Chapter 7

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Clyde Kassir.

As the second son of the Marquis of Kassir, he was a perfect man, with talent that only appeared once every hundred years, and a handsome appearance that famous male opera singers cannot even compare to. 

He was also the man who would become Emperor.

In her previous life, Ellor had only realized that all of her designs were in vain when she reached the depths of despair.

She should have held him in her palm first. 

At the thought that she missed him due to her oversight in her past life, she became filled with so much anger that she could even wake up from her sleep. 

‘My life can’t just end like that. Clyde, this time round, I’ll never let you slip away.’

With the help of the ladies-in-waiting, Ellor took off her tight clothes and ordered for white rose scented oil to be poured into the bath.

It was an expensive and precious scented oil that most nobles could not use frequently, but for the sake of Clyde, whom she will be meeting soon, it was not a waste at all. 


“Oh, it’s so cold.”

Ellier habitually said it was cold, but began to slowly run around the training grounds. 

It has already been three weeks since she had started physical training.

During this period of time, she became quite healthy, and now she was capable of running three laps without a break.

While white fog appeared as she exhaled while running, Ellier pondered on what she should do in the future. 

Her vexations started by organizing the events of her previous life.

‘Clyde Kassir, that b*stard! Even if I kill him slowly, it won’t be enough!’

Clyde Kassir. It was the name of Ellier’s husband, no, her ex-husband.

Since he was called a genius since young, and he had a good-looking face, no matter where he went, Clyde was popular. As there wasn’t just one or two Young Ladies that were burning with impatience for him, he was more famous than the heir to the family, his older brother Maximillian. 

No matter how exceptional he was, his biggest weakness was his inability to succeed the Marquisate of Kassir. 

As a very conservative family, the second son could not inherit the title of Marquis no matter what as long as his older brother was still alive. 

He was dissatisfied with this, and at that time, the Emperor made a groundbreaking declaration.

“I will appoint the most capable person amongst the Princes, Princesses, and my nieces and nephews as the next Emperor!”

The Emperor, who seemed as though he delayed the Crown Prince’s appointment because of his selfishness, gave all his children and nieces and nephews an equal opportunity.

On one hand, it was an exceptional declaration that could be called progressive, but on the other hand, it was a surprising declaration. How could someone that placed great importance on himself, treat his children and nieces and nephews as equals?

In particular, considering his history of tormenting his brothers and their children, it was a declaration that could help but be suspicious.

But not long after, the reason behind the Emperor’s declaration spreaded secretly.

“Apparently, His Majesty is said to have congenital infertility, hm.”

“If that’s the case, then the Imperial Highnesses…?”

“They are all children of other men. If that’s the case, then his nieces and nephews are more closely related to His Majesty.”

“That’s why such an announcement was made!”

It was a scandal of the century. In the history of Pardinas, has there been another genealogy like this?

Although the Empress and the Imperial concubines claimed that those rumours were complete nonsense, even with their claims of innocence, no one objected to the fact that the Emperor’s nieces and nephews were candidates for the throne.

In any case, it was a golden opportunity for Clyde. He planned to make one of the Princesses the Emperor, and marry her.

‘And I was chosen. I must have looked so foolish…’

Ellier’s pride was hurt from that point.

However, Clyde then was amiable and kind to the point where it made it impossible to guess what he was actually thinking. Moreover, he had faithfully performed his role as an advisor, and dished out stern advice.

With his ingenuity, he laid out a board that was advantageous for Lilliette, who succeeded in completing his plan, and achieved victory in this manner. The two couldn’t be more perfect as partners.

“I, too, accept the results of the fair evaluation conducted by the Evaluation Committee of Candidates for Emperor, and declare the Fourth Imperial Princess Lilliette Syaard Solen as the Crown Princess.”

When she was declared as the Crown Princess, how ecstatic she was then. It felt like her hard work during this period of time seemed to be compensated for at once. But it wasn’t only the fact that she was designated as the successor to the throne that made her happy.

“I couldn’t tell you before, but I want to convey my feelings now. I love you, Your Highness. I have come to love you through the times I’ve spent with you.”

She, who just became the Crown Princess, received a romantic confession from Clyde, saying that he wanted to convey his feelings. 

As they had been through sufferings together, she had no choice but to believe. As she also loved him. 

She thought she had everything in the world.

She should have noticed that the amount of happiness granted to Lilliette Solen couldn’t be that great…

Unsurprisingly, she held onto the Emperor’s throne for less than a year.

As she gradually weakened after her ascension, she collapsed one day and turned into a vegetative state. 

If it was a naturally occurring disease, she wouldn’t have felt so aggrieved.

‘But the situation changes if I fell into a vegetative state because of poison, and the person that handed me poisoned cigars was my husband.’  

Ellier gritted her teeth.

The poisoned cigars were procured by her half-sister Ellor, who had a crush on Clyde for years and also despised Lilliette. Because of this, Ellor became Clyde’s mistress.

