Chapter 12

Even without knowing that she was completely deceived by Elena’s performance.

“As I said before, ten days later, we are invited to join a banquet to celebrate the birth of Duke Rosert, who will be the founding contributor of the Empire and this will be the first time you will meet the Grand Duke Friedrich. Until then, make sure to act perfectly as the princess.”

“Yes, I’ll try.”

While suffering from Liabric’s nagging under the guise of advice, the carriage crossed the thousand-year capital of the Empire and reached the grand mansion. As she walked across the garden, she could see a Gothic-style mansion that she couldn’t guarantee to finish rounding even if she walked all day. Soon the door of the carriage that arrived in front of it opened.

“It’s great to see you, Your Highness.”

The butlers, servants, and maids, who were standing on their feet in this scalding heat , greeted me in unison.


Elena lifted her chin in a haughty manner and looked over them with a hazy look. No one dared to lift their heads with her authoritative gaze that caused all the perceptual nerves to stand. It was not just weighing, but her sense of presence was overwhelming.


They heard the excited voice of Grand Duke Franché inside the mansion. Coming out of the mansion in hurry, he welcomed Elena with open arms. He managed to hold back the laughter that popped up with his fake acting.

“It wasn’t easy to treat, I’m so glad you’re back in good health.”

“Thanks to your concern.”

When Elena responded appropriately, Grand Duke Francé laughed out loud.

“How can it be thanks to me? It’s supposedly gratitude for the help of the goddess Gaia. Come on, let’s not just stand here and go inside.”

“Yes, Father.”

Elena and Grand Duke Francé, who produced a friendly father-daughter relationship to reunite after a few years, moved to the drawing room. Liabric also quietly followed and sat with them. The three began to talk about their own themes, savoring the tea of the east that had been brewed.

“……you’ve changed a lot. I can see it quite a bit.”

Grand Duke Francé looked surprised at Elena’s different atmosphere from her first meeting with him. It was not just because she looked like his own daughter, but because she had faint dignity of a noble born since birth.

“I’m still in a long way in meeting father’s expectations.”

“I’m proud of you, and I repeat, you’re like my own daughter. The Grand Duchy is your home, so enjoy it as much as you like.”

“I will, Father.”

Elena responded in a friendly tone and showed a submissive attitude. Grand Duke Francé was satisfied when she threw away her vulgarity and absorbed noble etiquette in just a month.

“That’s enough for me to send my greetings to you. You must have been tired coming a long way, so take a good rest.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

When Elena stood up from the sofa, LiaBric did not forget her advice.

“Do you remember the interior structure of the mansion? Go to your room.”

“Of course, don’t worry. Liv.”

Elena, who smiled as if she was relieved, was polite and left the drawing room. Grand Duke Francé, who was watching the scene, opened his mouth a little later.

“As expected, you never let me down. Isn’t that vulgar pretending to be an aristocrat?”

“It’s just the way it looks.”

“There’s no basis, so even a little conversation will reveal all their greed of money.”

Grand Duke Francé looked on LiaBric’s concerns.

“Isn’t that a big deal? It’s almost the National Foundation anniversary.”

“I’m thinking of blocking the aristocrats as much as possible under the pretext of a chronic disease.”

“I see. I’m sure you’ll do well on your own.”

Grand Duke Francé sat languidly and replied as if she were talking about others. Once trusted and entrusted, he trusted LiaBric enough not to argue with her.

“More than that, His Highness’ movements in the palace are unusual.”

“He’s like a rutting dog all over the place again. Tell me more about it.”

There have been in-depth conversations over the handling of the accumulated information. Most of them are directly related to the actions in the Grand National Party. Looking at it, there is nothing that is not related to them.
At that time, Elena left the drawing room, and her servants stood in a line and bowed their heads. She lowered her eyes and checked, all four of them looked familiar.

‘Jane, Misa, Lunarin, and… each reciting their name in her memory.’

Elena’s eyes went on the girl who had freckles standing at the end.

Elena’s eyes looking down at Anne became colder. Anne, who has yet to take off her girlfriend, is familiar in Elena’s heart in her previous life. She may be young, but she is quick sensing, so she always felt satisfied Elena acting like a poison in her mouth.

