Chapter 10


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That is, they were all widowed from their husbands.


In the end, it means that women who have husbands take it for granted that they hand over their rights to their husbands. Even though they were the ones who actually inherited the family. 


‘So it’s reasonable to start with a divorce.’


However, it was difficult for women in Lancaster society to get a divorce.


That was why Enoch liked the fact that Ines had the courage to come to him alone and persuade him.




Enoch slightly raised the evaluation of Ines.


But apart from that Enoch was taken aback by her words, or admired her highly.


Enoch had not yet fully comprehended Ines’s answer.


“It’s an interesting answer, but it’s hard to convince me of that answer alone.”


So Enoch answered calmly.


“If you simply want to get your life and your paintings back, there is a more moderate way than a divorce.”


“A moderate way…..”


“I’m telling you, maybe it’s better to talk to Count Brierton.”


 Ines’ shoulders hardened.


It was a sharp point that stabbed her lungs.


“If you want a divorce at the cost of ruining the Count, I think there must be a good reason. Isn’t it?”


At that question, Ines was silent for a long time.


She thought about biting her lips, then bowed her  head to avoid Enoch’s gaze.


The hands on her knees were full of strength.


Enoch, who watched the scene silently, nodded.


“As expected, it is difficult to get an answer. I understand, because anyone can have a situation.”


But the words that followed were as cold as ice.


 “But I don’t work with people who hide something from me. So…”


“… … My husband has never loved me.”


Just then.


A troubled voice came out from Ines’s lips, with her head bowed down.




At the confession he had never expected, Enoch’s eyes shook greatly. At the same time, Ines raised her head.


A dry voice rang out.


“I have one close friend.”


“A close friend…”


Enoch pondered for a moment. Since Ines made a bold proposal at the New Year’s banquet, Enoch had collected some information about her.



He learned that Ines had only formed very narrow human relationships until now. Her husband and her only friend. So it was easy to recall.


“Are you talking about Lady Jason?”


“Your Excellency knows too.”


Ines smiled faintly.


In fact, it would be even stranger not to know.


Ever since they got married, Ines has lived with Ryan and Charlotte all her life.


“My husband loves Charlotte, not me.”




An ice-cold silence passed.


Enoch, who had not lost his composure throughout the conversation, had a very rare surprised face. Ines suppressed the feeling of being swept over her neck.


“Charlotte is also…”


She had to admit with her mouth that her husband loved another woman.


How miserable this was.


Ines’ smile grew a little darker.


“But, as Your Excellency is well aware, it is difficult to proceed with a divorce case with an affair.”


“Yes, I guess so.”


Enoch narrowed his brow in agreement.


The Kingdom of Lancaster was actually quite patriarchal and conservative compared to other countries.


Older people must marry unconditionally, and the roles of men and women were clearly determined. Even if they asked for a trial because of the affair, the judge would convince them to get along well with their husbands again.


Enoch thought cynically.


Of course, there was an atmosphere in which infidelity itself was condemned socially, but that was all.


The wives would be encouraged to accept their husbands tolerantly. 


‘Well, even my older brother who is the current king…… ’


He asked Enoch to get married every time, saying it was time.


Enoch frowned involuntarily. At the same time, Ines, who had captured her emotions, looked at Enoch with a cold face.


“I don’t mean to bury this fact as it is.” 


“Then when are you going to expose it?”


“I plan to post it later as a follow-up article after my divorce is over.” 


At that deliberate answer, Enoch was a little surprised inside.


At least the Countess Brierton didn’t seem to have come here emotionally. Enoch confirmed again.


“So, are you saying that after the divorce is over, you are going to publish a follow-up article to fuel the scandal about the Count?”


“That’s right.”


Ines nodded calmly.


“I don’t intend to let Ryan alone pay the price. Charlotte also deceived me , so both of them should pay the price.”


Because Charlotte’s long-standing dream was to find a good marriage and achieve a rise in status…So this scandal would be a great revenge. The fact that all of her husband’s work was a lie, and that follow-up article about his messy private life as Elton’s sole monopoly.


Ines tilted her head and asked.


“I think it will attract a lot of interest from readers. Am I wrong?”


“I will not deny the words of the Countess.”


It was not at the level of denial.


The experience of working as a media executive for a long time was whispered to Enoch. If he posted these articles in a row, it was obvious that Elton’s sales would be sky high.




Enoch, who had chosen what to say for a moment, continued to speak cautiously.


 “But, Countess Brierton, I am concerned about you.”




Ines opened her eyes wide.


“The moment this scandal is reported by Elton, the Count and Lady Jason, as well as the Countess, will be talked about for a while.”


“…… Your Excellency.”


“It’s a bit difficult to say this with my own mouth, but Elton is a large newspaper subscribed to by more than 80% of the kingdom’s residents. The impact is enormous.”


Enoch, who was usually less talkative, rarely spoke long.


That was why Ines was concerned.


“If the Countess had decided, I will not stop you any further. In fact, from the point of view of a businessman, this article is very catchy. But…… ”


Enoch ended his speech with a sigh.


“Before you make up your mind, I ask you to consider the wounds you will suffer. 


Ines became gloomy.


Neither her husband nor her best friend ever cared about her.


Only this man she met after returning to the past cared about her.


‘It’s really funny.’


Ines, who was chewing on the soft flesh in her mouth, looked at Enoch with a firm gaze.


“I still want to.”




“Of course, from your point of view, I may look like a fool. I…”


“No, that’s not true.”


Interrupting Ines’ continued babble, Enoch shook his head at once. 


“I never thought the Countess was a fool.”


‘Now, what?’


Ines doubted her ears.


“Unless the Countess lied to me, the Countess is just a victim.”


But Enoch only shrugged his shoulders lightly. 


“Whatever form the victim wants to take revenge, it is the victim’s heart. It’s not something I can argue with.”


After answering that, Enoch asked a question in a businesslike tone.


“Anyway, the Countess hasn’t changed your mind about publishing the article, right?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Ines nodded with strength.


“But it is a cross between whether the Countess is really the victim, or whether the Count and Lady Jason are innocent. It has to be verified.”


All of a sudden, Enoch had returned to the cold businessman.


“So I will investigate Count Brierton and the daughter of Baron Jason separately.” 


Enoch tilted his chin and continued.


“The Elton only publishes certain facts. First of all, it is urgent to check whether the two are having an affair.”


“Yeah, I think I’d like it too. Please investigate as much as you can.”


“Okay, then, let’s put aside the Count’s private life at this point, and talk about the most important issue.”


Enoch looked straight at Ines.


“The paintings published under the name of Count Brierton were, in fact, all drawn by the Countess.”




Ines did not avoid Enoch’s gaze.


Rather, she just stared straight at him as if she had nothing to be afraid of.