It can’t be taken as a spiteful tragedy comedy.  

‘That nasty b*stards. If I’ve made you the Emperor, the least amount of mercy you could give me was to let me die without pain at once.’

In order to lay the foundations of his power, her cruel and vicious husband left his wife in a vegetative state for 10 years, wielding the Emperor’s authority instead.

10 years.

Although it was 10 years, the suffering of having to spend 10 years in a prison where it was impossible to move even a single finger was indescribable. 

Especially when she couldn’t spit at him when she recalled her loyal advisor and lovable husband’s disgusting confessions.  

But that would never happen in this life. Because she wasn’t Princess Lilliette, but a slave whose life was in the hands of Slarhan, Ellier.

‘It will not proceed as you please this time round, Clyde.’

Within Ellier’s eyes were dry and cold ashes that have been burning for 10 years. 

Her feelings for Clyde were not purely anger.

After learning about all of Clyde’s schemes, at first, her entire body bristled from anger. 

As the anger passed, self-reproach that was close to despair followed, and when that became tedious, grievance, self-pity, hatred, vain hope, and giving up, filled her one after another.

The ten years that all kinds of emotions burned within had passed, and now, only ashes that were burnt fully were left. 

She also knew that it wasn’t possible to make the current Clyde pay for the events that had never happened. 

However, it was clear that the same thing should not happen again.

As such, when she began to organize the events of her past life, she started to outline what she had to do from now onwards.

No, perhaps from the moment she knew that the person who bought her was Slarhan, she had already seen this conclusion coming. 

‘I have to make Slarhan the Emperor.’

All the situations that she had faced seemed to point towards this path. Isn’t it too obvious for a coincidence to return back as a slave and be bought by Slarhan? 

In addition, Slarhan was considered the most ideal candidate for Emperor in her previous life.

‘Clearly, I have usurped his throne. Ellune must be punishing me so that I would put it back in his hands.’

Perhaps this bloody regression and possession will be repeated until Slarhan becomes Emperor. But she didn’t want that.

‘I must succeed this time!’

She didn’t hope for a peaceful life. Even so, wasn’t it too much to be deprived of peace at death?

Ellier decided that no matter what, after making Slarhan the Emperor in this life, she should live appropriately and embrace her true death this time round.

However, there was an important problem that was quite troublesome.

‘How can I get Slarhan to listen to my words…?’

She sighed.

Slarhan is the Duke of Ventiark, while she’s a slave from Rubelfast.

A slave giving instructions to a Duke? She was certain that before she could get a few sentences out, she would be beaten up.

Furthermore, if she’s asked how does a slave like her know about all this, she couldn’t reply. 

Ellier gave up running due to her vexations and was walking lightly, when the two maids seated on a bench in the garden facing the training grounds screamed.

Ellier jumped in surprise and looked over. The maid that was shouting kept asking the maid beside her if it was true. The maid nodded proudly. 

As she looked into the teacup in her hand, she spoke.

“Isn’t that tea leaf upright? It means that your prayers have reached Ellune. The three tea leaves lying in the same direction signifies that you have three chances, and the tea leaf lying in the opposite direction means you have already used one of those chances.”

“Oh my, oh my! That’s right! I happened to meet Lucas a while ago, but we passed by without even greeting each other.”

“But there will be two more opportunities ahead, so try harder!” 

“Really? Thank you! I’ll clean up the kitchen tomorrow morning!”

As they chatted for a while more, they spotted that Ellier was watching them, so they got up with a displeased expression and went into the mansion.

But no matter how they thought of her, Ellier found them lovable and was very grateful to them.

‘That’s right! A fortune teller! If that’s the case, even if I say things that sound nonsensical, it would make sense!’

Ellier smiled to herself and mapped out her plans for the future.

She can make Slarhan the Emperor while stopping Clyde, and also earn some money, this was a very plausible plan.


“Now you look a little more like a human. You seem to have grown a little taller too…”

Ellier smiled internally at Slarhan, who had made her turn back and forth and checked how much weight she had gained, as soon as he met her. What was there to be surprised about? It wasn’t like he was a witch trying to fatten up and devour children. 

Ellier checked his mood before clearing her throat, and spoke what she wanted to say.

“Uh, Excuse me, Master. I have something to tell you.”


There wasn’t any expectation or curiosity from his dry tone.

“How much money did the Master spend to buy me?” 

“Why are you suddenly curious about your price?”

Slarhan’s gaze turned sharp all of a sudden.

While it was easy to think up a feasible plan, actually saying it aloud wasn’t as easy. 

She could be beaten for her arrogance, or be ignored by him. 

Still, she seemed to have seen her say that if a woman drew her sword she should cut a radish too, so she opened her mouth sternly.

“I want to be a free citizen one day. After I have worked for my ransom, please burn the slave certificate and set me free.”

Although her voice was slightly shaky, Ellier channeled the braveness that Princess Lilliette had. 

But it seems Slarhan didn’t see it that way. A rare laughter escaped from him. 





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