Chapter 15



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The capital of Lancaster, the outskirts of Langdon.


Hwabang Street was located in the corner of the commercial district where mainly commoners come and go.


The boarding houses were close together, and the colorful signs poor painters drew in lieu of food and lodging expenses.


And even art galleries dotted around the streets.


Enoch looked around with a curious face.


“It’s definitely very different. It feels like their lifestyle is very different from ours.”


Ines, who was walking ahead with a light gait, glanced back and smiled. 


“That’s why I really like it here. The atmosphere itself is very free, isn’t it?”


“It certainly is.”


Enoch nodded.


No matter how far the aristocratic district and the commoners district were, they were in the same Langdon district.


It was surprising that the atmosphere was so different. Meanwhile, Ines, who was walking around the street familiarly, entered one of the art stores.


A middle-aged woman wearing an apron welcomed Ines with a bright face. 


“Isn’t that Ines? It’s been so long since I saw you.”


“How are you?”


Ines also greeted the woman casually.


Enoch, who was watching this, made a slightly surprised face.


‘Did the woman just call the Countess as Ines just now?’


Apparently, the owner of the art store did not know the true identity of Ines. At that moment, Ines glanced back at Enoch.


‘I’m sorry, but please work with me.’


After showing a slight wink, she turned back to the owner of the store.


There was a twinkle in Enoch’s eyes.


‘By the way, the Countess is very friendly even with commoners.’


Wasn’t it quite different from Ryan, who seemed to have created aristocratic supremacy as a human being?


Meanwhile, Ines continued talking to the owner.


“I stopped by because I ran out of paint. And I want to see some brushes..… ”


“Oh, then, come this way. A new brush just arrived, and I am proud of the quality.” 


The owner of the art store guided Ines to a place where various brushes were displayed. Ines examined the brush meticulously.


 “What kind of hair is this brush made of?”


“It’s Dambi’s hair.”



“Hmm, is there anything else?”


“Other than that, there is weasel hair…”


While they were having a conversation like that.


“By the way, Ines, who is that gentleman?”


The owner of the store lowered her voice and asked playfully.


“Isn’t this the first time Ines has visited an art studio with a man? Is he your lover?”


“Ah, no. He’s an acquaintance…”


Ines, who had answered that way without thinking, suddenly took a breath.


‘Ah, the Duke is here too! I was so obsessed with the brush that I made him wait too long!’


Astonished, Ines raised her head. At the same time, Enoch’s eyes met hers.




Ines, who had only licked her lips, closed her eyes tightly.


Enoch didn’t seem particularly angry, but you never knew! Ines looked back at the owner of the art store.


‘Oh, I can’t live!’


“Please wrap the brush with this.”




While the store owner went to pack the brushes, Ines, who approached Enoch at a slow pace, apologized with an apologetic expression.


“I’m sorry, I was too preoccupied with the brushes.”


“No, it’s fine.”


Enoch shook his head and asked a question.


“Then are you going to see the studio now?”




Ines nodded her head.


“No, Ines. Are you going to rent a studio on the street?”


The store owner, who had just packed and brought the brush, interrupted the conversation.


“In that case, the upper floor of my store is empty. What do you think?”


“Ah, upstairs?”


“Yes. It’s on the 5th floor and it gets a lot of sunlight and it’s nice. It was my son’s room, but he’s going to school now. So it’s empty.”


The store owner smiled mischievously.


“Don’t go and sign a contract for a strange room from a stranger, huh?”


“Well… … … I’ll take a look and decide.”


“Okay. I’m sure Ines will like it.”


The store owner answered confidently.


And it was true.


“How is it, isn’t it great?”


The store owner who brought Ines and Enoch into the room upstairs looked proudly at Ines.


Ines, who was examining the room, smiled and nodded.


“Yes, the room is good.”


First of all, the room was quite spacious.


It was enough to have all kinds of art supplies.


Among them, the thing that Ines liked the most was the large window in the front of the room. Ines approached the window lightly and glanced out the window.




For a moment, Ines gave a brief admiration without realizing it.


It was because the scenery of Hwabang Street was clearly visible through the window. Roads stretching out like a spider’s web, dense buildings, and free-spirited places where artists gathered.


All of those things Ines liked.




Ines, who had made up her mind, looked back at the store owner with a bright face.


“I will sign a contract for this room.”




After finishing the contract with the store owner, the sun was set.


‘Well, I think I had a good time, but…… ’


Ines glanced sideways at Enoch.


Enoch was, however, a busy man.


The only younger brother of the current king and the only duke of the empire.


The reason why his name shone was because of the numerous operations under his name.


‘Of course, it is true that the Duke said that he would follow me first, but shouldn’t I have been more sensible?’


Ines was sweating like that inside.


“I’m sorry, I think I took too much of your time today, Your Excellency.”


Enoch smiled and spoke to her.


“Today was a lot of fun.”




Ines, who was reflexively apologizing, widened her eyes.


“Well, it would be nice if that was the case.”


 “I’m serious. So, don’t worry about it.”


‘I’m so sorry though!’


Ines, who felt sorry inwardly, suddenly found a sandwich shop across the street.


Sandwiches made with baguettes were famous, and Ines herself bought it several times while going to the art gallery.


‘Yes, this is it!’


In an instant, Ines turned to look at Enoch with a bright face.


“Do you happen to like sandwiches?”


“…Well, I don’t hate it.”


Enoch answered the sudden question with a puzzled face.


As soon as she heard Enoch’s answer, Ines quickly walked to the sandwich shop.


The shop owner, who had been selling sandwiches for a while, met Ines and greeted her with a friendly face.


“Oh my God, isn’t that Ines?”


“It’s been a while, how have you been?”


Ines said hello and bought two baguette sandwiches.


Then she hurried back to Enoch and showed him the sandwich.


“You wasted a lot of time because of me today, so this is my small return.”


Ines quickly handed the sandwich to Enoch’s hand.


“The sandwiches here are really good. You can trust me.”




Enoch was a little stunned.


At the same time, Ines sighed and looked into Enoch’s eyes.


“Well, I don’t think the Duke has ever bought a sandwich on the street, right?”


‘Why on earth am I doing this?’


‘The Duke of Sussex can’t eat a sandwich on a street like this!’


Ines criticized herself inwardly.


Enoch nodded with his eyebrows raised slightly.


“Are you going to replace my day with a sandwich? This is a bit too much.”


‘No, I didn’t ask you to come with me, did I?’


Ines felt a little unfair.


But even so, she was the one who was excited today and dragged Enoch here and there.


Ines, who felt depressed, opened her mouth.


“Well, then, give me back the sandwich. I will find something worthy of Your Excellency’s day.”


“Hey, I didn’t say I’d return it.”


Enoch retorted playfully, unwrapping the sandwich with his long fingers, and taking a savory bite.


Ines looked at Enoch, as if possessed.


He was like a painting even eating a sandwich on the street like that. Enoch who chewed the sandwich, shrugging his shoulders.


“It’s just that this isn’t enough.”


“…So what should I do?”


To Ines’s blunt question, Enoch answered sensibly.


“Let’s do this. When this is all done, the Countess will reclaim the title of Count of Brierton…..”


In an instant, Ines stiffened. When she is completely divorced, she will recover the title she had handed over to Ryan. However….


‘Really, I… Will I be able to reclaim the title of Count of Brierton?’