Chapter 8

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“Why should I do that?” 

“I’ll– I’ll definitely be of help to Your Grace!” 

“Isn’t it natural that slaves should be helpful to their owners?” 

“I mean that I’ll help you much more than ordinary slaves!” 

“You’re full of confidence.”

Afterwards, silence fell between the two.

Slarhan seemed to be in deep thought about something, before unexpectedly speaking in an unwilling tone. 

“You were valued at 5 million perusoes. I bought you at a cheap price, because you were dying and you had yet to get the slave’s engraving.”

Ellier was a little relieved momentarily. If she was following the standard from her previous life, it wasn’t considered that much money, as it was enough to buy three or four appropriate formal dresses.

Just as she was thinking that she could pay it back easily. 

“I’ve fed you more than two bottles of my blood to save you. If I add this in, it should be around 45 million perusoes?” 


“And the daily wages of slaves is usually around 500 perusoes.”

Ellier was so shocked at his words that she opened her mouth without her realization.

“Of course, since I am a merciful owner, I will pay you double the typical daily wages. On the assumption that you’ll work 300 days a year… then it will take you 150 years to pay the price in full.”


“You promised to be loyal to me for the rest of your life, Did you not understand that?” 

“No… What do you mean 1,000 personas per day? Is that the money for me to buy my meals?”

At that, Slarhan’s eyes narrowed further.

“…As I said earlier, it’s considered a pretty good deal, as most of the Empire’s slaves laboured for a almost free price.”

“But still… 1,000 perusoes is still too…” 

“How interesting.”

Ellier couldn’t understand what he was finding interesting, as she wasn’t amused at all. 

In any case, the negotiations couldn’t just end here.

“So even if the type of work differs, the daily wage will remain the same?” 

“Well, such as?”

“Well, uhm, if the Master is able to benefit from it greatly…”

 “Hmm. That’s true, it can’t be treated in the same class as sweeping the floor.”


“I didn’t know that you can do something greater than sweeping the floor.”

Slarhan seemed to be mocking her, but Ellier saw a ray of hope shining before her.

“I’ll accomplish something that you aren’t even capable of imagining, so please calculate the value per case!”


He asked as if he did not understand completely, but Ellier smiled and added an explanation to her statement.

“Please set the value range to between a 100 thousand to 5 million perusoes per case! I’ll definitely help you with something that is worth that amount. So when I have paid off the price entirely, please give me my freedom. And also, give me some living expenses… please.”

Slarhan burst into laughter at EIlier’s words.

Although it was a mocking laughter and only for a brief moment, Ellier clearly saw the white and neat teeth revealed through his parted lips.

It was a rare scene that Slarhan Ventiark, a human that’s like a statue, laughed. No, maybe he was actually someone who laughed often, but she wouldn’t know that as their relationship in her previous life was one that both couldn’t smile at each other. 

“What are you planning to do?”

“I have a special ability.”

“A special ability?” 

“Uh, so… Fortune telling, sensing bad luck, or something like having premonitions.”

“Do you want me to trust your mediocre fortune telling?” 

“What do you mean mediocre? You haven’t even checked it yet…”

She didn’t have much expectations that Slarhan wouldn’t treat her words as nonsense, but he had unexpectedly let it go generously.

“What an interesting lass.”

“I would be very appreciative if the Master continues to find me interesting.”

Ellier had only thought that she was lucky, but Slarhan habitually fiddled with his necklace.

It was strange that the child pointed out by his mother’s power didn’t act like a slave at all, but for her to be a fortune teller…

Was this really a coincidence?

“If you want me to consider your proposal, I’ll have to ascertain what you’re capable of doing for me first.” 

“Okay, Master. Then, please leave me by your side from now onwards. I’ll bring the Master good fortune.”

Slarhan’s hair raised at the word “fortune.”

Did a blue bird of fortune really fly to him, someone who was nicknamed an ‘icon of misfortune’?

“Very well. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

That was the end of their first negotiation.


Within the capital’s high society, there were quite a few things that were regarded as ‘The Empire’s Finest’.

The flower that bloomed at the height of summer, Rosa Regina. The jeweler, Madame Estelle, the ‘dressing room of diamonds’. In terms of appearance, Princess Ellor and the Young Lady from the Cullinan Marquisate; in terms of etiquette and dignity, Countess Dalton; in terms of being well-informed, Viscountess Arlen and Countess Roland. 

The Empire’s finest chess player was Count Pace, the finest businessman in the Empire was Count Sloan, and the greatest diplomat in the Empire was Viscount Abrett…

“And, if I had to choose the genius of the Empire and the Empire’s most handsome man, it would be our Clyde.”

Marchioness Kassir had a happy smile on her face as she heard the praise of her son that was repeated several times during today’s gathering. 

“You flatter me.”

