Chapter 6


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Ryan always preached to Ines to be frugal, but everything he wore

set to the highest quality. 


He used an excuse that men work outside and there were many eyes to see.


And the person who suited Ryan in that outfit the most… 


‘It was Charlotte.’


Charlotte always wanted to get everyone’s attention.


Ines was, for example, a calyx.


Next to Charlotte, who was adorned like a peacock, Ines was nothing more than an extra that made Charlotte’s beauty stand out.


“Above all, if I go out dressed in too shabby clothes, won’t people be suspicious?” (Ines)


“What do you mean?” (Ryan)


“Is Count Brierton treating the Countess so poorly, that’s why she’s dressed in such shabby clothes?” (Ines)




As if he had been stabbed in his head, Ryan stiffened. In fact, those words were actually what Ines had heard before her regression.


In the first place, Ryan was able to become Count Brierton because of his marriage to Ines. Even after Ines stopped going out and only focused on helping Ryan in the shadow, the rumors had followed Ryan’s back quite tenaciously.


<It’s been so long since I’ve seen the Countess’s face…>


<The Count can’t be treating her badly, right? Is that why she’s only allowed to stay in the house?>


Well, the rumors weren’t completely false.


“I thought I should pay a little more attention to my attire, to prevent such unpleasant rumors.” (Ines)


Ines, with her round eyes closed, took a couple of steps back.


“This is all for you. You know that, right?” (Ines)


It felt a bit awkward, but Ryan nodded obediently.


Is that the naive Ines he knew? 


She could never have spoken her mind like that.


‘Because Ines loves me.’


Facing Ines’ unknown dark green eyes, Ryan comforted himself.


Ines smiled softly.


“Today’s banquet is a very important event. Let’s go, we’ll be late.”




The colorful chandelier lights fell like jewels in the banquet hall. Golden champagne cascades down over the mountains of champagne glasses.


The soft, elegant music tickled the ears, and people dressed in splendor like clusters of flowers having a conversation.


Among them, some of the ladies greeted Ines.


“It’s been a long time since I saw you, Countess Brierton.”


Staring at Ines with an unusual gaze, a lady smiled brightly.


“You’re very beautiful today.”


“Thank you.”


Ines smiled like a painting and nodded her head.


Perhaps the meaning of the lady’s words was, ‘Why have you been wearing such shabby clothes on a regular basis?’ 


‘How many rumors have spread in the dark?’


If they dared to say something like that to her face, how much did they talk behind her back?


Ines struggled to swallow the sigh that was about to burst out.


“The Duke of Sussex enters!”


The royal attendant raised his voice loudly.


In an instant, people’s eyes turned to him.


Bright blonde hair as if it had been extracted by melting pure gold, and eyes as blue as the sea. Really, he was a dazzlingly gorgeous man.


Even though he had just entered the ballroom, his presence was overwhelming. Ines stared intently at the Duke of Sussex.


‘Finally we met.’


Trying to suppress the tension that was rising to the end of her neck, Ines clenched her fists.


‘My divorce, my work, my life.’


A person who could be the best helper in making all those things happen.


The man was standing right in front of her.


Meanwhile, the surroundings became noisy like a swarm of bees.


“Oh my God, the Duke of Sussex is here?”


“It’s amazing, I know he rarely attends parties like this.” 


“I think he came today because it’s a New Year’s party hosted by the royal family. Since he’s the king’s young brother.”


Afterwards, the King and the Queen entered, and the New Year’s party began. However, the main character of this party was definitely the Duke of Sussex.


“How are you, Duke?”


“I enjoyed the special article published by Elton magazine this time.”


Surrounded by people in an instant, the Duke of Sussex smiled awkwardly.


“Oh my God, the Duke of Sussex!”


Ryan, who approached Ines at the same time, whispered in a very excited voice.


“If only I can receive the patronage of the Duke, my reputation will be even higher!”


It was true.


Because the Duke of Sussex was famous for choosing only geniuses to support them.


All the artists supported by the Duke achieved considerable fame in the Empire. Hence the nickname ‘The Gentleman Who Sees Gold.’


