. Daphne has a future, a new future, although she used to be afraid of her future. She was finally freed from the imperial palace that she was fed up with.


“I want you to be free.”


The pitiful man’s voice repeated in her head. Daphne tried to forget it.


She could feel her little joy and fear at the same time.




Recalling her freckled brunette friend, she thanked her sincerely.


Without her and without the death of the emperor, it would not have been easy to escape. 

She recalled her days at the imperial palace, thinking that she should send Sarah a letter when she settled somewhere later.


She endured the years by receiving punishment for her mother. But this was also the end. Because the king was dead.

She thought of Asherad, who would become the next emperor. Had it not been for Asherrad, she would not have been able to stand the time there. Sadly it was right. But….


Daphne squeezed her eyes shut. Even with her eyes closed, the bloody man came to mind. The man covered in red blood said affectionately.


“My dear Daphne.”

Her heart pounded as she recalled that slow, sweet voice that was different from his cruel appearance. But a lot of time has passed since then. In the three years that Asherad went to the battlefield, he might have already forgotten her.


Wasn’t there any communication as evidence of that? When he left for the battlefield, the relationship between the two was severed.


In a place where death and life coexist, she was nothing but a creature.


It was rather arrogant to think that he kept in mind such a trivial being as the daughter of a lowly mistress. She was a toy. She was Asherad’s dog.


Her mind was complicated when she remembered the man standing in a position that seemed to contain all the light of the world. She felt strange hatred and bitterness at the same time.


Yes. He wouldn’t remember her. She closed her eyes, calming her bitter heart.


Suddenly she heard footsteps.


Daphne sat up to the sound of footsteps. She rose to her feet and trembled like a herbivore at the sound of the hunter’s footsteps. But the door was still. Was it not soundproof? It was understandable.

She approached the door. Come to think of it, she didn’t lock the lock. It was going to be a big deal. But then she heard a voice behind the door.


“Now, you’re going to lock it?”


It was a horribly low, husky voice. Looking back in surprise, she let out a short scream. Seeing her confusion, the man smiled coldly.

The man was completely naked. His body was covered with scars she did not know, and his muscles were stiff. The beautiful man’s body glistened with water, as if freshly washed.

Daphne then realized that the sound of footsteps she had heard was somehow wet.


Water dripped from his curly black hair. As the man took a step, she took a step back. His light green eyes narrowed.




“Your Majesty.”


“Your Majesty?”


The corner of the man’s lips rose slightly. It wasn’t good. It meant he was angry.


“How do you get here?”


He said looking out the window.


“How can I not recognize you?”




“It was obvious that you were going somewhere.”


It seemed that he had already predicted her course of action. So, he must have bribed the innkeeper and had come into the room she was staying in and took a bath beforehand…..


“Why did you run away?”




“Tell me.”


Although it was a friendly, mature voice, it had a sharp edge. As if she met the eyes of a beast. Looking at the man’s bright green eyes, Daphne swallowed her saliva.


“Your Majesty.”


“No. You have to be honest.”




Tears fell from Daphne’s eyes. Did he really not know? Why was she running away? He must have known why she had left the palace. When she couldn’t even open her lips, her body was pulled over and she suddenly suffocated.




The hot breath that leaked out hit her face. Daphne received Asherad’s kiss with her eyes wide open. A lump of red flesh crept into her mouth.


She had a hard time accepting his kiss. She took a step backwards unconsciously, and eventually her back hit the wall. 


His thick thigh was spaced between her legs. She felt his strong desire on her waist and widened her eyes.


The squeaking sound filled her ears. After devouring her lips for a long time, he took off his lips. Unlike her, who was gasping for breath, Asherad was fine.


Asherad said as he gently wiped Daphne’s saliva-stained lips with his index finger.


“I always thought of you.”




“You didn’t?”


The scorching gaze seemed to burn Daphne’s face.




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