Today, Clyde also had a smile that was akin to a painting, and behaved modestly.

But he was well aware that he deserved such praise.

At the age of two, he started reading letters, at the age of five, he was able to understand the basic theory of geometry, and at the age of thirteen, he was already capable of engaging in discussion with the professors at the Imperial Academy without any difficulties.

Ever since he was young, he has been told that he was the greatest genius to be born since the founding of the Empire.

In addition, his outer appearance was pleasing to the eye enough to garner the admiration of others, thanks to his mother, who was once rumored to be the most beautiful woman in the capital. 

His soft wheat-colored hair, blue eyes that were like the sea, a sharp nose and delicate lips, all of it made him seem as though he was a baby angel that had grown up. 

“It’s not too much of a compliment. You are the pride of the Kassir Marquisate. You should boast about it! Hahaha!”

Even Marquis Kassir who was usually reticent to outsiders, became a good-for-nothing fellow in front of his wife and son.

However, Clyde found that his parents’ affection was very unreliable.

‘Even if it’s like this, the title will be passed on to my older brother…’

Although the second son Clyde monopolized the love of the Marquis and his wife, the family’s successor would still be his brother Maximilian. 

Although the rules for prioritising the eldest son as the family’s heir were disappearing, the conservative Kassir family still insisted that the family should be inherited by the eldest son. 

It was to prevent a battle between brothers for the right to succeed. 

‘It’s not that they’re afraid of internal struggle for succession, they don’t want to give up their vested interests.’

Since all of those that had previously succeeded the position of Marquis were the eldest sons, his justification to succeed could not overturn this situation.

Clyde was obviously dissatisfied by this family stereotype. 

Why did he, the most talented person in the Empire, have to serve an older brother that was far inferior to him as his Lord? 

It was also detrimental to the family. 

His older brother Maximilian was an ordinary man. His mind was ordinary, his appearance was ordinary, and all of his actions were ordinary.

As such, he was constantly compared with Clyde ever since their youth.

He might have respected his older brother, even a little, if he was hurt by those words and made an effort to surpass his younger brother.

However, Maximilian had always laughed it off. 

‘Either he’s a scaredy cat, or he’s definitely a coward.’

His older brother could be thinking that there wasn’t a need to strive harder as he was already confirmed as the successor.

Clyde hated it.

What was the difference between him and a garden stone, if he didn’t try to improve himself?

“Oh, you’re all here!”

Speak of the devil and he will appear. Maximilian, who had returned from a trip out, entered the drawing room and said in greeting.

“Oh, Max! I was feeling apologetic that we were drinking tea without you, but here you are. Come sit with us.” 

“Thank you, Father.”

Maximilian sat next to the Marquis naturally. It was a place that Clyde could never be seated in.

“Where have you been?” 

“I was visiting the Young Lord of Louisville with the Young Lord of Astor. He had decided to expand his family’s emerald mining business, and consulted the Young Lord of Astor and I.” 

“Oh! His successor has finally started to attend succession classes.”

“Yes. He seemed a little uneasy as he was still young, but the Young Lord of Astor and I gave him some advice and comforted him.”

“That’s great, well done. Making connections with others in advance is an important part of your duty as a successor. When you succeed the title in the future, you will receive their help.”

Marquis Kassir chuckled with great satisfaction. Then, Clyde asked with a faint smile.

“If the mine was expanded, there wouldn’t be much reserves left. No matter what, it’s too small an amount for an heir to be satisfied with. You should suggest that he develop the ruby mine instead. That way, the Young Lord of Louisville will have dignity as the successor.”

Clyde knew that the heir of the Count of Louisville was as bad as his brother.

Since he was afraid that leaving the ruby mine to him would end up badly, it was obvious that the emerald mine,which wasn’t as important, was given to him. 

It wasn’t that Clyde was unaware about it. He just wanted to use this way to ridicule their incompetence.

“Haha! That’s right, but I’m sure they have their own considerations. And if it’s the Young Lord of Louisville, I’m sure that he’ll be able to take charge of the ruby mine soon enough.”

As if he didn’t understand Clyde’s jab, Maximilian gave a gentle smile

Clyde didn’t like that either.

If his brother had gotten angry and said, “What do you know about this topic?” Clyde could have used a variety of knowledge and eloquence to trample on him, but his brother had always avoided a confrontation like this. 

Well, it could be that he didn’t have the confidence to win against his younger brother.

His thoughts came back to the starting point.

The annoying principle that the firstborn sons were placed first in line to inherit must be eliminated.

He wouldn’t ever lower his head to his stupid older brother, even if he died. He would rather take his own life.

‘I’m the better choice, but I’ll definitely not live as something like a Viscount. Even if I have to get rid of my brother…’

Clyde replied to his brother, “Yes, I guess so.” 

Although the smile on his face was bright, he was internally sharpening his knife.





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