Chapter 17



“He doesn’t miss anything. You can’t find anyone like this even if you wash your eyes in the Grand Dukedom. And most of all, he admires the princess.”

Elena managed to resist the near-bursting sneer.

“Someone might think that a lady, who participated in the ball, is being introduced to a knight.”

The role of Leabric now is a facilitator.

Elena was somehow attracted to Loreche and was working hard to appoint him as a direct knight.

‘If you want it so badly, I’ll pretend to be in love with him.’

Here, it’s alright to act like a doll Leabric wants.

“I would like to present my sword, my honor, and my life by your side.”

“Lord Loreche.”

Elena acted with a touch of emotion.

“That’s what you got across to me. Liv, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for Liv, I wouldn’t have found a man like Lord Loreche. I feel like my dream has come true.”

“I’m relieved to hear that.”

For the first time in a while, Leabric was satisfied. She was convinced that Elena fell in love with him, who couldn’t take her eyes off him.


The maids and servants of the Grand Duke family suffered from intense labor that was tight enough to have even two bodies. The most grand annual event of the Friedrich family was the birthday of the first family, which was held on the day of the birth of its first owner, because an unscheduled appointment ceremony was added. Elena smiled in her mouth at the Grand Duke, at the return of her intention.

‘It’s not moving as you intended anymore.’

Elena in her past life was passive. When Leabric told her to eat, she ate, when she told her to wear something, she wore it, and memorized the words without a single mistake, and talked to the nobles like parrots. She had no choice but to do so then. If she turned out to be fake, Leabric would threaten Elena’s life.

Crucially, she threatened to kill her parents whenever she tried to escape her control. But at that time, her parents were not in the world.

Elena had no choice but to follow the words of the enemy who killed her parents without knowing that.

Elena believed that her parents had escaped the country safely, although she was not aware of the news. The words that intentionally looked at Elena before coming to the Grand Duchy were the same, and the fact that Leabric, who is very cautious, has not made any significant moves so far has supported such circumstances. It means that Leabric could not control or arrest Elena by taking care of her parents’ safety.

“Anne, your bangs are messy.”

At Elena’s words sitting with her legs crossed, Anne was scared and cleared up her spread baby hair.

“Lunarin, shoes.”

Elena put her feet on the shoes decorated with glass drops and raised her waist. Elena’s whole body was caught in the mirror as her wavy red blonde hair fell behind her back. She was like a rose with the off shoulder dress that revealed her neckline and shoulder line, and makeup that made her eyes look like roses.

“Y-You’re so beautiful.”

“Is that so?”

Elena asked back insincerely at Anne’s pure admiration.

“Oh, Liv’s waiting outside?”

“Yes, she’s been here a while.”

“I forgot because I was dressing up. Tell them to go out and have her come in.”

Elena had Leabric, who had been looking for her under the pretext of dressing up, stand in the hallway for a long time.

“Liv, you’ve been waiting a long time, haven’t you? I’m sorry. It’s a good day, so I’ve been waiting too long to look pretty.”

Elena looked sorry when she saw Leabric, who looked like she had escaped like a low tide. This is how it feels to give a bottle and a medicine.

“Are you ready?”

“Yeah. Liv, how am I? Do I look pretty? I hope it looks pretty in his eyes…”

Elena, reflected in Leabric’s eyes, was like a young maiden enamored with her knight. Elena could not take off her pathetic girlhood, even if she said, “Don’t lose the dignity that fits the position of Princess Veronica.”

That may make it easier to handle. With such desire and vanity, she would just have a hard time with Sir Loreche.

“I’m sure. I guarantee it.”

“Thank you. I’m so excited that my heart is about to explode. I feel like I’m dreaming.”

“How was it yesterday?”

Elena had tea time with Loreche for the past four days. It was an investment to pretend to be in love with Loreche and show perfect performance.

“It was an enchanting time. All I had to do was drink a cup of tea…. I love that time when he’s standing by my side without a word. He’s so reliable and down-to-earth.”

“Lord Loreche is a lucky knight. He’s been chosen by the princess.”

“Is that how it works?”

A big smile fell on Elena’s lips when she let it float.

“Make sure you pledge your oath to Lord Loreche today. You shouldn’t be a bad girl who ignores the admiration of an honorable knight.”

“W-what do you mean a bad girl? I can never betray his sincerity.”

Elena said she hated the term “bad girl” and that it would never happen. As if it was trustworthy, Leabric did not bring it up anymore.

“It’s been a long time. Let’s go, princess.”

When Leabric stepped back and offered her to move forward, Elena stepped her foot. Every time she moved on with her chic and elegant steps, Leabric and the ladies followed her politely.