“I have to talk to the Duke somehow… … !” Ryan couldn’t get over his nervousness and chewed his lips.


People surrounded the Duke almost like a wall, so there was no way to get close to him.


And then.




Someone called Ines.


It was a voice mixed with slight displeasure.


Looking back, Charlotte stood there, adorned like a bouquet of red roses.


 “What are you wearing?” (Charlotte)


Charlotte looked at Ines up and down and wrinkled her forehead.


“I told you, you’re much prettier when you wear plain clothes. What’s with this fancy dress?” (Charlotte)


“Well, I prefer to dress as I like it more than to look beautiful to others.” 


Ines responded casually. Charlotte bit her molars tightly.


‘What the hell is that reaction?’


If it had been the usual Ines, she would surely have been terrified, not knowing what to do.


“Do I look that strange?”


“Well… … It doesn’t suit you.”


After saying something like that, Charlotte would pretend to think about it for a while.


“I think it would be better if I fixed your makeup. Shall we go to the break room together?”


That was how Charlotte always twisted Ines’ mind and then they headed to the break room. After that Charlotte would fix Ines’ makeup as light as possible and then came back out to the ballroom. 


Anyway, since Ines was the Countess of Brierton, one of the prestigious nobles, there were quite a few gentlemen who wanted to greet her politely. Then Charlotte would stand next to Ines and wait while showing off her gorgeous beauty in contrast to Ines.


The gentlemen who greeted Ines would ask Charlotte for a dance, and from among them, she chose the man she liked.


“But Ines, that’s… .” (Charlotte)


“Actually, Charlotte, I got a compliment today from Baroness Wickham that I was beautiful.” 


Pretending to be shy, Ines continued speaking while dyeing both cheeks red. 


“I had never received such a compliment before, and I am so glad to hear it for the first time.” 




“I guess my taste isn’t too bad. Right?”


Charlotte couldn’t help but keep her mouth shut.


If she said ‘Your taste is not good’ here, it would mean Baroness Wickham, who praised Ines, was a liar.


“I had never received such a compliment before when I dressed plainly like Charlotte said.”


Ines smiled mischievously.


 “It’s important to listen to others’ advice, but I don’t think it’s bad to dress according to my taste. After all, the person who knows me best is me.”


“Ines, what are you talking about?” At the same time, Ryan interrupted the conversation. “Charlotte said it for your own good.”


Ines narrowed her eyes and looked at Ryan.


Aside from arguing over Charlotte’s men issue, their close affection still remained.


Seeing him take Charlotte’s side like this.


“Do you think there is anyone who cares for you as much as Lady Jason?” (Ryan)


 “Ryan.” (Charlotte)


“Do you really need to rebuke her in front of people like that? Huh?”  (Ryan) (*this guy needs to be shot 😡)


Ines was dumbfounded.


‘Now I see that Ryan has never taken my pride into account.’


In the first place, Ines didn’t rebuke Charlotte.


How could her response to ‘Your clothes are not good’ with ‘I want to wear them according to my taste’ be rude?


Wasn’t Charlotte more rude when talking about someone’s attire like that?


But Ryan’s voice only kept rising.


“You have the face of the Brierton, do you have to be so rude?”


All of a sudden, the eyes of the people turned towards him.


Ryan felt that gaze and stretched his shoulders.


‘This is an opportunity.’ (Ryan)


Recently, Ines’ behavior was strangely annoying.


In order to turn her into the obedient wife as before, it was necessary to break her spirit in front of people like this.


It was inevitable.


Above all.


‘In front of people, I have to show them how Ines cling to me desperately.’ (Ryan) 


Otherwise, people would think he married into the Brierton and took the title without needing to work. (*Isn’t it true? 🙂)


Recently, Ryan has been gaining a lot of fame in the art world, so people gossip less than before.


‘If I don’t step on Ines like this, I’ll never know how high she’ll climb.’


Ryan gave strength to his voice and continued speaking.


“Every time you act like this, you humiliate me more…… !”


But then.


“Oh my.”


A gentle voice rang out.


It was a beautiful voice.


“It seems that I came at a bad time.”