Chapter 2. Penetrating warmth


The warmth of the naked body seemed to ripen the flesh.


Daphne wrapped her arms around his neck as if to appease Asherad, but his touch only grew rougher.


Asherad put his hand inside Daphne’s robe and brushed her cold flesh. His fingers were as hot as on fire. When Asherad saw Daphne’s face, he immediately grabbed her thin robe and pulled it off.


The buttons were snapped off. Thin clothes couldn’t stop him. Asherad made Daphne naked in an instant.


His gaze languidly scanned her body. His eyes were full of lust. It took her breath away for a moment. Daphne closed her eyes tightly, avoiding the blazing gaze.


“Open your eyes.”


Daphne did as she was told. Blue eyes stared at the man with a dry gaze.


A royal toy. Get insulted.


That was the role of Daphne given by the deceased Emperor. So Daphne faithfully did it. She didn’t know she was deceived and she had lived her life like that.


And at some point, Asherad revealed his madness.


Madness. It could only be explained that way.


When she was sick of the madman and left him, the madman didn’t get tired of it and followed her.


She didn’t know how he saw her and followed her. She was just tired of his obsession.


“Are you so angry because the maids made you work too much?” 



“You don’t have to worry. I’ve cut their throat.”

Since when on earth did he do this for her? Daphne sneered inwardly.

Asherad’s hand gently stroked Daphne’s blonde hair. He was calm, though his body was already seething with lust.


So, she kept misunderstanding. He did not rush, but gently stroked her hair affectionately. But before Daphne was tiredly settled by the touch…




Daphne bit her lips tight. Asherad’s fingers digging between her legs and his greedy lips constantly teased her.


He still knew Daphne’s body very well. Her pale face was dyed red as he opened his teeth and gently bit her soft mounds.

He relentlessly tormented her. Until the breath that leaked out through the teeth stubbornly blocked by the hand became an agitation of agony.


As Daphne struggled to catch her breath with her face flushed red, he spread her legs apart as he touched her slowly. She could feel his desire not to put up with the secret parts any longer.




Daphne bit her lip. Her body was not yet ready enough to receive him, but Asherad pushed in at once.


Was he angry too? In her bewilderment, Daphne buried her head in the bed. The teeth and lips were closed tightly on their own.




His movements, which penetrated deep into her body, were unstoppable. The sound of slurping, the sound of flesh hitting flesh reverberated through the room dullly.


Hot and low breaths leaked out. Despite his cold face, his low, hoarse voice harbored lust.


“Daphne…… Daphne.”



“My dear Daphne.”


He called out her name in a sweet voice, but Daphne did not look at him.


Then the large hand turned her face. She opened her eyes and looked at Asherad. Still alluring and cold. The only sign of his excitement was the sound of his rough breathing and leaking voice.


He looked at the woman he was holding like a stranger and said in a sweet voice that he loved her.


Who would believe that confession of love? Who? Daphne used to expect it to be true, but now it wasn’t. She was still being teased. Daphne turned her head slightly.


His eyes narrowed as he looked at Daphne’s blue eyes. It looked like he didn’t like something.


He indulged her with rough movements. The closed teeth automatically opened and Daphne screamed out.

His hand was stimulating exactly where Daphne most felt. She screamed as she twisted her back. Asherad continued to push.




Daphne’s eyes were unfocused. She heard the birds chirping in the morning.


Asherad embraced her without rest. In the end, she was forced into his arms and be to his liking.


Her whole body lost strength. Her desire to run away from him had long since evaporated.


“Are you awake?”


At his soft voice, Daphne nodded her head helplessly. Asherad gently stroked her scattered hair and kissed her lovely face. But Daphne just closed her eyes as if giving up.

“I imagined you when you turned twenty-one.”




“You’re prettier than I thought. I like it.”


Then, holding her droopy body, Asherad went to the bathroom and started washing Daphne’s body.


Magically warm water was poured on her. The moment the warm water and the fragrant soap touched her body, Daphne came to her senses.

The layer of soap bubbles covered her body. It felt like she was wearing clothes. As she stared at the bubbles, Asherad’s hand swept her body.




