Chapter 11




The male and female protagonists of the original story met. It was bound to be a huge spark. The two of them were destined to be linked by the writer. 


Azela screamed with rapture in her heart as she observed Cahir, who couldn’t take his eyes off Ella. For the past five years, Azela had lived on a knife-edge. Although she had been able to play some minor pranks, she was unable to plan anything enough to grab Cahir by the collar; all because of his secretary, Rosaline.


She had visited Azela’s palace the day before. Their meeting was discrete. They met late at night in the backyard of the Third Annex Palace without anyone knowing. 


“Please take care of yourself. His Majesty is going to investigate the Buteux family.” 


She handed over the information as if it was for Azela’s benefit. The name of the nobleman coming out of Rosaline’s mouth was the person Azela was supposed to meet the next day.


For five years Azela could do nothing but go berserk in the Imperial Palace. She felt like her hands and feet were tied up. Azela abhorred Rosaline  as much as she detested Cahir. 


However, even if she wanted to bully Rosaline, Azela couldn’t find an opportunity. All her efforts were for naught. She was unaware when or where Rosaline was going to show up. She couldn’t even see her face, except when she met her in private that night. Rosaline was invariably with Cahir. Azela was so eager to see Rosaline that she felt lucky to meet her. 


Meanwhile, she was also looking for a plan to separate Rosaline and Cahir. 




After cudgeling her brain for a long time, Azela slapped her knee satisfactorily when she got an answer. If only Cahir could have a woman. A woman who would steal his heart, place him in the palms of her hands…. Someone who would tolerate his secretary being a woman. A woman who has her hands on Cahir’s heart will take care of Rosaline as well. Azela endeavoured to find a woman like that but unfortunately for her, there was no woman felicitous the description.


After the ineffectual attempt to torment either Cahir or Rosaline to her heart’s content, Azela gradually became ill. Azela’s attendants advised her to recuperate somewhere else. Azela traveled to a region with high mountains and clean water. 


There, she ran across Ella. Ella was the daughter of the lord where Azela stayed. She was a countess, but because of their low status Azela never paid attention to them. There wasn’t a single thing about Ella that got Azela’s inquisitiveness. However, the moment she met Ella, she was convinced.


“Yes! It’s her! She’s the one who will defeat Cahir and Rosaline!” 


She felt their meeting was fated as when she met her former husband who had died. Azela delayed her recuperation trip from a week to month. Her conduct towards Ella was warm, and she thought Ella was worthy of her caring.


One night, Azela put on the face of a loving mother and summoned Ella into her bedroom. 


“Do you know about Cahir?”


“It is an honor to hear the name of His Majesty, the Sun of the Empire.”


“Ella, what do you think about Cahir?”


Azela anticipated it. Ella’s eyes trembled finely and her white cheeks turned pink. 


“I really like you, Ella. The seat next to Cahir had been empty for far too long… As a mother, I’m concerned about him.” 


She acted like a mother who is perturbed for her son’s future. Ella held out her handkerchief as Azela burst into tears. 


“Oh, that’s so sweet of you.”


Azela complimented Ella. 


‘I’ll make you Empress, and Cahir will kneel at my feet.’ Azela thought with a devious smile on her face.




Rosaline saw the encounter of Ella and Cahir. She had just entered the entrance of the banquet hall after telling Hui to look over the food. The whole place was silent, and all at once, people’s heads tilted seeing how Ella parted the crowd and approached Cahir. 


‘They meet!’


Rosaline was exhilareted that they had met through her efforts. However, her excitement was short-lived, and Rosaline quickly calmed down.


‘It’s good that the female and the male lead have met. I should be happy, but why am I feeling like this?’


She questioned herself as she peered into the strange emotions that were felt. Her goal of making them meet was accomplished.. However, why did she feel so regretful now that the novel is flowing with the original story?


She felt bitter for some reason.


“Oh, I see you are here, Miss secretary.”


“Sir Derek, you can call me by my name.”


Derek never called Rosaline by her name. He was Rosaline’s senior, and he was also older, but he gave her the proper honorific title of ‘secretary’.


“This isn’t important now. His Majesty is looking for you.”


“His Majesty? Why?”


“Why not? The first dance is about to start.”


Since Rosaline knew what would happen, she just smiled to herself.



“Oh, Sir Derek. His Majesty just met his ideal partner, and I’m sure he’ll forget about me in no time.”


Hui and Derek exchanged glances with an articulate look on their faces. Cahir’s perfect partner was Rosaline. At least that’s how Derek and Hui see it. She was a trainer who tamed the wild beast, and also a purple traveler who could stand beside a golden lion. 


“There must be some misunderstanding. His Majesty appointed Miss secretary as his partner today.”


