Arc 4 chapter 6


“It was a night so fascinating that I can’t speak, Liv.”

Elena, who left the annex and was returning to the main building, couldn’t hide her excitement and chatted.

“You’ve done a great job that’s not easy.”

Leabric, who followed suit, unexpectedly agreed with Elena. Elena did well as Princess Veronica’s role more than she feared. It wasn’t perfect yet, but it was clear that it was a remarkable achievement.

‘Except for being with Sir Ren.’

Leabric couldn’t stop them even though she was in the same place, and she didn’t know what they talked about even though she was looking with her eyes open. The curiosity was driving Leabric mad for perfection. All she wanted to do was question Elena and listen to her stories.

“I know you’re tired, but let’s talk for a while.”

“Should we?”

They moved to the drawing room located in the main building. Even before the tea and cookies that had been asked to be served to the maid of honor, Leabric asked about what had happened earlier.

“Sir Ren is a dangerous man. He was hostile again. What the hell happened?”

“Where should I start….? Ah! He came to my room just before the banquet.”


Leabric’s eyes grew fierce. Emotions were exposed to the surface.

That’s because Ren’s unexpected behavior exceeded her expectations.

“He came into the room without permission, and suddenly said hello.”

“And? Tell me everything he did.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. It wasn’t a conversation in the first place. He unilaterally asked me how I was doing, then he stared at me and left.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Leabric’s eyes deepened. It is to find meaning in the series of actions that Ren has shown.

“Tell me what he said in the hall.”

“At that time, it was too scary, and I was confused… Ah! He said he hated me.”


Elena nodded.

“Yes, when I asked him why he was doing this, he didn’t like me, but I asked if there was a reason. Liv, the look on his face was so scary that I was suffocating.”

“I know it’s hard. But you did a good job, princess.”

Leabric patted Elena on the shoulder to console her. It was a consolation without sincerity. Her mind was focused on figuring out why Ren had done this.

‘Did he notice she was a substitute?’

Leabric threw a flash point. Although they were in a blood relationship, the two never met in two years. Two years of growth is the period of many physical and mental growth. Even though they were cousins they were unfamiliar to each other. Even if Elena was a little dazed and made mistakes, there was no doubt, he could not doubt it as a reverse.

Leabric looked up and stared at Elena.The perfect role. Appearance alone was no different from Princess Veronica. The decorations with dresses and accessories made her look more natural.

‘Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.’

Even if she refrained from speculating, she should definitely point out what she had to say. Ren was too dangerous a man to let go of the tension.

“I saw Sir Ren fall while dancing. What happened to him?”

“Oh, I pushed him.”

Leabric frowned at Elena’s words.


“He grabbed my wrist so hard that I was sick and scared that I couldn’t just shake it off. Then I pushed him as hard as I could. That’s all.”

Leabric opened her eyes wide at Elena’s words. Ren was well-built enough to hold Elena, who can’t dance. He was also an expectant athlete who was born with a skill for swordsmanship and was expected by the Empire. He wasn’t a man easy enough to fall down just because a woman pushed him.


“No wonder Liv doesn’t believe it. But it’s true.”

Leabric was frustrated. Common sense doesn’t make sense, but she had no choice but to believe Elena when she said that.

‘It’s weird. I feel like I’m missing something.’

The problem was that there was no way to explain what was missing.

“Again, Sir Ren is dangerous. Avoid him if you can. If you have no choice but to run into each other, avoid him.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

Elena nodded her head in a solemn expression. Perhaps because she didn’t want to let go of what she lost, Leabric no longer said the same thing.

“It looks like you had a conversation with Madame de Flanrose.”

“Oh, I had a chance to say hello to her by chance.”

Elena confided without a lie. There was no particular reason to hide it.

Elena and Madame de Flanrose talked about etiquette in an official place.

“It looked like you were exchanging something?”

‘Did you watch me in the meantime?’

It must have been hard to leave Elena alone. She could see that she had talked to a lot of aristocrats, but she kept her eye on her for a while. Elena hid her mind and spoke calmly.

“Oh, I was so happy that I gave her a handkerchief to thank her for her good manners.”

Then Elena intentionally shrank, pretending to look at Leabric’s cold expression.

“… Did I do something wrong?”

“What do you think you did wrong?”

“… It’s not good to give a handkerchief?”


Leabric continued in a cold tone.

“The princess’ manners are still immature. She’s much better, but she’s as young as she looks. Have you ever thought that if you were involved with such a woman, you’d get caught?”

Elena opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“B-but she definitely praised my manners.”

“Compliment your opponent for their lack. It’s also part of etiquette.”


Leabric pointed out only by applying her yardstick to Elena.

“Listening to Liv, I think I was careless. In that state of mind I’ll be careful from now on.”

Elena apologized in that position, saying she would correct the mistake. Leabric, who had completed her business, stood up from the sofa and gave a final warning.

“Princess, always remember. How you are in your current situation and where you come from. Will you go back there again or stay here?

It all depends on being a princess.”


“You know what I mean, right?”

Leabric, who unilaterally finished what she had to say, left the drawing room.


When Elena, who was left alone, heard the door closing, she got up from her seat and turned on the flag. When she tried to move away from Leabric’s eyes, her body unconsciously tensed up.

“But it was a very satisfying day.”

A deep smile spread around Elena’s mouth with a feeling of accomplishment that filled her heart. She took a step forward to avenge herself today.


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