‘I didn’t know you’d betray me, and not anyone else.’ It was later known that Anne had a liver planted by Leabric. Elena clearly saw it when she was kidnapped by unidentified men who had been ordered by the great princess during her time as a queen. Anne, who turns a blind eye to her for help. Only then did Anne realize that she wasn’t one of her colleagues. She probably stayed around and monitored every move and reported it to Leabric. When she stood in front of Ann, she remembered the feeling of that time again.
“I look forward to your service. You will feel the same despair as I felt.”
Elena, who issued a warning that she couldn’t get out of her mouth, stared at her without saying a word. Anne carefully opened her mouth, feeling burdened by her gaze and silence.

“I’m Anne…”

Anne, who had introduced herself, blurted out her words and closed her lips. This is because Elena’s gaze, which is staring at herself, is just too cold. Ann held her breath. Since they are maids who eat with the use of their eyes, they felt something wrong.

“I don’t remember letting you talk.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Again? I don’t know if I can wait until I’m not very good at learning.”

Anne, embarrassed, quickly shut herself up.
He showed signs of pride without knowing how to deal with it. Elena didn’t feel relieved even if she slapped her cheek when she thought of the betrayal she felt at that time.

‘Let’s stop.’

Elena lowered her hand, which kept going up. There is no need to raise suspicions to LiaBric by doing something more than necessary. The good thing is to keep it cool. She should walk in a tightrope without crossing the line. If she stops at this point, she will move on to the point where the princess, who returned, has taken the discipline of the following. Elena, turn around.
She could feel Ann’s tension, which had been stiff when she stood up, and was slightly relieved. Walking along the corridor, maids often followed Elena’s footsteps. She is in front of Veronica’s room on the second floor.

“What are you looking at? Still not opening the door.”

Anne, who shook her shoulder due to her cold tone, quickly jumped up and opened the door. Elena, who walked through the wide open marble door, looked over the familiar furniture, curtains, carpets, decorations, and paintings. For a moment, unbearable displeasure struck her.

‘Should I write what Veronica wrote into?’

Really, just thinking about it made me sick and felt the creep all over her body. In the past life, I wrote that I liked them without knowing anything, but not anymore. Elena turned around and walked to the closet. Anne, who was nervous when she stood up and made a jawline, quickly opened the closet door. A dress was hanging tightly inside.

“Get them out.”


“Do I have to say it twice? Take out everything.”

The nervous maids rushed out the dress and piled it on the carpet in the center of the room. As she had nearly 20 dresses, she was so full that she couldn’t reach her waist.

“Take off those ugly curtains, too. Get rid of that ugly-colored painting.”

The maids did as they were told. She wondered why it was like this, but they did not dare to ask if it would offend the owner and swallowed it inside.

“Burn these up right now.”

“B-but… Yes, I will.”

Lunarin, the oldest maid, tried to say something but quickly swallowed it. Working for another noble family, she entered the Grand Duchy about four months ago. Experience shows that the more fickle the owner is, and when the more they talk, the more he gets angry.

“Anne, tell the butler to find my dressmaker and the best carpenter in the capital. Right now.”

“Pardon? Yes ma’am!”

It was when Anne was in a hurry to turn.

“I’m not done yet.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.”
Anne was contemplated by the cold Elena’s command.

“Say this to the butler. Bring all the dresses, embroidery curtains, and carpets in the shop before dusk.”

“Yes, I will.”

When Anne left the room quickly, Elena moved to the reception room on the second floor as if she had nothing more to do. Since it is such a large mansion, there were more than a hundred rooms, and among them, Elena liked the reception room on the second floor, which was connected to the terrace and had a quick view of the green house. Elena sat on the terrace and savored the tea and cookies that Lunarin had served.

“From now on, black tea will be Earl Grey and you’ll throw away the first teaspoon. Also please bake cookies that are not too sweet. The texture is also not good.”

“Yes, my lady.”

Elena’s eyes turned to a well-organized greenhouse.

“The lilies, they’re very eye-catching. There are also many lively flowers like tulips and daisies.”

“……I heard you like lilies, did I get it wrong?”

“Once, but my taste changed. Do I have to tell you everything?”


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