Derek spoke softly. He recalled Cahir’s face as he gave him the order to search for Rosaline for the fourth time. It was paradoxical that he was so frustrated by his expression, which was not the least bit disturbed. 


If he couldn’t find Rosaline soon, there was a chance of an unprecedented incident in the middle of the banquet. The banquet hall was crowded with people that Cahir loathed and deserved to die since they came for Azela’s birthday. It was an ideal atmosphere for a sword fight.


However, doing that will only make the situation worse. Derek searched for Rosaline to stop this catastrophe to take place.


“No, His Majesty will not be looking for me.”


Rosaline raised her hand and pointed to where Cahir was. Derek and Hui’s eyes followed her finger. In a distance, they could see a woman standing in front of Cahir. They watched the unusual scene with their gazes intertwined. Even from a distance, they could sense an unusual atmosphere. Derek and Hui shrugged their shoulders.


“Who is that woman, Miss Secretary? Do you know her?”


Hui approached Rosaline and asked. The corners of her mouth lifted suggestively. 


“No, I don’t know her. However, she is so prepossessing that she has got His Majesty’s eyes on her.”


“In terms of prettiness, Miss secretary’s beauty will be tough to beat.”


Hui’s cheeks puffed up as she spoke. Rosaline blushed at Hui’s frank compliment.


She knew it too. Everyone acknowledged that she had a striking appearance and was a very beautiful woman. 


When Cahir saw her for the first time, he said:


“I almost faint because she is very pretty.”


 However, her beauty could not prevaill over the predetermined destiny. Rosaline smiled bitterly.


 At that moment, the soft dance music began. The music brought people back to their senses and they were soon busy in search for their partners. 


“Oh, go dance, Hui and Derek. I’ll take care of His Majesty.”


Rosaline said, pushing Hui on the back. Hui stood in front of Derek. Rosaline nodded in satisfaction. There was a superstition in the Aethean Empire that if a person had his or her first dance at the first banquet with their partner, they would have a lifelong and unbreakable relationship.


Rosaline wasn’t sure about Derek, but for Hui, it was her first banquet dance.  Derek had no choice but to reach out to Hui in a nice gentleman’s manner, even though he was on duty. He felt sorry for Rosaline, who was left alone, while thanking Rosaline for her consideration.


Rosaline grinned while watching Hui and Derek. 


‘I did a good thing, didn’t I?’


Most of the people were dancing. Her mind wandered while she watched the movements created by the men and women, who were lost in the enchanting melody. Her eyes clouded over as if she had lost focus to everything around her. Everything felt blurry and different. The years that had elapsed came into her vision, like papers scattered in the air. For the first time, she felt alone. 


She was lonely.


An unfamiliar feeling wrapped around her. For five years she had been working and running, only to eliminate the death flag, and spent her time hoping to meet the female protagonist. 


Since Ella and Cahir, the main characters, had already met, was her use over? 


‘Yes, I like that! Live a healthy, pretty life. I’ll enjoy my life.’




As tears swelled up in her eyes, a familiar voice was heard through the sound of music playing. She came to her senses and her blurred vision came into focus. Rosaline blinked and hurriedly wiped away the tears on the tail of her eyes.


“Your Majesty?”


Cahir emerged from the crowd of dancing people. His knights rushed to follow him. Ella was nowhere to be found. 


‘Why did he leave Ella behind?’


Rosaline was dumbfounded. She stared at Cahir with a bemused expression on her face.


“Rosaline. What are you doing here?” Cahir growled. 


The expression on his face was very calm. However, she noticed immediately that the  lower-than-normal husky voice was a signal that Cahir wasn’t content. 


“I was managing the banquet. It needs music.”


“What? What does music have to do with you? Rosaline!”


He bellowed in an infuriated tone. His way of speaking caught everyone’s attention.


“Your Majesty, lower your voice, everyone is looking at you.”


Normally, she would have carefully yet quickly detected Cahir’s emotions, found out what he was irritated about, and resolved it. However,her feelings were also a bit distorted tonight.


One of Cahir’s eyebrows went up crookedly.


“Hmmm, Rosaline.”


He undone the button of the shirt that was tight around his neck. He gulped,  trying to swallow his vexation. The chattering of the young nobles who had not chosen a partner could be heard here and there. 


‘Ah, many people are going to die…’


Rosaline frowned.


“Did Derek and Hui ask you to manage the banquet hall?”




“How could they not? They got caught up so much in their love life that they neglected their work, didn’t they?”


Cahir’s eyes slowly scanned the banquet hall and then fell on Derek.


Cahir misunderstood.


Rosaline noticed it and knew she had to fix it quickly. However, Cahir was quick with his words. 


“Otherwise, I don’t think they would leave you to manage the banquet by yourself and go dance. You tend to be extraordinarily considerate of others. Isn’t that right, Rosaline?”







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