The procession leading up to Elena reached the Central Training Center. At the Central Military Training Center, where the official appointment ceremony of the Grand Duke was held, about a hundred knights lined up in line with columns. The knights, wearing silver armor and bearing the symbol of the Grand Duke on their chests, looked more dignified than ever.

“Princess, go up.”

When Leabric recommended the podium, Elena picked up her skirt slightly and climbed the stairs.

“I’m warning you, but I don’t allow any unexpected action. Act as you memorize it.”

Reflecting on her near-anti-threatening advice, Elena climbed onto the podium at the height of an adult male’ shoulders.

“Say greetings to Princess Veronica!”

James, the head of the 2nd Knights, led the knights just below the podium on behalf of the 1st Knights, who were unable to attend due to external dispatch.

Click, click!!

The knights pulled out their swords in a disciplined gesture and raised them above their heads. And as the pouring sunlight penetrated the body, the handle was pulled to the palate. A series of actions completed without a single error is an example of a knight that promises eternal loyalty and obedience to the Lord. Elena returned the greeting by putting her hands together and being polite.Nine lines, three from the left.

Elena, who was looking at the faces of the knights, had a smile of relief around her mouth. I was worried that it might not come out, but it was just a concern. He’s here.

Right here at the Central Training Center. Elena, who came down from the podium, walked to the members of the knights lined up. It was immediately followed by Leabric and James, the second knight. James introduced Elena when she stopped in front of the knight standing on her feet.

“This is Lord Hamel. He is a strong man in the 1st Knights, and a master of stenography. He’s a knight with the courage to always be at the forefront of the battlefield.”

“You look as brave as ever.”

Elena walked slowly and repeatedly stood in front of the interested knights and was introduced. This is because they are asking for the image of a princess who is interested in the knights since they decided to hold a massive appointment ceremony. Round and round Elena’s shoes stood in front of Loreche.

“What about this guy?”

“This is Sir Loreche. He’s in Top Three throughout the entire order, and he’s called a white lion because of his beautiful appearance.”

Leabric, who had been silent until now, also said a word.

“He’s a knight that your Highness is also watching.”


Elena paced in front of Loreche. It was an expression of interest.

Judging from Loreche’s skill in the Knights, there was nothing strange about being appointed.Elena, who was hesitating, turned around and passed by.


The most embarrassing thing was Loreche, who believed he would be chosen. His uncharacteristically shaky eyes suggested his embarrassment.

Such reactions were not much different from that of Leabric.

“You, you… what are you doing?”

It was a completely unexpected development. As agreed in advance, Elena was supposed to point to Loreche, who had been struggling, and take the oath on the spot. The plan was on the verge of falling apart.

Elena was paying attention to other members of the Knights who had never even looked at her.

‘No way.’

Leabric’s palms were flushed with sweat from the surging nervousness. It’s extensive. It’s a personnel appointment. Once appointed, they could not be held back in any circumstances. There were even many eyes to see. All the members of the Knights who participated in the appointment ceremony were witnesses. Elena, whether she was or not, moved between the knights.


Elena’s walk, which seemed unlikely to stop, finally stopped.

“Can you introduce him to me?”

Elena’s attention thinned Leabric’s eyes. She didn’t have a chance to figure it out because he was a new knight that didn’t show much since it hasn’t been long since he came in.

“This is Sir Hurelbad from the 2nd Knights. He’s a new knight who was appointed just 10 days ago.”

Elena raised her chin and stared at Hurelbad. Is it because the first meeting left a strong impression? Elena’s blatant gaze felt the body of Hurelbad shaking slightly.

“Can you tell me more?”

“He’s from the Eastern Front, so he’s very good at horseback riding… Other than that, he’s just….”

James didn’t seem to know much about Hurelbad, even though he was a member of the 2nd Knights. Hurelbad was also a newcomer, but he didn’t feel any affection for him compared to when he introduced other knights.

“I beg your pardon, but your princess, Your Highness, and Sir Hurelbad, he is a commoner and has not yet been trained, so he still lacks the virtues, skills, sophistication, and sword skills to be a knight. So, I don’t think he’s enough to be a direct knight.”


Elena looked up at Hurelbad with a sad face. He was devalued by James in his presence, but his expression didn’t change a bit.

‘That’s why they call him the knight of ice.’

Hurelbad became the sword of the Grand Duke and began to gain fame in the Empire from the defeat of the Northern Rebels later this year. Assuming that his sword skills didn’t improve within the last month or two, Hurelbad is already a strong knight.

‘Maybe he’s hiding his talent. If he stands out, he’ll only be checked by knights from the aristocracy.’

That means the Grand Duke didn’t recognize Hurelbad’s talent.




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