His hand reached her sore peaks. She had been tormented all night, and the touch of his hand was stinging and tickling. As she felt sensitive to his touch again, Daphne bit her lip with resentment.


“Are you sick?”



“You look sick.”

Asherad’s sweet voice opened Daphne’s tightly closed eyes. Still, Asherad was delicate. His hand brushed her sore flesh.

“You must have been very sick.”


“Because I bit it, huh?”


She thought he was going to lather. But his hand became a little more explicit.


His long fingers touched the sore spots. The smile returned as she looked at him bitterly with her tearful eyes. This man was enjoying her being sick because of him.

The unique smell of cheap rose scented soap made his nose dizzy. Asherad was kneading her flesh like he was kneading the dough without doing anything.


There was a slight dull ache as he gently stroked the tooth marks engraved on her chest as if lovingly.


Then he caressed her shoulders. That part was also the part where his teeth sunk in. Looking at her ears, shoulders and neck filled with red marks, Asherad rubbed the place.


It hurt a bit when he pressed it. As she frowned, his thumb gently stroked the areas. The lewd hand was blatantly lustful.


But on the other hand, his face was terribly calm. His face was so graceful as if he was playing an instrument, and her body felt numb in the gap.


Long fingers rubbed where she felt.


Daphne couldn’t say anything. Her body, which was brimming with familiar pleasures rather than pain, completely betrayed her reason.


His long fingers glided down her slender waist. The rough hand tried to squeeze in between her legs.


“Ah…… uh.”


“How am I going to wash your body if you close your body like that?”


“I’ll wash it myself, please.”


In the end, Daphne could not stand it and opened her lips. Then he bowed and looked at Daphne’s face.


Dark green eyes that seemed to suck her in came into view. Asherad’s eyes, which were darkly shaded, did not seem to contain emotions.




Looking at that face, she bowed her head, and soap bubbles were applied to the tender skin on the inside of her thighs.


Her body flinched as her most sensitive part touched. 

‘Let’s put up with it, let’s not show any more humiliation.’

Daphne struggled to think so, but Asherad’s touch provoked her again.


“Ah, uh… huh.”


“It’s pretty.”


He said looking at Daphne’s reddened cheeks and red lips that looked like blood would ooze out when pressed.


Unable to stand his hand-play, Daphne grabbed his collar. Her forehead touched his chest. The water on her hair wetted his clothes.


“Ah, ah, huh!”


A wet sound echoed from the wet place.


“Oh, I have to wash it up.”


It was a friendly voice, but Daphne couldn’t hear it.



Those who saw Daphne brought back to the Imperial Palace frowned. Daphne also couldn’t raise her head. Eventually she came back to this damn place.


She looked at Olga standing behind her. She was a poisonous woman who was a close servant of the Crown Prince Asherad. She was a cunning woman. Daphne remembered that woman who had given her poison.


She was pretending to be calm, but Daphne could see how much she trembled in her eyes.


Daphne’s helpless eyes turned to the others. The maids, who regarded Daphne as a thorn in their eyes, were not present. As Asherad said, it seemed they were indeed executed.

“Why didn’t you die?”


Amanda, a maid like Daphne, said, grinding her teeth. It wasn’t a sarcastic remark, it was genuine murderous intent.


“You, do you know what happened to Sarah?”


“Is she dead?”

At Daphne’s question, Amanda raised her hand.



Daphne didn’t get slapped in the cheek thanks to the curly-haired maid’s yell.


Daphne had a premonition when she saw Asherad again. Sarah, her close friend, will die because of her. Perhaps she had already dead.


“You selfish b*tch, did you know she was going to die? But you asked her to help you anyway?”



“What a troubled being! Just f*cking die, please, die!”

Daphne listened to them with a sullen face. She returned to a place full of curses and contempt. Daphne forced a smile.


“I’m sorry I didn’t die.”



“I can’t die.”

Daphne’s lips trembled. But she gasped for her breath as she wept with her most sorry heart.


“He made it impossible to die.”


Because even her life wasn’t her own. 

The maidservants clamped their mouths shut as they looked into those faraway, unfocused eyes.


The woman, her body as limp as if she had been embraced by the newly enthroned emperor, smiled helplessly. 

Daphne thought. Since when did she have such a f*king pitiful fate?



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