Arc 4 Chapter 1



“What do you think, Liv? Does it look good on me?”

Elena bragged about her dress, which will be worn at the birthday party tomorrow. Leabric answered reluctantly.

“… It’s too fancy.”

“I asked the dressmaker to pay special attention, but it’s so much prettier than I thought.”

As Elena asked, the dresser Lusen brought with her a dress reminiscent of the Milky Way. The dress was packed with high-end jewelry, from the shoulders of the Milky Way to the tip of the tooth. As a result, you couldn’t erase the colorful yet crude feeling.

“Princess, I think you’d better wear this dress for the next banquet.”

“W-what’s wrong with it, Liv?”

“The birthday party is a reverent celebration in honor of the first family of Friedrich’s family. I’m afraid this dress is too fancy to wear for this banquet.”

Elena was about to cry when Leabric poured cold water on her.

“What can we do, Liv? I really want to wear this dress…”

“Do as I say.”

Leabric cut her off with determination, as if to stop bringing it up.

Then she took out a simple but elegant dress from the wardrobe.

“It’s a dress made by Lusen, the dressmaker earlier. So wear this instead.”


“Princess, won’t you answer?”

Leabric’s eyes changed.

“What? Yes. I like that dress, too. I’ll wear it.”

Elena nodded reluctantly, saying she would do so. As if it was regrettable, she did not forget the test of alternating dresses.

‘It’s not even a dress that I wanted to wear in the first place.’

The purpose was to remove and dispose of the jewels decorated in the dress, which did not have to be worn at the banquet. If she had enough money to run away from Leabric’s eyes, that would be enough.

Anne and Lunarin, the maids of honor, were brought into the room and changed their dresses. They also changed shoes and decorations to suit their elegant style.

“I think I’ve finally found a suit for the princess. I bet the main character of tomorrow’s banquet will be a princess.”

In a compliment that didn’t sound sincere, Leabric pointed out the things to keep in mind at tomorrow’s banquet.

First, save your words as much as you can.

Second, do not act independently.

Third, never bump into Ren. Avoid encounters inevitably.

The first two things flowed. It wasn’t the story for Elena of now.

Elena noted the last mention of Ren Bastasche.  Even if Leabric did not give advice, she was well aware of his dangers. Ren was an unpredictable man. A man like him who never got tamed. As soon as she is found to be fake, he would rush to take away even a piece of rotten meat.

‘I don’t know what else to do, but I have to be careful of that son of a bitch.’

He could be a stumbling block to Elena’s revenge. That much should be avoided.

“Always keep it in your chest. A little mistake could make you lose everything you’re enjoying now. Then rest early for tomorrow, princess.”

Leabric put the tension into the room until just before she left. Elena,who changed to everyday clothes, told the maids to serve refreshments. Sitting on the terrace, enjoying tea time, she saw carriages that were coming without break enter the house through the garden.

“It’s already tomorrow.”

It was the day Elena made her first debut in the role of Princess Veronica. She remembered the rest of her nervous mistakes.

“What does Lord Hurelbad think of when he sees those carriages?”

Although embarrassed by the sudden question, Hurelbad was good at facial expressions to match the prestige of being the knight of the  ice.

“I thought there were a lot of aristocrats in the Empire.”

“Yes, there are a lot of them.”

Hurelbad stared at Elena without a word. Elena, who felt the gaze, looked back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m sorry.”

Hurelbad quickly apologized, taking it as a reprimand.

“If you’re sorry, keep looking at me like that.”


“You earn money.”

This uncontrollable whim of the lady left Hurelbad perplexed. Elena enjoyed the reaction while drinking black tea. Hurelbad, who watched her without saying a word, took out his sincere heart.

“…… It is not possible to tell the true story of the Princess.”

Sometimes he felt like he was seeing the aristocratic spirit of that age, which is snobbish, vain, and immature. However, sometimes she shows authority that cannot be resisted and nobility that could be respected.

“Is that a compliment? Or is it a curse for insinuation?”

“Curse, that’s absurd. I’m telling you because I think you’re out of my depth.”

Elena smiled as she watched Hurelbad, who was worried that she might misunderstand. It was a pure smile that she had never made before.

“Then I’ll keep trying. A lady you can read the mind of is not attractive.”


Also, Hurelbad tried to accept her rather than understand her. Elena suddenly threw someone’s name at him.

“Ren Bastache, have you ever heard of this name?”

“I remember him as heir to the Bastache family, who became independent of the Grand Duchy.”

Elena nodded.

“He’s such a bully.”

“What are you saying now…”

“He’s a man who can’t look for manners even after washing his eyes. Very rude and disgusting.”

Arrogant. Is there another expression that’s more appropriate than that?

Hurelbad was speechless by the vulgar words that came from Elena’s mouth, which showed her aristocratic nobility.

“He’s coming to see me tomorrow. Without an appointment.”

“…… Your Highness the Princess?”

“Sir, keep in mind what I’m saying from now on. Don’t stand up to him no matter what he does. Do you understand?”

Hurelbad, who did not understand the true meaning of the words, asked back.

“Is that an order?”


In response to Elena’s short and decisive answer, Hurelbad wanted to ask why, but he was just a knight, so he shut up.

“I’ll follow.”

Elena’s lips crept up when he answered that he would do so obediently.

‘Please understand that I want to hide you more.’

She hated to admit it, but Ren was strong. He was not recognized as one of the three swords that supported the empire. It is not necessary to create a quarrel with Ren and reveal the existence of Hurelbad.

“Sir, can I tell you a secret?”

Hurelbad lowered his chin and made eye contact. Elena’s eyes bent like a crescent moon. It was an eye smile that was so fascinating that his heart sank.

“Sir is my only pride.”


Hurelbad’s expression was strangely distorted by the compliment without a subject. He guessed it was because of his appearance, but he felt bitter because he seemed to be recognized only for his appearance, regardless of his duty as a knight. He didn’t even know it was his misunderstanding.




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